Yellow Speedos

In the last week or so I’ve ordered some new speedos.  I’m going to wait until some of the stuff arrives before sharing any more details but I’m pretty excited.

One thing I didn’t order was a yellow speedo – I’m just not sure I could pull that off.

These guys look fantastic in their yellow speedos but I’m not sure it is really for me.  Does anyone here own and wear yellow speedos?

Yellow Speedos Yellow Speedo Wearing Yellow Speedos Guy in Yellow Speedo

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9 comments on “Yellow Speedos
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    I do own a few (including, I think, a golden-yellow Speedo solar!), but I do not/have not worn them in public. It’s hard to pull off yellow, I think, but the guys above are doing very well at it! 😉

  2. jacbm44 says:

    The Blonde in the Yellow really pulls it off!

  3. Torontonian says:

    I think it depends on your skin colour.
    If you’re not tanned or generally pale
    in flesh tone, then you won’t look good.

    Three of the above four subjects have deeper
    skin colour or a bronzed tan.

  4. k1speedo says:

    I have a yellow/gold aussiebum which I have never worn in public because you do need the right body and tan to pull it off. The guy in the first pic does it well.

  5. Darren says:

    I have a yellow pair and I wear them, but only when I have a well tanned body and they look great then. The first 2 guys really look good in yellow, the second guy also has an all over tan

  6. Paul says:

    I love the suit in the first photo. Any ideas where to find one?

  7. Darren says:

    Paul, have the pair the guy is wearing, I will hold him down, which could be interesting and you take them off!

  8. Sam Speedo says:

    Yeah! Love the guy in the first photo. He looks particularly good in his yellow speedo, too.

    I’m guessing it’s a Turbo (water polo) suit. Or am I wrong?

    Like k1speedo, I have a gold aussiebum. I’ve done some swimming in public wearing it but it sure helps to have a deeper tan to pull it off!

  9. Eric Rex says:

    Gold is a fav, definitely, but I usually only wear mine UNDER other trunks…

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