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Waking Up Horny

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This morning I woke up horny, rock hard cock and having naughty thoughts.

Does this ever happen to you guys?

Instead of jerking off (I do that probably 50% of my mornings), I got up, put a speedo on, put some shorts and a t-shirt on.  Make a cup of coffee and went for a walk up the coast line a little bit.

On the way back I was just about at the beach closest to my house and I was going to go for a swim when I ran in to my landlord and his wife.

  • I haven’t mentioned him lately but we still hookup every few weeks when he is horny and obviously not getting enough from his wife (who knows nothing of his ‘gay activities’).If you are new here and would like to hear about how my landlord and I first hooked up – click here to read that post.

We chatted like old friends and The Landlord and I were both keen to go for a swim while his wife said she’d be happy to watch.  Remember, it is winter here in Australia (which is my favourite time).

The Landlord and I both stripped down to speedos (he was wearing a pair of red AussieBum’s that his wife bought him and I was wearing a pair of my new ADDICTED speedos).  The Landlords wife even complimented me on my new speedos and while she sat down, he and I walked down the beach and jumped in the surf.  We were only out there for 5 minutes or so and it felt refreshing.

Walking out of the surf towards his wife The Landlord said to me, “If she only knew, I’m going to have my cock inside you in 10 minutes time Dave.”

With that statement (it wasn’t a question) I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.  Thankfully it wasn’t too long a walk and I had my shorts back on before my cock could harden.

The three of us walked back up to the building where we live and as we got to the door to my unit The Landlord said, “Do you want me to look at the dishwasher of yours that is playing up Dave?”  He is a cheeky devil isn’t he.  Right in front of his wife he was making an excuse to come up and fuck me.

“Only if you have time mate?”

He was keen and his wife was fine with it, she did say “Are you boys going to be drinking beer before midday?”

If she only knew.

We walked up the stairs to my unit (it is his unit) and as we walked in the door we both dropped our shorts and took off our shirts.  The Landlord pushed me over the breakfast bar and started rubbing up against my ass.  We both still had our speedos on but I could feel his cock stiffening and he rubbed it up and down my butt crack.

My cock was stiffening too and I had to readjust it in my speedo.

Sorry guys, I’ve gotta fly.  Heading down to Brisbane to watch a footy match.  Will continue sharing tomorrow (probably just for members).

June 11th, 2022

Foreign Objects

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As expected, the Married Guys long weekend ‘work trip’ was just as hot as I expected.

I dropped him off at the airport yesterday afternoon.

Since then I’ve cleaned the house, which took a little while as you might expect.  I came down with the sniffles on Tuesday evening, again not surprising considering the foreign objects I had inside me over the last five days.  This morning I had a dentist appointment which was actually really good except I had the sniffles.  I know it isn’t covid safe but it took 9 months to get the appointment and I couldn’t wait 9 more months if I cancelled (and there is no covid in Queensland).

On the way home I’ve stocked up on groceries, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day and I’m going to hibernate in my office for the next week.

I have to write about what went on.  As well as all the usual stuff like adding more movies which I have a pretty big backlog of.

To tie you guys over until tomorrow when I finish writing about some things we got up to, here is movie that I streamed to the TV on Sunday night once the footy was over.  It provided some ‘inspiration’ for us, hopefully it brightens up your Wednesday as well.

If you are just seeing a screen shot instead of the movie, you are not logged in, or you aren’t a member yet.  Click here to join now, this video alone is 46 minutes long.  It is really hot.

Gay Threesome with a Straight Guy

June 2nd, 2021

Politician Booty Call

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I’m just walking out the door here for the just over 4hr drive to Canberra.

I could be mean and see how many non-Aussie’s know that Canberra is Australia’s capital city but that would be mean.

The weather this week is looking spectacular in Canberra (even though people are still skiing not very far away).  I’ve been invited to Canberra by a long time fan/member who happens to be a politician.  I’m going to call him Poly as in Politician) Paul.  We have hung out a year or so ago in Sydney and I didn’t mention it here on the blog for privacy/discretion purposes of course.

Parliament is sitting this week but Paul has some extra-curricular activities planned and I haven’t hung out in Canberra for year so I’m keen to play tourist.

In the interests of discretion, which I’m sure you can understand, most of my blog posts this week will be protected in the members area.  That is the whole reason I created membership, so I could share with you guys stuff I usually couldn’t with at least some privacy.  So, if you are keen to hear what Poly Paul and I get up to this week, you can join for $5.  Really not much to get the inside scoop.

If you are interested, click here to join.  And if you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Red Speedo in Canberra

September 9th, 2019

Smartphone Sex Survey

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Someone sent me through an article quoting some phone sex figures.

Click here for the original article to check it out for yourself.  I personally take it with a grain of salt, actually any survey involving sex I take with a pinch of salt because I wonder who is answering the survey and I’m sure depending on how they are being asked, as to how they are answering.

Anyway, enough of me being anal, here are the interesting figures they reported:

  • Half of couples have sent naughty pics to each other (guilty)
  • 27% answered the phone while having sex (guilty)
  • 18% made a call while having sex (I haven’t done that)
  • 2/3 said having an affair was easier because of smart phones (I would agree because hookups are easier)

Do you agree or disagree with these figures?

Home Made Speedo Porn

August 19th, 2019

First Speedo Fuck

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Early Saturday morning here guys and I’m at my desk working and catching the end of the 2nd round of the British Open.  Really excited I know (that was sarcasm).

Last night I had a BBQ at my place and Surfer Chick was there as well as Alex and his girlfriend.  I did fuck Surfer Chick after everyone left and I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos which was the first time I’ve worn speedos while fucking her and she didn’t object.  It sounds like she might be interested in some anal sex as I was playing with her arsehole.  That could open the door for a threesome with a guy in her pussy and a guy in her ass.

Nothing naughty otherwise, Alex looked super hot but we didn’t have a chance to do anything.  I was having a discussion with a member this morning (members of can chat to me when I’m online) and he is married to a women but has sex with guys on the side.  The conversation started wish us talking about 3 somes and he was saying that his only threesomes have been with 2 other guys and him.  For him sex with guys is purely sexual and he doesn’t consider it cheating and I kind of agree with him, although I’m sure his wife, Surfer Chick and Alex’s girlfriend might not agree.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you guys and get back to work.  I posted some great pics of a chick in a one piece swimsuit in the bath over on this morning.  Part of some promotional stuff I made up.  If that is your thing drop over and check it out.

And the pic below is pretty much what the front of my speedo looked like last night.

Speedo Boner

July 17th, 2015


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Not last night but the night before…. we had a BBQ around at my place and I was setup with this chick (we’ll call her Natasha – not sure she is quite ready to know all of my secrets just yet).  Things went as expected and she spent the night in my bed.

It was great, she was great, she is cute but she also has a boyfriend (which I knew before hand).

I’m not sure if this bothers me or not – I suppose it doesn’t bother me that much because otherwise I wouldn’t have let her suck my cock.

Perhaps I’m not bothered because I’ve never felt as though I’ve posessed someone (a little too stong  a word but you get what I mean).  I really like Will and I could be in a long term relationship with him but I don’t feel as though his/my monogamy has anything to do with it at this stage and I know full well that he will sleep with other people and since he reads this blog, he is well aware of what I get up to.

A friend of mine who lives in San Francisco has a saying that he uses a lot – “There are no rules

He isn’t an anarchist or anything like that.  But his outlook on life is that if it works for you, that is OK.  I like the phrase.

These guys pictured below (Aden and Jordan) have been together for a few years and are now working in the porn industry as actors.  Obviously, they are working with other actors and not just each other.  However, in this DNA article they talk about how they are committed as a couple – they also talk about how they involve other people in their private sex life.

There are no rules…..

October 30th, 2009
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