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Couples in Speedos

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One of my long time fans lives about an hour south of me and today, I am finally going to meet him.

We’ve chatted online a bunch and compared lots of notes on speedos.  Neither of us are in the gay ‘scene’ although we have both talked about wanting to dip our toe in (go to a gay sauna for example) but are too nervous to go on our own.  Catching up for a beer, will see if we end up back at my place stripped down to our speedos.

Would be nice to have a regular speedo wing man to do some more ‘scene’ things.

I’ll keep you guys posted how it goes today.

Matching Couples Swimwear

August 23rd, 2023

Budgy Smugglers

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I do feel like speedos are becoming more popular every year….

I think the brand Budgy Smuggler is really part of the cause getting guys to drop their dork shorts.  They are making a bit of fun which is great all round.  I’m surprised at the positive response I have had from chicks over the last few years to me wearing speedos in public (pool doesn’t count because most people wear speedos at the pool).

Just yesterday I was at the big shopping center up here and was in a Surf Shop, they had a section of Budgy Smugglers there which was the first time I have really seen them out in the mainstream.

Budgy Butt

I have only ever owned one pair of them myself (I think they were given to me by the company way back).  They were a nice lycra speedo which I loved wearing.  No selfies of me wearing them in the archives but here are a couple of pics of them from when I lived on the Central NSW Coast.

If anyone from Budgy Smuggler would like to touch base with me, please drop me an email anytime.

My Budgy SmugglersBlue Budgy Smugglers

Here is a collection of straight couples wearing Budgy Smugglers together…..

May 20th, 2023

Couples with Matching Swimswear

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Yesterday I had to help out a friend of mines Dad go to some medical appointments (my friend is travelling so out of town).  I picked the old boy up and we had a little time to kill between appointments so headed to the beautiful Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club for a quick lunch.

This building is right on the beach and on the ocean side is completely windows.  It is a nice spot.

While we had lunch we saw the usually array of chicks in g-strings (seems like the new normal here this summer) and the old boy and I joked that we both might need our hearts checked seeing some of the young ladies beach attire.

There were a few guys in speedos about as well (which I kept the comments to myself).  Most looked like life saving guys.

Just before we were about to leave this couple (maybe 30yo) walked out from the equipment sheds with surf skis (paddle boards). They were both wearing their Surf CLub uniforms, hers a two piece athletic bikini and him wearing speedos that looks like they were spray painted on they were so tight.

It really was a beautiful sight….

January 13th, 2023

Matching Thong Tan Lines

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Isn’t there a saying… the couple than get a thong tan together, stay together?

Prolly not a saying your grandma told you but I think it is awesome this guy and girl both having matching thong tan lines.

Thong Tan Lines


April 16th, 2020

Girls Who Like Speedos

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In the spirit of promoting guys to wear speedos, I love sharing photos of girls who are hanging out with speedo guys.

Today I was going through a bunch of these photos and it is becoming quite a library of pics (nearly 200).  I’ve just finished compiling the archive which is now available to members.

If you are interested, membership is only $5.  I created the members area to share some more private details of my adventures which I don’t want to be 100% public.  And I publish all of my selfies in there as well.  Click here to become a member.

This first photo is of me…. I’m the one in the speedo.

Girl Rubbing Speedo Cock

Here just a sampling (10%) of the new archive.

Speedo Couples

May 7th, 2019

What happens under the water….

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Last week I posted a bunch of photos of guys taking selfies under water… here are a bunch of guys fooling around underwater.

Does anyone have a pool here in Sydney I could experiment with some underwater speedo footage?

I do have some speedo porn movies that have some underwater footage – check it out over at

April 24th, 2019
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