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Here are the new movies

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This morning I was working on updating some old blog posts.  Because I’ve had some domain names stolen off me (I was once sued by the Evil Speedo Corporation) there are some dead links in old blog posts.  My main site, used to be and before that it was  I came across this post from 7 years ago showing off some new movies I had added to

They are still available on, if any of them look great, let me know in the comments and I can make it one of the Movies of the Week on the blog here.

Expert Cock Sucker
Movie Length:
23 mins and 56 secs
Description: I consider myself an expert cock sucker but this guy might have me beat… he deep throats and even sucks cock under water!!! If I can’t handle it I just might have to practice more, any volunteers?

Join now and watch this movie.

Men Who Suck Cock
Movie Length:
18 mins and 41 secs
Description: If you want to watch real men sucking and fucking hardcore, watch this movie. One guy is wearing pink speedos but everything else about these guys screams Real Men.

$5 and you can watch this movie.

American Speedo Boys
Movie Length:
23 mins and 46 secs
Description: Who ever said that American Guys don’t love speedos – these two guys are wearing their speedos during a July 4th party and they love it. Just a hot outdoor speedo pool fuck session.

You can join right now for just $5

Speedo Jerk Off
Movie Length:
10 mins and 24 secs
Description: I personally love jerking off outdoors and it is fun to watch other guys doing the same. This movie features a hunk in yellow speedos masturbating poolside.

Click here to join now.

Underwater Cumshot
Movie Length:
22 mins and 48 secs
Description: I know I’ve cum while sucking a guy off, but the guy in this movie cums in the pool and we got an underwater shot of his cock ejecting out that jizz. Sex in the pool from all angles.

Click here to watch this speedo sex movie.

Fuckable Lifeguard
Movie Length:
22 mins and 26 secs
Description: This lifeguard really cares, when a beach goer is coughing, he pulls down his red speedos and offers up his cock. The lifeguard gets fucked hard but he can clean up the cummy mess in the ocean.

This movie alone is worth joining - I love red speedos.

The Pool Boy
Movie Length:
55 mins and 57 secs
Description: I’m pretty sure we have all had a fantasy about screwing a cute pool boy, or being the cute pool boy who gets screwed. This 55 minute long video features a very cute pool boy in white speedos.

The Gay Pool Boy

December 1st, 2023

Leaving for the pool party

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I have been working super hard the last couple of days, the change over for the members payments has been finished enough that it is operational but I still have a couple of days of work making it look pretty.

If you’d like to show your support, click here to join for a whole $5.

I wanted to post this quickly though because today the pool party is a go.  The weather forecast wasn’t that good and this morning it wasn’t that great but now the sun is out and our speedos will be on.

The speedos that I’ve decided to wear are my white AussieBum Coolabah’s which are super see through as well as my red Arena speedos as a backup.

Alex is picking me up in 10 minutes and I’m ready to go.

I look forward to sharing with you guys what we get up to…. and I’m packing my camera 😉

Speedos or UndiesFive Speedo GuysSpeedos in the Pool

November 28th, 2015

Members Blog Update

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Last week was absolutely nuts!!!

I’ve been working my arse off on the members blog, it has taken a little longer than I thought to really flesh out what I wanted with it but I think it is looking great right now.  There are some great speedo model galleries, a bunch of movies and most importantly, four of my experiences with Alex from his first ever gay experience, to our foursome up in Byron bay last month with two English guys.

Why did I create a members blog?

Alex’s breakup was a bit of an eye opener for me and he got caught because of his Grindr profile.  I wanted to discuss/share what happened with you guys, I know there are a bunch of str8 and married guys who read this but I was afraid that being completely open that someone close to Alex might have figured out who it was and what was going on.

By creating a ‘membership’ section I could be a little more ‘open’ and not be as worried about people seeing some of the things I wanted to talk to you guys about.

Secondly, I understand that some of you guys don’t want to join my site and by creating a ‘members’ section I can show off some of the movies that are part of and hopefully show off what a proper speedo site has compared to just free stuff floating around the web.  90 hours of HD movies is a little different than dealing with popups and crappy quality movies with maybe a few seconds of speedo action.

Finally, I love this blog.  I find myself getting caught reading old posts for hours.  Like, this blog is a site that I created as something I want to visit.  That is why there are no popups or any of that kind of crap because I don’t like that stuff.  With your support, I can keep spending as much time as I do on this blog which I want to do and I think you guys want me to as well.

Hopefully the $5 price isn’t too much of a burden and I really appreciate your support guys.

Well, it is after 11am on Saturday morning here and I’ve been up for 5 hours working on blog stuff, time for a swim.  There are a few people out on the beach so I’ll put a pair of boardies over my white speedos, they are rather see through…..

What speedos are you wearing today?

White SpeedosOne Big Cock

October 16th, 2015
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