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My Favourites

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The footy game I mentioned a couple of days ago turned in to a farce…. my team lost (by a lot), but  I didn’t have to strip down to my maroon speedos.

It was a big night and didn’t get to bed until the wee hours of the morning, perhaps some adult drinks were consumed.  After a light breakfast I hit the road and headed back home, then went to bed for a nap.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic and looking forward to a much more productive day.

I’m sitting here in my new favourite speedos and once this rather boring Presidential Debate is over, I’m going to walk up to the pool for a swim.

Pictured below are my new ‘favourite’ speedos….

Click here to see a gallery of pics of these speedos.

June 28th, 2024

My New Aussie Speedos

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Sun is out so I am at the beach, christening a new pair of Aussie speedos.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been super busy and with the weather being a little bit hit and miss, I feel like my horny levels aren’t as high.  It is days like today, being on the beach wearing very little that get my horniness back up.

One thing I have been working on, it a HUGE backlog of new movies.  One in particular I think you guys will enjoy and I have just been given permission to share it with you guys.  I’ll get it online for you tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun, I’ll be going to one of the ‘cruising’ areas of the beach late this afternoon to see if I can’t ‘really’ get these new speedos christened.

My Aussie Speedos

If you aren’t a member, you can’t see the unblurred version of my new Aussie speedos, so here is a bunch of random guys wearing their Aussie speedos.

April 19th, 2024

Like my new speedos?

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In my last speedo order I got these green ADDICTED speedos, I’m not 100% sure if I like them or not.  What do you guys think?

New Speedos

August 3rd, 2023

Speedo Selfies

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As promised, here are some speedo selfies I took on Sunday when I went down to a friends unit.

The beach here is a little different to where I live, it is quieter but there is no surf.

At the beach I did see a few other speedos guys and as you can see, I took my laptop and did some work.  I really love these new speedos.

The complex where my friends unit is has a pool.  After I got back from the beach, I plugged my laptop in to charge and being 4pm on a Sunday afternoon I figured the pool would be nice and quiet.  I grabbed another adult beverage and headed down.

Usually at a resort like this with a bunch of people around, I would wear dork shorts over my speedos, I don’t have to and nobody cares but it is a little bit more appropriate, but since there was nobody there, I wore my speedos only.

Within 15 minutes, there were twenty people in the door.  Bunch of kids, grandparents, four blokes my age who had just finished a round of golf.  I was the only person wearing a speedo but nobody cared and I got talking to the guys who came off the golf course and they even gave me a beer.

This collection of selfies has to be one of the biggest I have taken.  The full size images are available to members only, I’m sure you guys can understand that.

December 22nd, 2021

Weekend in Speedos

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How did everyone enjoy their weekend?

I had an increibly horny weekend.  The weather was fantastic and it really did feel like the first proper summers weekend we have had here.

Friday night I had some old friends from Brisbane in town for dinner and I nailed it.  On Saturday morning I slept and felt a little bit dusty (hungover) from the night before so my first objective for the day was to go to the beach for a swim.  Walking past my letter box I noticed a package.  I had been expecting something so I quickly checked it and my Saturday was looking ever better.

My new speedos and my new butt plug had arrived:

Speedos and Butt Plug

I ducked back up to my unit, grabbed some lube, slid the butt plug inside me, inspected it in the mirror and the fit was perfect and nobody would be able to tell I was wearing it, then put on my new speedos, rewrapped my towel around my waist and headed to the beach.

The new speedos are awesome and fit perfectly.  The butt plug felt pretty good too although the battery stopped vibrating before I had gotten out of the surf from my swim.

On my walk home I ran in to my landlord and his wife (I’ve written about running in to him and his wife and then us going back to fuck at my place in detail – click here to read that blog post from a few weeks ago).  Usual chatting between neighbours and there is some cricket on TV and The Landlord said he might swing by and watch some with me later.  His wife joked that it sounded like an excuse for the two of us to drink beer…. little does she know it is an excuse for her husband to fuck me.

For the next three hours I’m horny as helll sitting around my place in my new speedos, I kept the butt plug in and tried to be productive.

Finally The Landlord knocked on my door and I threw a towel around my waist just in case his wife was with him, she wasn’t and he ripped the towel off me.  He was wearing a pair of loose footy shorts and I ripped them off him as he walked in the door.  He complimented me on my new speedos and I told him to get on the couch.  With him sitting there rubbing the front of his red speedo I bent over in front of him and pulled my speedo aside so he could look inside me.  He couldn’t look inside me because I had my new butt plug in.

He complimented me on that as well.

I told him to take it out and put something else in it.

It had been inside me for a while and I really had to relax for it to slide out.  He put it aside, I turned around and straddled him.  I pulled his cock out of his speedo, and with my arse all lubed up from the butt plug, I slide down on his cock.  A few strokes in everything was lubed up and we fucked hard for the next few minutes.  My cock needed to be released so I pulled it out and started jerking myself off.

I came first all over The Landlords tummy and it wasn’t long until he was cumming inside me.

It was a bit of a mess and we had a quick shower to clean up before we did have a beer and watch some cricket.

What is it about new speedos that makes me get so horny!!!  Does it happen to anyone else?

The next day, Sunday was another beautiful day and some friends of mine had asked me to check on a property (unit) they own at a beach a little bit south of where I live.  They are renting it over Xmas and wanted me to just check and make sure it was all in order.  Where it is, it is a bit more quiet.  I went down and I managed to get a bunch of speedo selfies of me wearing the new speedos.  Would you guys like me to share more of them with you?

My New SpeedosMy Speedo Butt

December 20th, 2021

New Speedos

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These are some new speedos that I just ordered.

Will be my first pair of ADDICTED speedos and I’m interested to see how they are.  Bit of a Xmas present for myself considering how expensive these speedos are.

Hopefully they are discrete enough to be work at the beach and pool… what do you guys think?  Anyone own some ADDICTED brand speedos?

Since they are coming from overseas I doubt they will get here by Xmas but I’ll take some similar speedo selfies as below for you guys when they arrive.

December 9th, 2021
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