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It has been maybe two years since I created the members area on this blog and I think it has been a success.

The idea behind making a members area was so that I could share more.  More pics of me, more of my experiences and more of my thoughts.  I don’t think I ever really posted any of my speedo selfies before having the members area.

As I’m not out to most of my friends, I like to keep a little bit of privacy and while membership is only $5, I feel it gives me a little bit of peace of mind keeping some things behind that membership wall.

It is a little bit of a pain having to always write “Sorry guys, the rest of this is members only” and I can see one day making the blog just members only.  There are about 1,200 members and I’d love to be able to focus just on sharing stuff with those guys.  Before that I need to make some of the payment stuff easier. PayPal has been a bitch and closed my account recently and I want to be able to have more ways for you guys to pay if you decide to be a member.

Since I feel like the members only stuff has worked here, I’ve decided to make my bisexual blog ( have a similar members area.  It seems that when I post about my bisexual experiences on here most readers/fans aren’t interested so I like to keep that stuff separate.

Membership here will include membership to the bisexual blog (shoot me an email if you’d like a login, please include your current username).

If you have any thoughts, ideas even advice please drop me an email or a comment here.

If you do head over to to check it out, I recently posted a video of a chick in a blue ADIDAS one piece having sex in a locker room shower.  Owww how I wish I was there, and wearing a matching blue ADIDAS speedos.  Click here to see that post/video.

April 20th, 2021

Real Men Kissing in Speedos

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I was just thinking about Alex dropping around last Friday….. I always wonder what we’d look like on film.

You guys know I’m not completely out to all of my family and friends so pics like this probably aren’t going to appear online anytime soon.  Alex is completely in the closet and not ‘out’ to anyone.

I remember growing up, my Dad telling me that the hardest thing in the world…. is keeping a secret.  He also told me not many people could do it.

There are a few people who know about my sexuality in its complete and sometimes complexity.  When it comes to business and these sites, there are even fewer people who really know about everything – I could count them on the fingers of one hand (not including the thumb).  I really value the confidence I have in these people.

You guys know I’d really love to show off some footage of Alex and I doing some naughty things in our speedos, it just isn’t happening.  Alex has given me his trust.  Alex knew all about this blog and had been a member of before he told me his ‘secret’.  I hold that trust that he has given me dearly and it isn’t something I would ever break.

This has been something I’ve been aware of since I started, I keep the information of members that join very close to heart   When it comes to Alex, I definitely keep his stuff close to heart so despite how many emails I get asking for pics of Alex and me fucking in speedos….. probably ain’t gunna happen.

I will admit, there are a few of my own discreet pics amongst the archives of

AussieBum Portseas

April 13th, 2015
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