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My Beach Sex Kit

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It is just after midday here in Australia.  I was up early working my little butt off,  seems like you guys enjoyed reading about my beach session with Matt and S.  Checking and replying to member emails is pretty much how I start my days.

I’m not sure if I should go to the beach and chill out or have a nap here and then go for a nice long walk at sunset…. what would you vote for?

I’m pretty horny too so might see if there are any guys floating around on Grindr later on.  Might be some city guys headed up here for the weekend who want to blow a load on a Friday night.

Does anyone have anything exciting (I mean naughty) planned for this weekend?

One of my members emailed me this morning and asked me for a photo of the supplies that I took up to the beach for the threesome.  Here it is.  The navy speedos in front are the ones with the stripper zippers.  I think you can imagine what easy access those zippers do provide.

Have a good weekend guys, I’m going to post a new Movie of the Week tomorrow.

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November 11th, 2022

Stretchy Thong Thursday

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I haven’t had a chance to wear my thong in public but I did get to wear it last Sunday night (which I’ve told you guys about).  It is darn school holidays and there are a lot more people about on the beach even at the quiet spots I go to so it will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Until I get you some of my thong selfies, check this guy out.

All I can say is, I’d love to see the front view.

Stretching in a Thong

June 30th, 2022

Real Men Wear Speedos

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I don’t know about where you guys live but here down-under, in Australia, it definitely feels like speedos are making a come back.

It isn’t really even summer here yet but I feel like I’ve seen more guys wearing speedos casually than ever before.  Just normal guys hanging out at the beach.  The female trend here on the beaches is for chicks wearing g-string/thong backs on their bikinis which is a new phenomenon as well.  Check out for some more details on that.

Actually, I just had some new speedos arrive which are more for ‘beach’ wearing than ‘bedroom/fetish’ wearing.  I’ll share some pics with you guys tomorrow.

Real Men Wear Speedos

More real men wearing speedos from the archives of the Speedo Photo of the Day.

October 27th, 2020

When is a speedo too small?

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I suppose if your cock doesn’t fit in your speedo, then maybe it is too small.

What is the smallest speedo you have ever worn in public?

For me, I think it my black Arena speedos (photo of me wearing them on the right side there).  I really like them and wear them to the pool but not usually to the beach when it is busy.

It is those Arena speedos that I wear when I’m working on my speedo tan.

Tiny Speedo

I have some more pics of me wearing those Arena speedos. Here you go guys.

My Speedo Selfies

September 20th, 2020

White Thong @ the Beach

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Fathers Day here in Australia (not sure why we do it on a different day compared to North America) and my new beach down here has been a zoo since Friday afternoon with people from the city flooding in the weekend.

This morning I woke up early, went for a walk/coffee along the beach and went for a swim.

It was about 8:30am and the beach was already getting busy with families and the weather was great (supposed to get some thunder storms later today).  I put down my coffee mug, stripped down to my new speedos and got in the water.  I swam out a little bit and turned around to look at the lock which is on the Surf Life Saving Club building to see the time.  I didn’t notice the time, but I did notice a young guy, right around 30yo I’m guessing, just getting to the waters edge wearing a white speedo!!!

What confidence!!!

I couldn’t believe it, it was awesome.

But it got better…. a few minutes later I turned around and look back towards shore again and the guy was leaving the water.  I hadn’t noticed it from the front but he wasn’t wearing a white speedo, he was wearing a white thong (g-string, mankini, whatever you want to call it)!!!

I have never ever seen that at the beach in the flesh.  And on a Sunday morning when there were a fair few people about.  Nobody cared, and the guy strutted up the beach, no big deal.

If that guy is reading this, please comment or shoot me an email, I’d like to congratulate you in person.

Male Gstring BikiniG-String Speedo SwimwearThong CoupleYoung Guy Wearing a Thong

September 6th, 2020

Co-Ed Speedo Party

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The “Speedos Only Party” was a success… again!!!

It was a great group of people and since I have been coming here now for 5 years, the group were all people I had met at some point.

Kip and I MacGyver’d his hottub this year and increased the temp from the factory 104F to a more civilized 108F (42.2C).  Surprisingly, it does make a difference.  He also cranked up the heat inside his townhouse so nobody was even slightly cold when walking around the house wearing very little… despite it being 15F (-10C or so outside).

Thinking about it, there were 17 people there, 10 guys and 7 girls.  Most of the guys are gay (or at least slightly) and there were no questions about everyone speedo’ing it up.  I was surprised that most of the speedos were AussieBum or Budgy Smuggler brand speedos.

The girls, I was very surprised how skimpy their bikinis were, there were 2 Wicked Weasels!!!

Kip’s sister (I have to tell you guys more about her since we are kinda going ‘steady’) wore the Wicked Weasel I bought her and one of her friends from San Diego wore a Wicked Weasel as well.

The other girls all had bikini bottoms that were at some stage of thong, not all the way like the Wicked Weasel girls but definitely something.

Being in America and having a group of people just chilling out wearing not a whole lot was great.  I don’t even get that kind of group hanging out in Australia because on a usual day everyone is wearing dork shorts.

Unlike previous years…. I don’t have anything particularly naughty to report on.

Don’t worry, I do have some naughty stuff from earlier in the trip to report on.

And that is the end of another fantastic snowboarding trip to Colorado.  Tomorrow morning I’m up reasonably early and jumping on the shuttle to DIA (Denver airport) and then I’m off to Vegas for two nights.  Weather forecast is for sunny and mid 20’s so should get some pool time and you never know what other shenanigans I’ll get up to.

If anyone has any Vegas tips for me, please let me know (comment on this post or drop me an email)….

And if anyone hosts their own ‘Speedos Only Party’ please send me an invitation.

March 2nd, 2020
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