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Sore Arms

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After a few weeks off because of Easter and holidays, last night I was back at waterpolo training (click here to read about the team initiation that I went through).  I have been a little slack getting to the pool and this morning I woke up and rather surprised how sore my arms are.

My butt is a little sore from Kieran’s post training pounding of my ass but I have been doing more of ‘that kind of training’ over the last few weeks.

I’m going to head to the pool today and see how many laps I can get out of my sore arms.

Here is some more waterpolo speedo eye candy for you guys….

April 20th, 2023

My Turbo Speedos

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I shared some pics of my Turbo speedos that I was wearing at waterpolo training (before I passed my initiation).

Years ago I bought 2 pairs of Turbo speedos and they are the first Turbo’s that I’ve ever owned. They brand themselves as a waterpolo speedo and they seem really heavy duty. The material isn’t lycra but it is shiny and has a nice feel like lycra – perhaps someone from Turbo is reading this and can email me the details. The sizing is a little bit different though – at the same time I bought a pair of Arena lycra speedos of the same size – they Turbo’s are considerable smaller and being a more heavy duty material, they don’t stretch as much either. Next time I’ll go a tiny bit bigger than my usual size.

Here are some old photos I have of my Aussie flag Turbo speedos.  I don’t have them anymore which is a shame, but I am still in contact with the hot American guy that I gave them to… one day I’ll get to see them again (wink, wink).

If any of you guys own Turbo speedos please leave a comment and let me know how you found them

Aussie Turbo SpeedosAussie SpeedosAussie Speedo GuysAussie Speedos

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April 6th, 2023

My New Team Mates Cum On Me

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Lying on the floor of the communal showers, I was was covered in cum. Not my cum. It was in my hair, in my chest hair, on my face, all over the speedos I was wearing, and I think there was even some cum between my toes.

This was part one of the initiation to my new waterpolo team.

My team mates had all left the big open shower area, leaving the coach and I alone. The coach, who liked to be called ‘Coach’ was a big guy. He had played waterpolo at two Olympics and his arms were easily bigger than my legs. Nearly sixty years old, Coach’s barrel chest and chiseled jaw left no doubt how fit and strong he was.

Back on my feet, Coach approached me. We were both wearing the team speedos and both had raging boners. Coach asked me if I really wanted to be a member of his team, I replied in the affirmative. I had been told that we weren’t allowed to take our team uniforms/speedos home and Coach reminded me of this as he started to undo the white drawstring at the front of my speedo. With the knot undone, he popped my cock out and slid them down until they were on the shower floor.

This whole thing started about a month ago when one of my members, Kieran, messaged me an invitation to come along and train with his waterpolo team. I had never played before but I swim three or more times a week and I have stated publicly how hot waterpolo guys are. Kieran told me that the team was short of players and would love to have me along. I was told that while it isn’t a ‘gay’ team (there are teams that wave the rainbow flag proudly), half the team were gay guys and most of the other guys seemed very open minded.

When you think about it, a waterpolo player is hanging around a bunch of guys wearing very, very little and it is a full contact sport. Not the kind of thing that attracts homophobes.

Sounded like fun, so I got my courage up and went along. The first two weeks were great. I was proud that my swimming was strong enough to keep up with the guys, even thought I lacked the skills (ball skills – hehe) and tactics. Kieran was great and after each training session we would go back to his place and fuck like rabbits. This might have explained why I didn’t miss any training sessions.

Under the water there was LOTS of touching, pinching and grabbing. Back to what I mentioned earlier about not being suitable for homophobes, this was definitely the case under the water.

Nothing very gay happened until my third training session.

Most of the guys in the team had been playing together for years and they really don’t stop training much at all even though their season was starting just a few weeks after I started going along. The guys all had their ‘team’ speedo and I was keen to get mine. At the end of each training session the guys would give Coach their team speedo. He would take them home, wash them and hand them out at the next training session.

To training I wore my Turbo waterpolo style speedo and wore them under my shorts, I didn’t need the change rooms as I just dropped my shorts before and usually wore a towel home to Kieran’s place. The rest of the guys went in to the change rooms when they were handed their speedo from Coach.

My Turbo Waterpolo SpeedoMy Turbo SpeedoTurbo Waterpolo SwimwearGuy Wearing My SpeedosTurbo Swimwear

On week three I was out by the pool doing some stretches before training and Kieran told me I should follow him in to the change rooms.

During the short walk to the change rooms, Kieran informs me that if someone is late or misses training, then the guys will jerk off and cum in his speedo before training. Wow, things are getting gay. My cock started stirring. Walking in to the change rooms was like the introductory scene of a porno, eight guys all wearing nothing more than a speedo, which was pretty hot to start with. What was even hotter, there was Coach leaning against the sink/basin jerking off. This was the first time I had seen Coach wear a speedo and he was wearing the same team speedo that everyone else (except me) was wearing. I stood there completely in shock.

Funny that this is exactly what I had always dreamed a waterpolo team would be like and now I was actually in the middle of it. My cock had come completely to life while I stood there frozen.

Coach’s hips were thrusting and his rock hard butt cheeks were flexing and looked fantastic in his team uniform.  It even said “Coach” on the bum.

His moans got louder as he approached orgasm.

The other guys really didn’t seem to be too concerned or even interested and were just going about getting ready for the training session. I was mesmerized by Coach’s thrusting. And then one of his forwards thrusts was not followed by a thrust back as his cock starting spurting cum. Not on the bench but on one of the team speedos that was on the bench.

Coach wiped the last of his cum on the lycra material and tucked his fat, cut cock back in to his speedo. He turned around and looked at me, first looking at my eyes but then his eyes drifted down to my cock which was straining to get out of the lycra that was holding it in. Coach asked, really he told me, that I should ‘contribute’ because there was no way I could start training in the state that I was in.

He stood next to the bench and waved me over. I walked up beside him, my hips facing the bench and looked down at the cummy speedo. There had to be half a dozen loads of creamy cum slowly soaking deep in to the material. I could just make out the nick name of one of my team mates on the bum of the speedo, Rocky (Kieran told me he got that nickname because he loves to fight). Coach gave me a pat on the back and reassured me that it was OK, Rocky would do the same for me if I was late to training.

With that last piece of coaching advice, Coach put on a pair of shorts and left me alone in the change rooms.

I pulled my cock out the top of my speedo (the waterpolo style speedos don’t stretch very much so I can’t really pull my cock out the leg of my speedo how I usually jerk off in them). It didn’t take me long before I was adding my creamy load to Rocky’s speedo.

Rocky did turn up half way through training (I heard he had a genuine excuse for being late), I saw him come out of the change rooms wearing his cum soaked speedo and felt a little envious. Hehehe, I am such a cum slut.

My turn would come the following week, which is where I started telling you guys about this.

Sorry guys, I’m going to share this with my members only at this stage. It is their support that allows me to take the time writing about my experiences and pays the server, and server admin (Kip) bills to keep the lights on.

If you decide to become a member, you will appreciate the extra love I give you. Heck, Kieran was (and still is) a member which is how I became a waterpolo player.


March 22nd, 2023

Waterpolo Speedo Bum

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Is waterpolo a big thing at American Colleges?

This was my ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ a few days ago over on my site

March 2nd, 2023

Waterpolo Invitation

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The school holidays (same as the summer break for those in the north) is over now and this past week I’ve gotten back in to a nice routine at the pool. The beach is quieter as well which is nice.

One thing I did find out this week is that the waterpolo season has started up again now that the holidays are over. How do I know this? One of my members has invited me to go along to waterpolo training next Saturday (I couldn’t make it today). I have never played waterpolo but due to the uniforms, I’m obviously a fan. I think my swimming should be up to scratch but other than that I will be a complete newbie.

I should go look up the rules.

Anyone here play mens waterpolo?

I might have some naughty thoughts about all those waterpolo speedos guys this week…..

Gay Swedish Waterpolo Player

February 4th, 2023


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Anyone here play waterpolo?

One of my new mates up here added me on my personal Facestalker and going through some of his older photos he was a waterpolo player.  He is a good looking guy and from the pics, looks like he played when at uni/college, he was even hotter a few years ago.

I’m not sure there are any waterpolo leagues around where I am living but might be something I should look up in the new year.

Then again…. imagine how horny I would be handing out with all those speedo guys?  Maybe waterpolo is something I shouldn’t play for that reason.   Hehehe.

Hot College Waterpolo Athlete

November 22nd, 2022
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