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Darn I am horny!!!

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Some mornings I just wake up horny and unless I do something about it (ie jerk off) I am just horny all day long.

Being a Sunday morning and the weather being great, the boys arrived at my place early for a surf.  A few of them have young families and real jobs so Sunday morning is probably the only time they get to themselves.

Everyone stores their surfboards at my place so that is why everyone meets at my place.

It was one of the guys walking in my front door that woke me up in my horny state so I didn’t really have time to finish myself off.  I threw a pair of dork shorts on over my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Ended up being four of us surfing this morning for a few hours.  Water is just warm enough for me to wear dork shorts but two of the other three were wearing wetsuits.

Now here I sit in my kitchen, dork shorts have been removed and are drying on the clothes line and I’m sitting here in my black speedos feeling rather horny…. what should I do about it?

Of course…. members are also looking at a photo gallery of speedo guys with their cocks out.  Being a member is pretty cool – hahaha.

April 5th, 2020

Just Chillin’ in Speedos

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Still a little bit cool here on the Central NSW Coast, particularly in the mornings.  The boys decided to come over for a surf this morning and we all wore wetsuits although every one of us wore speedos under them.

By the time we got out of the water, bit after 9am, we all rinsed off in my outdoor shower (cold water only), peeled off our wetsuits down to our speedos, dried off and had a coffee wearing t-shrits, towels and speedos.  I really wish that we could just sit around in speedos?  Why not?  Girls sit around in bikinis all the time, why can’t us guys sit around in speedos?

The obvious answer is that I’d be checking them out, but I do that to chicks in bikinis as well.

What about an afternoon speedo cocktail hour?  Would anyone be interested?

Speedo Cocktail

September 28th, 2019

Surfing in Speedos

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For years I’ve talked about and complained that guys (including me) NEVER surf in speedos.  All my straight mates will wear speedos under their dork shorts or wetsuit but I’ve never EVER seen anyone surfing in just a pair of speedos.  I really wish I could because my speedo tan would be awesome.

I’ve had enough, the weather forecast tomorrow (Tuesday) is looking good so I’m going to go up to Birdie Beach (nude beach a little north of where I live) and I’m going to surf just in a pair of speedos.

Would anyone like to join me?

Keeping in the spirit of surfing in speedos, here is today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ from my site

Surfing in Speedos

November 25th, 2018

Aussie Surfers

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Sunday morning here and I just got back from a morning surf with the boys.  It is a little cool so everyone wears wetsuits.  I have an outdoor shower so everyone walks up the beach, peels off their wetsuit down to speedos and showers.

Unfortunately, my surfing mates are all 100% str8.  None of them know about Alex and I of course but it is still hot seeing str8 Aussie surfers showering in my shower wearing only their speedos……

Here is a cute surfer boy I thought I’d share with you guys.  Doesn’t he have a pretty cock!!!

You know I have never surfed up at Biride Beach (nude beach just north of here that I’ve enjoyed over the years).  If there is a nice day this week maybe I’ll go up there and surf just in my speedos?  Anyone want to join me?

September 14th, 2018

I’m Back Down Under

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I wish I could and I wanted to stay with Kip in Colorado but I kinda felt like I needed to get home.

It is such a blast hanging out with Kip, we get so much work done, we hang out in speedos all the time (just like the guys pictured below), he knows Colorado so well that he always has adventures planned.  When I get a minute or two to breath I will be posting more about those adventures.

In the mean time though, I feel like I’ve neglected you guys so I have some fun stuff planned for this week.  First off, tomorrow I have the ending to my last Vegas experience with Penny and Pat.  Penny wrote it and even though I was there, I have jerked off twice reading it.  There will be a couple of selfies of me later in the week as well.

While I did want to stay in Colorado, looking out my door at the sun on the ocean is pretty special.  I think I might throw on my wetsuit and go for a quick surf.

Two Speedo HunksSpeedo Hunks on the Beach

July 3rd, 2018

Sunday Speedo Movie

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Bit of a grey old day here on the coast, even a little bit chilly.  I did manage a morning surf with the boys and we all wore wetsuits which is a bummer because by now I like to pack it away and just wear shorts and a rashy.  I would much prefer to be just wearing speedos while surfing but that isn’t really ‘done’.

I just spoke with Kip on Skype (we type not talk, we are nerds after all and I think I can type faster than I can talk, and we can keep two lines of conversation going at once).  Anyways, this morning Kip woke up at his house in Breckenridge to 18″.  What a lucky boy!!!  Not sure if I’d prefer 18″ all at once or 3 guys with 6″ each?  Or two guys of 9″…. actually that is what I’d choose.

Since it cold here and cold in Colorado I thought I’d give you guys something to warm up…..

This Speedo Movie is really hot.  The ‘story’ is that a guy is trying on some new blue speedos that fit him just perfectly is interrupted by some hotel staff.  The hotel staff is absolutely gorgeous as well.  The staff boy gets on his knees, pulls a beautiful cut cock out the leg of the blue speedos and gets to to work.  That is exactly how Alex and I suck each other off, pulling the cock out the leg of the speedos.

And here is the movie for you guys:

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December 18th, 2016
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