Alex and Adam

Alex is a local guy here who discovered that I am Aussie Speedo Guy/Dave Speedo Evans a few years ago.

  • Sexercising
    The pool is closed because of Corona and Alex and Adam are working from home. The guys told me to keep my swimming routine and come over for some sexercise each day with them. This was day one.
  • Fuck by 10 Men
    Every few weeks Alex and Adam host a bit of a sex party. I’ve been invited to a few and this was one sex party where I was the center of attention. You’ll just have to read all about it.
  • My First Orgy
    This was the first time I had sex with more than a Foursome. It was something arranged by Alex and Adam and it was something I really, really, really enjoyed.
  • Tied up for Alex
    I like being tied up.  I like it when people are tied up for me. Alex and I had been talking about this for a while so one day I did it.  There was a serious chance of being caught by one of my straight friends… which of course made it even hotter.
  • Fantasy Version of being Tied up for Alex
    This is a fantasy version of what happened when I was tied up for Alex. It is us being caught by Madison, the chick who lives next door to me.

These photos are of a model I don’t know and I feel like I first saw these pics years and years ago. Thing is, this guy kinda looks like, kinda reminds me of Alex.

Model wearing AussieBum SpeedoAussieBum Model

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