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Thursday Thong Sex

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It has been a little while since I shared a ‘Movie of the Week’.  I think the wait will have been worth it.  This is a porno that I have personally been watching a little bit over the last month or so.  It is one of three scenes that I purchased the ‘non-exclusive’ rights to for my site

For non members, here is a little promo snippet of the movie.  Of course, members definitely get their $5 worth today with the full, nearly 20 minute HD version.

Enjoy guys!!!

March 8th, 2024

My New Team Mates Cum On Me

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Lying on the floor of the communal showers, I was was covered in cum. Not my cum. It was in my hair, in my chest hair, on my face, all over the speedos I was wearing, and I think there was even some cum between my toes.

This was part one of the initiation to my new waterpolo team.

My team mates had all left the big open shower area, leaving the coach and I alone. The coach, who liked to be called ‘Coach’ was a big guy. He had played waterpolo at two Olympics and his arms were easily bigger than my legs. Nearly sixty years old, Coach’s barrel chest and chiseled jaw left no doubt how fit and strong he was.

Back on my feet, Coach approached me. We were both wearing the team speedos and both had raging boners. Coach asked me if I really wanted to be a member of his team, I replied in the affirmative. I had been told that we weren’t allowed to take our team uniforms/speedos home and Coach reminded me of this as he started to undo the white drawstring at the front of my speedo. With the knot undone, he popped my cock out and slid them down until they were on the shower floor.

This whole thing started about a month ago when one of my members, Kieran, messaged me an invitation to come along and train with his waterpolo team. I had never played before but I swim three or more times a week and I have stated publicly how hot waterpolo guys are. Kieran told me that the team was short of players and would love to have me along. I was told that while it isn’t a ‘gay’ team (there are teams that wave the rainbow flag proudly), half the team were gay guys and most of the other guys seemed very open minded.

When you think about it, a waterpolo player is hanging around a bunch of guys wearing very, very little and it is a full contact sport. Not the kind of thing that attracts homophobes.

Sounded like fun, so I got my courage up and went along. The first two weeks were great. I was proud that my swimming was strong enough to keep up with the guys, even thought I lacked the skills (ball skills – hehe) and tactics. Kieran was great and after each training session we would go back to his place and fuck like rabbits. This might have explained why I didn’t miss any training sessions.

Under the water there was LOTS of touching, pinching and grabbing. Back to what I mentioned earlier about not being suitable for homophobes, this was definitely the case under the water.

Nothing very gay happened until my third training session.

Most of the guys in the team had been playing together for years and they really don’t stop training much at all even though their season was starting just a few weeks after I started going along. The guys all had their ‘team’ speedo and I was keen to get mine. At the end of each training session the guys would give Coach their team speedo. He would take them home, wash them and hand them out at the next training session.

To training I wore my Turbo waterpolo style speedo and wore them under my shorts, I didn’t need the change rooms as I just dropped my shorts before and usually wore a towel home to Kieran’s place. The rest of the guys went in to the change rooms when they were handed their speedo from Coach.

My Turbo Waterpolo SpeedoMy Turbo SpeedoTurbo Waterpolo SwimwearGuy Wearing My SpeedosTurbo Swimwear

On week three I was out by the pool doing some stretches before training and Kieran told me I should follow him in to the change rooms.

During the short walk to the change rooms, Kieran informs me that if someone is late or misses training, then the guys will jerk off and cum in his speedo before training. Wow, things are getting gay. My cock started stirring. Walking in to the change rooms was like the introductory scene of a porno, eight guys all wearing nothing more than a speedo, which was pretty hot to start with. What was even hotter, there was Coach leaning against the sink/basin jerking off. This was the first time I had seen Coach wear a speedo and he was wearing the same team speedo that everyone else (except me) was wearing. I stood there completely in shock.

Funny that this is exactly what I had always dreamed a waterpolo team would be like and now I was actually in the middle of it. My cock had come completely to life while I stood there frozen.

Coach’s hips were thrusting and his rock hard butt cheeks were flexing and looked fantastic in his team uniform.  It even said “Coach” on the bum.

His moans got louder as he approached orgasm.

The other guys really didn’t seem to be too concerned or even interested and were just going about getting ready for the training session. I was mesmerized by Coach’s thrusting. And then one of his forwards thrusts was not followed by a thrust back as his cock starting spurting cum. Not on the bench but on one of the team speedos that was on the bench.

Coach wiped the last of his cum on the lycra material and tucked his fat, cut cock back in to his speedo. He turned around and looked at me, first looking at my eyes but then his eyes drifted down to my cock which was straining to get out of the lycra that was holding it in. Coach asked, really he told me, that I should ‘contribute’ because there was no way I could start training in the state that I was in.

He stood next to the bench and waved me over. I walked up beside him, my hips facing the bench and looked down at the cummy speedo. There had to be half a dozen loads of creamy cum slowly soaking deep in to the material. I could just make out the nick name of one of my team mates on the bum of the speedo, Rocky (Kieran told me he got that nickname because he loves to fight). Coach gave me a pat on the back and reassured me that it was OK, Rocky would do the same for me if I was late to training.

With that last piece of coaching advice, Coach put on a pair of shorts and left me alone in the change rooms.

I pulled my cock out the top of my speedo (the waterpolo style speedos don’t stretch very much so I can’t really pull my cock out the leg of my speedo how I usually jerk off in them). It didn’t take me long before I was adding my creamy load to Rocky’s speedo.

Rocky did turn up half way through training (I heard he had a genuine excuse for being late), I saw him come out of the change rooms wearing his cum soaked speedo and felt a little envious. Hehehe, I am such a cum slut.

My turn would come the following week, which is where I started telling you guys about this.

Sorry guys, I’m going to share this with my members only at this stage. It is their support that allows me to take the time writing about my experiences and pays the server, and server admin (Kip) bills to keep the lights on.

If you decide to become a member, you will appreciate the extra love I give you. Heck, Kieran was (and still is) a member which is how I became a waterpolo player.


March 22nd, 2023

My Previous Lover… the Married Guy

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For those of you who are new’ish to my blog, let me tell you about a Married Guy I used to spend a bit of time with…..

I met the Married Guy at the local pool.  He complimented me on my AussieBum speedos and one thing led to another.  You can read the details recap of how it all started in the links below.

In August 2021, in between Covid lockdowns, the Married Guy came up to visit me in Queensland where I had moved a year earlier.  We hadn’t seen each other and he hadn’t had any gay experiences since I left.  It was called a ‘business trip’ for the public, but it was really a ‘sex vacation’.

I wrote about three of the things we got up to during that trip:

And here below is our first sexual encounter.  This was really really fucking hot.

It has been just over a week since I last wrote about Tony, the Married Guy.

I left you off with the Married Guy walking up to the backdoor (the beachside) of my little house, he was wearing shorts, shirt and boat shoes.  I opened the door wearing my white AussieBum Coolabah’s and nothing else.

AussieBum Coolabah's
White Coolabah Speedo

The Married Guy and I shook hands as I let him into the house, his eyes were struggling to keep off my speedos particularly since I had an 80% erection after being horny ALL MORNING in anticipation of this.

“Bourbon or Beer mate?”

“I think I’m going to need a Bourbon thanks Dave.”

By now I was in the kitchen giving the Married Guy a tastey view of my speedo clad arse and we were separated by my breakfast bar as I started to make a couple of Jack and Cokes.  I mentioned that I often have a ‘speedo only’ policy in the house and that the Married Guy was welcome to speedo-it-up.  He stripped off his shorts and shirt to reveal his AussieBum XS speedos that I’ve seen him wear at the pool.

AussieBum XS

I handed Tony’s drink to him and enjoyed the look of his bulge in his AussieBums.  They did fit him great!!!

For those of you who are new or haven’t been following this, Tony is mid 40’s, fit but with a bigger chest than me which is hairy but not too hairy, he has a short clean cut haircut with a little bit of grey in there but not much yet.  He is about my height, just over 6 foot but he outweighs me sore sure with bigger arms and bigger legs.  Not a bear by any stretch of the definition, just a fit 40’s guy.  He swims 3 times a week and competes in some shorter length triathlons.  Lets just say he looks fantastic in a speedo, a real man wearing a speedo.

He is married, has kids and is high up at a law firm with an office on the coast here.  His wife looks pretty hot from the photos I found online but his vacation photos with her on the beach has him wearing dork shorts instead of speedos.

Apart from saying hello, the event that started us on this road to standing across from each other wearing nothing but AussieBum speedos was Tony sitting next to me beside the lap swimming pool commenting on my AussieBums.

Standing there across my waist high breakfast bar we toasted our drinks.

To speedo friends.

I know that sounds super cheesey and I had thought about it before hand.  Tony thought it was funny and we clinked glasses.  It wasn’t super obvious but Tony looked a little nervous, this guy is a big shot lawyer (we call them solicitors) so this can’t be something that he does often.  I wanted to make him feel comfortable.

Is this something you get to do often Tony?

What do you mean?

I figure you’ve read my blog since you outed me.

Tony nodded indicating he has read my blog.

Did you read where I wrote about the day we had a beer and I was hoping we’d go up to the change rooms and I’d suck you off?

Tony said that he had read that blog post.

I was really interested in asking Tony, the Married Guy, more questions but with both of us getting hard in our little speedos those questions would have to wait.

Would you like me to suck you off Tony?

Yes I would…..

I walked around the breakfast bar, Tony and I both still had our drink in hand.  Usually I’d start kissing a guy but you never know with straight guys if it freaks them out so I reached out with my non-drink hand.  My fingers touched Tony’s balls and the palm of my hand was half way up his now solid cock.  We stood there at arms length until Tony put his glass down and grabbed my speedo clad ass and pulled me forward.  Our cocks, albeit this in our speedos mushed together and Tony moved his head forward and we kissed.

I’ve never been with a guy in their 40’s and this was a manly kiss.

Speedo Kiss

Tony’s hands were both on my butt and my hands were around his neck and it was such a turn on seeing him take control.  He was about to take more control when he turned my back to the breakfast bar, pushed me back and got on his knees in front of me.  Neither of us were nervous now, we were both really fucking horny.

The drawstring on my AussieBum Coolabah’s was out the front and instead of my usual double knot, I had intentionally used a single knot (this isn’t my first rodeo), Tony pulled on the drawstring and my cock was free of the nylon of the AussieBums.  These AussieBum don’t have a drawstring so once it is undone the front just falls away and my cock was there in all its erect glory.

Tony started devouring my cock.

Men Sucking Cock

His hand was alternating between rubbing my balls and stroking the base of my cock while his left hand was on my ass pulling me in thrusts towards his face, I was fucking his face.  My hands were on Tony’s masculine shoulders and I was thrusting.

I’m about to cum Tony.

With that statement, Tony pulled his lips back from my cock and put both of his hands on my cock and stroked it HARD.  If I wasn’t so horny I might have flinched at his gorilla grip but I didn’t care as I was on the edge  I threw my head back, my hands still on Tony’s shoulders as my cock pulsed in Tony’s hands.  Looking back I had no idea where my cum was going and after 5, 6 maybe 10 spasms of my cock I had the composure to look down and saw Tony looking up at me, my cock still in his hands and a pretty big load of my cum on his chest.

Stand up, it is your turn.

We swapped places, I didn’t have time or the presence of mind to tied up my speedo which was below my cock and balls in the front and had fallen down in the back but was still up above my thighs.

On my knees I managed to pull Tony’s engorged cock out the leg of his speedo, I got his balls out as well and I attacked his cock with the same eagerness that he had attacked mine just 3 minutes earlier.  Tony’s cock wasn’t super long but it was fat, his pubes trimmed and his balls were big.  Tony’s hands were on his hips and he was pumping into my mouth.  It wasn’t long until he warned me that he was about to cum and I think he made a move to pull out of my mouth but I grabbed his butt and pulled it forward…. I was going to suck him dry and take all of his cum.  Cum he did, he made a couple of groans and then his warm seed hit the back of my throat and I slurped it down.  I kept sucking until Tony finally flinched with the post orgasm sensitivity of his cock.

I looked up at him and tucked his cock and balls back into his speedos…..

November 2nd, 2022

Took It Like a Champ

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This ‘Move of the Week’ isn’t like my usual speedo porn videos but I was amazed at the technique these guys show….  Just before the cumshot, the top has his cock inside his mate and at the same time, is able to suck his cock as well.

I love at the very end how the top says  “Yeah, he took it like a champ.”

Can any of you guys do this?  Happy to help anyone if they want to practice… hehe.

Here is the video for you guys.  The full length version is over 27 minutes long and I’ve made it available for members.

July 27th, 2022

Fucked by Brian, and Fucking His Brother

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I first saw Brian at my local pool a few months before the experience I’m about to describe to you.  It was just before closing time and out of the corner of my eye I saw Brian and one of the lifeguards headed in to the change rooms.  My gaydar isn’t very good, but something told me the two young men were about to do some naughty things in there.

Sounded like something I would be interested in.

In the showers I found Brian being blown by the lifeguard in the last shower stall.  They invited me to join and while the lifeguard blew us both, Brian and I made out and fingered each other.  I wrote about that experience on my blog which you can find if you are interested.

It was a one off and hasn’t happened again.  I see the lifeguard at the pool but haven’t seen Brian since.  Don’t worry, I did remember him, twenty-two years old, smooth swimmers build, tall and not an ounce of fat on his body.  I never got his name though.

Fast forward to last weekend.  Some friends of mine invited me down to the Gold Coast for the weekend.  Older couple that are friends.  They have a couple of units down there that they wanted to check on and their son was competing in the Surf Life Saving National Championships.  Sounded like an excuse to get out of town and I hadn’t been down to the Gold Coast in ages.

Saturday morning we cruise down to the coast, my friends give me the run of one of their units (they stay in another one right next door).

We spend the day hanging out, watching a little bit of the Life Saving competition and start drinking beers back at the apartment complex around 3pm.  My friends are hosting a BBQ and their sons will be joining us.  I’ve already been told that their older son Ian is gay and lives down the Gold Coast and their younger son Brian is competing and the finals are on Sunday morning.

Around 5pm Ian arrives and he is pretty cute and not too outwardly gay (I probably wouldn’t have known unless I had been told).  Half an hour later, the younger son arrives and I recognize him straight away.  It is Brian.  I am introduced to Brian who, from his eyes, recognizes me but we both pretend we are strangers meeting for the first time.  I am also introduced to Brian’s long term girlfriend, who is just as hot as he is.  Seriously, they could be in underwear commercials.

We all have a great night, some other people join us.  Brian and his girlfriend left first, they both were competing the next morning but the rest of us hung out until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day we all went down and watched Brian and his girlfriend in their competitions, holy cow there were some amazing bodies and a lot of guys in speedos (including Brian).  Things wrapped up around midday and the gay brother, Ian, invited me to come around for a pool party at his place.  My friends were going out to see some friends so sounded like a great way to spend the afternoon.  Ian walked me the two blocks from the unit to his rental house and on the way he told me that he is gay and some of his gay mates would be at the party, just making sure I was OK with it.  I told him I was OK with it but I didn’t want to tell him about my gay tendencies just yet (his parents have no idea).

Ian’s house was like a uni students house, I think there were four blokes living there and it was very cool.  There was some cricket on the TV which was out in the pool area.

After playing some back yard cricket (with a beer in hand most of the time) we headed to the pool.  Being the Aussie Speedo Guy, I had speedos on under my dork shorts but since I was a guest, I waited to see what the speedo tolerance level was.

I was pleasantly surprised that most of the guys were speedo’ing it up.  So I dropped my dork shorts revealing my new Addicted speedos which I have been loving lately (I’ve shared a bunch of my speedo selfies on my blog and social media).

It was these speedos that gave my identity away.  Walking out of the bathroom Ian blocked me in the hallway and asked me if I was Aussie Speedo Guy.  Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I didn’t really have a way out of this conversation so I admitted that yes, I am.  I asked Ian not to share that with anyone, particularly his parents.

Ian said he was fine to keep my secret, on the condition that I fucked him.

Sorry guys, the rest of this experience is going to be for members only.  If you’d like to join, it is only $5.

June 29th, 2022

You know what happens….

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Morning guys, I’ve had a great morning (Tuesday here) and after a light lunch I sat down to continue telling you guys what happened on Saturday morning with my Landlord.  I felt like I had left you guys in the air but when I re-read what I had written…. I think you guys know what happened.

You aren’t sure what happened?  He fucked me hard.  He came inside me. Then he just left me there with my speedos around my ankles and his cum dripping out of me.

As you can imagine, I was pretty horny after getting used like that.

I had a quick shower, I hope he did too when he got home, and while I was super horny I figured I would try and restrain myself for the rest of the day.

I had some new movies to add to (there is a new movie of the week coming on Thursday for members here) and of course having to watch/edit hardcore speedo movies gets me even hornier.  I lasted 90 minutes after The Landlord had fucked me before I came in my speedo sitting at the table working.

Instead of having another shower to clean it up I ducked down to the beach again for a quick dip.

I feel like I need to get The Landlord over and give him a good fucking as payback…. he has only let me fuck him twice and I am very gentle with him.  Any ideas on what I should do with him?

Cum in Speedos

June 14th, 2022
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