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Here are the new movies

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This morning I was working on updating some old blog posts.  Because I’ve had some domain names stolen off me (I was once sued by the Evil Speedo Corporation) there are some dead links in old blog posts.  My main site, used to be and before that it was  I came across this post from 7 years ago showing off some new movies I had added to

They are still available on, if any of them look great, let me know in the comments and I can make it one of the Movies of the Week on the blog here.

Expert Cock Sucker
Movie Length:
23 mins and 56 secs
Description: I consider myself an expert cock sucker but this guy might have me beat… he deep throats and even sucks cock under water!!! If I can’t handle it I just might have to practice more, any volunteers?

Join now and watch this movie.

Men Who Suck Cock
Movie Length:
18 mins and 41 secs
Description: If you want to watch real men sucking and fucking hardcore, watch this movie. One guy is wearing pink speedos but everything else about these guys screams Real Men.

$5 and you can watch this movie.

American Speedo Boys
Movie Length:
23 mins and 46 secs
Description: Who ever said that American Guys don’t love speedos – these two guys are wearing their speedos during a July 4th party and they love it. Just a hot outdoor speedo pool fuck session.

You can join right now for just $5

Speedo Jerk Off
Movie Length:
10 mins and 24 secs
Description: I personally love jerking off outdoors and it is fun to watch other guys doing the same. This movie features a hunk in yellow speedos masturbating poolside.

Click here to join now.

Underwater Cumshot
Movie Length:
22 mins and 48 secs
Description: I know I’ve cum while sucking a guy off, but the guy in this movie cums in the pool and we got an underwater shot of his cock ejecting out that jizz. Sex in the pool from all angles.

Click here to watch this speedo sex movie.

Fuckable Lifeguard
Movie Length:
22 mins and 26 secs
Description: This lifeguard really cares, when a beach goer is coughing, he pulls down his red speedos and offers up his cock. The lifeguard gets fucked hard but he can clean up the cummy mess in the ocean.

This movie alone is worth joining - I love red speedos.

The Pool Boy
Movie Length:
55 mins and 57 secs
Description: I’m pretty sure we have all had a fantasy about screwing a cute pool boy, or being the cute pool boy who gets screwed. This 55 minute long video features a very cute pool boy in white speedos.

The Gay Pool Boy

December 1st, 2023

Sunday Morning Threesome

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Wearing a speedo in public, has gotten me laid again.

I was up kinda early this morning so went for a walk, coffee, quick swim at the beach.  My usual routine.  Town is pretty busy being a weekend and I often hibernate a little bit when it is busy.  A quick dip in the ocean and I’m back home around 10am.  What am I going to do with the day?

Don’t worry, I’ve always got work to do and I love working on weekends, it gives me time to play during the week.

I was a little sandy from the beach so instead of having a shower, I thought I’d go for a quick dip in my building pool.  I poured myself a coffee and cruised on down.  You guys know me, I was wearing my black and yellow ADDICTED speedos which I have been posting some selfies of me wearing lately.

Just as I was finishing up my coffee and thinking about heading up to my unit, in walks two, late thirties, good looking guys.  I can’t make this stuff up I promise.  I feel like I had seen them around the building on Friday afternoon, fancy car, well dressed, city people.  The guys remove their shirts, and then slip their shorts down.  One guy is wearing a pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos, the other is wearing a pair of AussieBum’s.  If I had any doubt that they were gay before that moment, that doubt was now gone and I decided to hang around and see what happens.

Gay Threesome

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for members only.

I love sharing my experiences with you guys.  This experience is pretty fresh, my ass is still throbbing, and if I am going to share this stuff, I need to keep it a little bit discrete.  I hope you understand.

If you are a members, please login and you can read what happened next.  If you aren’t a member, it is only $5.  My coffee this morning cost more.

November 19th, 2023

Suit fucking a speedo boy

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I always have fun knowing that 99% of the time I wear speedos.  I wear speedos under my boardies, under my jeans when I’m out at BBQ’s, under my suit during work meetings and I have worn speedos under my tux at weddings.

What I wonder is…. who else out there is wearing speedos in public without anyone knowing?

With that in mind, you guys can imagine why I love this new speedo movie.

Check out this movie from the archives….  if you are a blog member you can watch the full length

November 18th, 2023

Horny Weekend

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I had a fantastic weekend.  It is starting to feel like summer here in Australia, the weather is warming up and people are getting out to the beach.

Let me give you a little bit of a run down on my weekend, yes, I will share all the naughty details and some speedo selfies of me.

Saturday morning I was in the office working, which I love.  Around lunch I headed to the beach for a swim. The beach was the busiest I have seen it so far this summer.  Couple of guys were wearing speedos, like I was.  I had a beer, called some friends, had a dip and a couple of hours later headed home.  Some friends of mine came over for a bbq by my pool which was a hoot.  This is the first real BBQ for the summer and I can’t wait for more.  No, we didn’t put ‘shrimp on the barbie’.  It ended up being a late night and we all drank a little bit too much.

A couple of my friends had slept over and they were leaving just as I woke up.  We were all a little bit dusty so just wanted to go our own ways and recuperate after a great night.

I thought I’d begin my recuperation at the beach.  Throwing on a pair of classic beach speedos, I headed out.  At the beach I found a nice quiet spot to chill out and let my head stop throbbing.

Speedo Beach DaySpeedo Bum

I don’t know about you guys, but when I am hungover, I get SUPER HORNY.  So, I pulled out my mobile and started hunting for someone to have some fun with.

Didn’t take long and I ended up talking with Alex.  Alex is late twenties, looks great in a speedo, his family own a holiday unit which is less than one hundred meters from where I live.  Growing up Alex was a life guard and loves wearing speedos.  Alex invited me over to his place for some fun.  I packed up my things and walked up to the building where his families unit/apartment is.  In the elevator on the way up, I got a quick speedo selfie.

Summer StripSpeedo Strip

Once outside Alex’s front door, I threw the shorts in my backpack.  Alex opened the door wearing a pair of black speedos, and nothing else.

Sorry guys, I’m going to keep the rest of this for members only.  I feel like I care share more intimate details if they are kept behind the membership wall.  And it is for Alex’s discretion as well.

If you would like to join, it is only $5.  Lots of full length movies as well as all of my naughty speedo experiences.  Click here to join now.  If you have any questions about becoming a member, drop me an email:

Alex lo0ked just as hot as he did in the photos he had sent me.  The bulge in the front of Alex’s speedo told me he was good to go.  Once the door was closed behind me, we attacked each other.  Out tongues started wrestling and our hands began exploring each other.  My cock came to life quickly enough and we were both thrusting and rubbing our lycra covered cocks against each other.  It was really hot.

I broke off our kissing as asked Alex, mouth or butt?  Alex asked for mouth first.  So, I pushed him down on the couch and got on my knees between his legs.

October 24th, 2023

Doctor Gives Me a Handjob and a Rectal Exam

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When I walked in to the doctors room, I recognized the doctor as a guy who lives in the building next to me.  My cock immediately starting stirring and I knew I was in trouble.

The Doctor is a thirties, fit, Asian guy who hangs out at his pool in speedos all the time.  From my patio I can see the pool in his building and I perv at him all the time.  OK, I will be honest,  I have jerked off MANY times watching him and thinking about him.  All year round The Doctor hangs out at his pool, primarily on weekends and he wears speedos all the time.  While I haven’t documented it, he has an extensive speedo collection because he rarely wears the same speedo more than once.

Over the past twelve months we have passed each other on the street and shared pleasantries but never more than a casual g’day.

Now I was about to strip down to my speedos in his office and I knew there was no way to keep my pending erection under control.

Walking in the door of his doctors office, we both recognized each other, even though he was wearing more clothing than I had usually seen him wearing.  Shaking hands we both laughed that we could finally put a name to the face next door.  He told me to sit up on the examination table and we began my skin cancer check.  Ow yeah, I was there for just a run of the mill annual skin cancer check and The Doctor is a dermatologist I had been referred to, but had no idea who he was before walking in to his room.

He got down to business and we chatted about medical stuff for five minutes or so.  All the while my cock was stirring.  Usually at these kind of appointments I have to strip down to my underwear, which for me is always speedos.  Doctors in the past have never said anything, I figured I’d just say I was on my way to the pool or beach if they asked.  My tan lines give away that I wear speedos anyway.  Despite all the small talk, all I was thinking about was that I would be stripping down to my new ADDICTED blue and maroon speedos that I have been sharing a bunch of selfies and dick pics of lately.

The Doctor began the examination on my head/face.  I remained sitting and he wore some weird glasses.  His hands were touching me and he was definitely up in my business, so much so, I could feel his breath.  Face done, The Doctor told me to remove my shirt and stand up.  He was all business, using a gel on different freckles/moles and then he would press this magnifying thing on it and look closely.  Again, he was very close to me and there was no way he hadn’t seen the bulge in my shorts.

Top half done, The Doctor stepped back a little bit and asked me to remove my shoes, and shorts just down to your speedos.  He must have picked that up from the drawstring that was just visible on my belt line.

By now, my cock was fully erect.  Up and to the right, which is how I pack in my fully erect cock inside the lycra of a speedo.

I kicked my shoes off, undid my belt, took a deep breath and slid my shorts off.  I kicked my shoes and shorts to the side and stood up in all my speedo glory, The Doctor was looking at my crotch and my hands instinctively covered my bulge.  I mumbled some kind of apology and The Doctor said it was completely normal, he said he has the same reaction when he wears a speedo in public.  I’m not sure what took over me, but I said “I might have noticed that.”  The Doctor laughed but got on his knees and started examining the freckles/moles on my legs.  Same proceedure as before, lots of touching, the gel and then his nose nearly touching me as he looked through the magnifying glass thingy.  At least three times, he brushed the front of my speedo, and each time I flinched a little bit.  The Doctor didn’t apologize or even acknowledge the touch.

It felt like this went on for ages and I was standing there practically naked and rock hard.  Finally The Doctor stood up and told me that everything looked fine and I went for my shorts.  The Doctor stopped me, he said “Before you go, would you like me to help you with that?”  Looking down at my crotch which had even started to ooze precum through the lycra.

“I would love that.  What did you have in mind?”

The Doctor told me to turn around and put my hands on the examination table.  I did what I was told and behind my back I heard him going through things on his desk.  Looking over my shoulder I saw The Doctor with one of those blue rubber gloves on and squirting the gel stuff over the index and middle fingers.  He came up on my right side.  His rubbered and lubed up left hand slipped down my butt crack and started rubbing my butt hole, his right hand started stroking my cock, keeping it inside my speedo.

This was the last thing I had expected at my Doctors appointment.

The Doctor then started wispering in my ear:

“I’ve watched you in your pool in your sexy little speedos.”

“Are you fucking that property manager who hangs out in the pool with you.”  Yes.  That is the manager of my complex and my landlord, I have written extensively about our sexual experiences.  He is a little older but fit and while he is married and outwardly completely straight, he had some gay experiences as a younger man and has definitely rekindled those with me recently.  We often hang out at the pool in speedos drinking beer and usually end up back at my unit fucking out brains out.  Interesting that The Doctor had picked up on that.

“Does he fuck you hard?”  Yes he does.

“I want you to go home and have him fuck you this afternoon.  And then when I get home, I’m going to come over and fuck you just as hard.  You up for that?”  Yes Doctor.

“And I want you to wear these cummy speedos of yours all day, don’t change them until after I have fucked you tonight.”  Yes Doctor.

By now I was on the edge of orgasm as The Doctor’s fingers were deep inside me.  As my hips started trusting he told me not to be too loud.

Then, I exploded in my speedo.  I do this probably once a week on my own, and it feels amazing.  The lycra all over the head of my cock adds sensation while also feeling a little restrictive.  As not to get my cum on his right hand, The Doctor gently squeezed by balls while I cock pulsed out cum.  It was going to be a mess.

“Well Dave, you can get dressed now.  On your way out be sure to make an appointment for twelve months time with the receptionist.  And I will see you at six o’clock out the front of your building.”

And with that, The Doctor pulled off the rubber glove, threw it in the bin by the door and walked out of the room like it had been just another appointment.  I was standing there with a speedo full of cum.

The rest of my day was pretty horny as well which I have written about as well, if you are interested.

Once outside the medical practice I messaged My Landlord “Hey mate, that darn oven of mine has been playing up.  I’ll be home in fifteen if you want to swing by.”

Writing about this has got me all worked up, I need to go jump in the ocean and cool down a little bit.  Let me know in the comments if you’d like to continue with what happened at 5pm.

October 9th, 2023

Hungover, Sore and Horny

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One of my favourite things to do when I am hungover, is to go speedo tanning.  It isn’t a cure, I still feel rotten, but I usually have my laptop and maybe a ‘hair of the dog’ and my muddled brain can just chill out.

That is me today, as I write this, that is exactly what is happening.

It all started last night when my landlord (I have written about us being fuck buddies and his wife not knowing about it) knocked on my door.  He was super horny so without any foreplay, he threw me down on the bed and fucked me.  I was wearing an old lycra speedo which I came in just before he came in my ass.

After a quick shower we then just chilled out on my patio as the sun set drinking a few beers, then drinking a few Bourbons.  His wife brought us over some chicken for dinner, she had one drink then left, and then he and I went back in to the bedroom where we fucked some more.  When he left, I had a few more bourbons which I didn’t need and that I am paying for right now.

So that explains how I got here, on the beach in a speedo feeling a little dusty.

Does anyone else here get super horny when they are hungover?  I do, BIG TIME!!!

Tight Asian Body Speedo TanningSpeedo Bum in the SunSpeedo Bum in the SunSpeedo Bum in the Sun

August 24th, 2023
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