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Twink Pool Party

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During this week I have been talking with a long time fan online, he is an early twenties, gay guy in a committed gay relationship.  We’ll call him, Cam (not his real name for discretionary purposes but he is super excited for me to write about him on my blog).  Cam and his and his boyfriend love speedos and actually met when they were growing up as junior lifeguards and then ran into each other again at university and began their relationship.

Unfortunately, they are monogamous so I don’t think this is going to end in a threesome.

However….  Cam and his boyfriend have invited me to hang out today.  Cam’s folks have a holiday home not far from where I live and the boys have the house for the weekend.  It has a pool and the weather is gorgeous.  Even though it is winter, it is nearly mid twenties celcius (nearly 80F).  Hanging out with a couple of twenty year old guy who love speedos, who wouldn’t accept such an invitation.

There was one catch though…..

Cam and his boyfriend have a gay friend of theirs who will be at the pool party as well.  We will call him Dylan.  From what Cam has told me Dylan is gay and out, but very inexperienced and super shy.  The gay couple have tried to set Dylan up but he has been too shy and they just want Dylan to get laid.  Sounds like a fun challenge.

My speedos are on and I’m walking out the door, wish me luck guys.

As always, I will share the details of what I get up to with my new speedo friends with you.

Three Speedo Friends

July 14th, 2024

Horny as Hell

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Does anyone know why I am super horny when I am hungover?  Is there a reason?  Does this happen for anyone else?

Wasn’t that big of a night, just watching footy with some mates but I enjoyed a sleep in this morning.  If I had to get up early I wouldn’t be feeling that good.

As usual, I am SUPER HORNY!!!

After jerking off twice, I went for a quick dip at the beach.  it is a gorgeous day and while the water is cooler than summer, it is pretty nice.  Not many other people out swimming through and didn’t see another speedo on the beach.  I would have gone to the pool, but I had a longer than usual swim yesterday, I swam 2,500m and got a little bit of a rash under my right arm so will need to leave pool swimming for a couple of days.

Now I’m back home, sitting around in a speedo and I’m still horny.

Anyone want to come over and help out?

Click here to see more of my speedo selfies.

Horny in Red Speedo

June 30th, 2024

My Favourites

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The footy game I mentioned a couple of days ago turned in to a farce…. my team lost (by a lot), but  I didn’t have to strip down to my maroon speedos.

It was a big night and didn’t get to bed until the wee hours of the morning, perhaps some adult drinks were consumed.  After a light breakfast I hit the road and headed back home, then went to bed for a nap.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic and looking forward to a much more productive day.

I’m sitting here in my new favourite speedos and once this rather boring Presidential Debate is over, I’m going to walk up to the pool for a swim.

Pictured below are my new ‘favourite’ speedos….

Click here to see a gallery of pics of these speedos.

June 28th, 2024

Go the Maroons!!!

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Tonight I will be wearing my AussieBum maroon coloured speedos, under my jeans……

There is a game of Rugby on tonight between my state (Queensland) and the neighbouring state to the south (New South Wales).  Bit of a grudge thing that happens every year in a 3 game series.  I have been invited down to the big smoke to watch the game with a bunch of old friends which will be a blast.

If my team, the Queensland Maroons loose and don’t score any points, I will be expected to drop my jeans and run around the block in my jocks…. my Maroon AussieBums.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but I’m OK if it does.

Maroon Speedos

I just checked (the my selfies album – click here to see it), and I don’t have any pics of me wearing my Maroon speedos.  They are a size too small so I don’t wear them often but I am loosing some weight so perhaps I’ll wear them a bit more.

What did inspire me to buy them was this speedo porno movie.  It is old so quality isn’t what we get these days, but it is pretty darn hot and I am going to jerk off to it once I click ‘Publish’ on this blog post.

7 minute promotional version I made up available for non-members, members get to watch the entire 26 minute version…..  If you were considering becoming a member, this is worth the $5 on its own.

June 26th, 2024

I’d Suck It

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Bit of rain in the forecast this week so today I’m going to make the most of the sunshine and get to the beach.  Fingers crossed I run in to a guy like the blond pictured below….

I’m not really in to tattoos, but I think if I see a guy like this on the beach I will make an exception.

Suckable Guy in Green Speedos

That exception will involve me making him look like this……

I'd Suck This Guys Cock

June 24th, 2024

Winter Solstice (in speedos)

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Yesterday was the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere, that is the shortest day of the year.  I was busy all day but this morning, I am spending the morning on the deck (with I was on someones dick) reading a book and working on my speedo tan.

While it is cold here (around 10C low), it is warming up to nearly the mid 20C’s so the days are beautiful.

I better get back to my book…. I think I might have a look on Grindr, see if I can find a big man that will let me sit on his dick.  Or a little man, who I can throw around and plow him with my dick.

Big Man in Speedos

June 23rd, 2024
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