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Twink Pool Party

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During this week I have been talking with a long time fan online, he is an early twenties, gay guy in a committed gay relationship.  We’ll call him, Cam (not his real name for discretionary purposes but he is super excited for me to write about him on my blog).  Cam and his and his boyfriend love speedos and actually met when they were growing up as junior lifeguards and then ran into each other again at university and began their relationship.

Unfortunately, they are monogamous so I don’t think this is going to end in a threesome.

However….  Cam and his boyfriend have invited me to hang out today.  Cam’s folks have a holiday home not far from where I live and the boys have the house for the weekend.  It has a pool and the weather is gorgeous.  Even though it is winter, it is nearly mid twenties celcius (nearly 80F).  Hanging out with a couple of twenty year old guy who love speedos, who wouldn’t accept such an invitation.

There was one catch though…..

Cam and his boyfriend have a gay friend of theirs who will be at the pool party as well.  We will call him Dylan.  From what Cam has told me Dylan is gay and out, but very inexperienced and super shy.  The gay couple have tried to set Dylan up but he has been too shy and they just want Dylan to get laid.  Sounds like a fun challenge.

My speedos are on and I’m walking out the door, wish me luck guys.

As always, I will share the details of what I get up to with my new speedo friends with you.

Three Speedo Friends

July 14th, 2024

Tied up in Speedos

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My first sexual experiences were with my best friend.  We really only fooled around, but part of that experience was speedos (of course).  It was during an Australian summer so it was hot and we hung out in speedos, and I was always horny, so one thing led to another.

I’m sure this is why I have my deep rooted speedo fetish.

Part of our experimentation was being tied to a chair.  Looking back, we really didn’t do it properly.

I’ve since, done it properly, and would love to do it more……  in speedos of course.


February 5th, 2024

Twink Threesome

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Finally I’ve got a new Movie of the Week ready for you guys.  I have the next three ready to roll so I hope you have some happy tissues ready for the next few weeks guys.

Looking through the previous Movies of the Week I love what a diversity of videos I have chosen.

If there is anything you guys would like to see in particular, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I have in the archives.

This week’s movie is hot.  It features two 18yo guys and a 19yo guy.  They are having a fun summers day in their speedos when things turn x-rated. I love how one guy is enjoying watching the action before he decides to join in.

I was going to publish a free sample but there have been a bunch of new members lately so I’m going to keep the video footage just for them.  The entire movie is 39 minutes long and if you want to watch it, it is only $5 to join.

Now that I finally have this published, I’m off to the pool for a quick swim and then this afternoon I have to sit down and write about what happened two nights ago when I got back from house sitting out in the country.  Yeah, my 3 day load of cum was put to use and I actually came twice more I was so horny.  I’ll share the details with you guys tomorrow or Friday.

Enjoy the movie guys.

August 29th, 2023

Solo Valentines

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Happy Valentines day guys, unfortunately, I had a solo Valentine’s Day (I’m writing this the morning after).

It was sooooo exciting I have to tell you guys about it.  A storm rolled in during the afternoon so I poured an adult drink and sat on my patio and enjoyed the lightening show,  it actually got a little cool so had to put on my slippers and a light sweater/jumper.  After two drinks I cooked up some dinner and watched the last episode of Andor (yeah I am a nerd at heart) and after that I went to bed.  I was probably asleep by 8am.

Life isn’t all about hardcore gay fuck sessions for Aussie Speedo Guy…..

This morning I woke up early, funny how that happens when one goes to bed early, went for a morning coffee and swim at the beach and then settled in to a nice long day of work.  I have a handful of new movies to add to, one of them featured Lan, a thirty year old, 6’3″ and 200lb of stud who looks perfect in his green speedo.  I thought I would share this clip with you guys (sample clip for everyone, full 10 minute cumshot clip with members) of Lan jerking off.

Unfortunately he removes his speedos but it is pretty hot.

If you like Lan, let me know, there is a second video clip I have of him fucking another speedo stud.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was more naughty than mine, but if not, I hope I helped stretch your speedo for you.

February 15th, 2023

Gay Massage Paradise

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I get a whole bunch of emails from people asking me favours, asking me to promote different businesses, asking me for sex advice and of course, asking me for sex.

You wouldn’t believe the number of these emails that are barely coherent.  Maybe people email me after a few adult beverages?  You would think that if you were asking someone for a favour, or a business proposition, or for sex; you would run it through a spell checker.

One experience, which I had a few years ago, started with a proper email that someone had taken the time to sit down and write properly.  His name was Russ and he ran a men’s massage retreat.  I wasn’t allowed to share my experience at the time in the interests of discretion, but after talking to Russ just last weekend, he thinks that it is OK if I share my experience with you guys.

Russ’s first email was him introducing himself and his Massage Retreat in the hills behind Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a fancy beach town north of Sydney, lots of celebrities hang out there, such as Olivia Newton John, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Nichole Kidman and I’ve read that Matt Damon hangs out there these days.

Russ was asking me if I would mind helping him out with buying banner ads for his website and some online promotion advice. I was more than happy to help out and share some advice, plus, it was a little bit of side money for me.

Right off the bat Russ said he would love for me to come and see the property, see what his business does and would love for me to stay a few days was his offer.

After a few months working together, I had a window of spare time so I decided to go up and meet Russ in person.

It was a seven hour drive and as I drove in to the property, I saw just how beautiful a spot it was.  Not a resort, just a big mansion of a home.  Russ had seen me drive up and welcomed me at the front door.  He was wearing a pair of white AussieBum speedos and nothing else.  We had worked pretty closely over the preceding months and it was like catching up with an old friend.

Walking through the front door I could hear a bit of chatter coming from the main living area of the house, and there were at least half a dozen cars in the drive way so the house felt like it was full of people.

Before I would have a chance to find out, Russ told me to take my luggage up stairs, my room was second door on the left.  He knew I had just driven 7 hours so he told me to freshen up and come and see what this place was all about.  Russ told me that the guys were all either in speedos or nude and I was welcome to wear either.  I knew this already from some of the pics and videos I had worked on when dealing with the promotional material.

I had a quick shower, threw on a pair of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and headed down stairs.

Walking in to the main living area of this beautiful home I was in awe.  There were ten men, half completely naked, half wearing speedos.  It sounds like heaven right?  The youngest was twenty-five years old, the oldest mid fifties and all sorts of body types.  It wasn’t an AussieBum model shoot but the guys looked good.

Half the guys were working around a couple of massage tables and half the guys were with Russ standing by a bar.  Russ waved me over and handed me some kind of juice.  The juice concoction was pretty rotten but you guys know I put all sorts of things in my mouth and I swallowed it down.  I was introduced to the guys and when I had finished my drink Russ asked if I would like a massage?  Of course I would!

Russ lead me over to a massage table out on the patio and told me to get up and lie on my back.  Four of the guys had followed him out.

I felt a little embarrassed lying there, in all my speedo glory, in front of four and a half strangers (Russ is the half).  Russ gave a little introduction as to the massage technique that I was going to receive and I’m sorry but I can’t remember any of those details.  I was wondering which of the guys was going to give me my massage when Russ directed each of the guys to one of my arms or legs.

Turns out, I was going to receive a massage from four guys…. at the same time.

Massage in Speedos

I’ve got to tell you guys, I have never really enjoyed getting a massage. In my teens I had a couple after sporting injuries and the whole time I was tense just trying not to get an erection.  As an adult, I’ve had a couple after triathlons which were fully clothed and I was super sore but if I had to lie down with very little clothing, I’d still be lying there thinking “Don’t get a boner”.

When Russ and I previously chatted about me coming up, we had this ‘erection’ discussion and I said I’d be fine not being on the massage table but he assured me that being a professional, he has techniques to deal with that and I shouldn’t be worried, lots of guys get boners when receiving a massage.

So there I was, lying on a massage table with four sets of hands on me and all I was thinking was “Don’t get a boner”.

When I laid down, they put a cool towel that smelled of something fruity over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything.  It wasn’t tied down, it was just draped over my eyes and forehead.  This definitely made me hornier not being able to see what was going on. “Don’t get a boner” was what I was saying in my head but my brain does not have that kind of control over my cock and within a few minutes, my cock was rock hard and as I was only wearing a speedo, there was no hiding it from the four masseurs and Russ.  Nobody said a word about it for a few minutes even though it was right there in front of their noses. Which made me even hornier.

Finally Russ had to deal with the elephant (no it isn’t that big) in the room.

He put his palm on my chest and said “Dave, you are very tense, you need to relax. Would you like me to use one of my ‘professional’ techniques to help with your beautiful erection?”

“Sure thing Russ.”

Russ then asked for a volunteer from the four guys who were still working each one of my limbs and he got a volunteer pretty quickly.  I couldn’t tell who it was from their voice.

Then, I felt a hand on the front of my speedo which started rubbing it.  Then, the mystery hand undid the drawstring.  Then, the waistband was pulled out, down and tucked under my balls.  Two very oily/slippery hands started working my cock and balls in the worlds most amazing handjob ever.

I started wriggling in pleasure.

Russ, whom I guess took the limb of the guy who was jerking me off, gave some instructions to the guys and all of a sudden I was pinned down.  It was cleaver how they did it, instead of holding me by my wrists and ankles the way I would do it, they pinned me down by my elbows and knees.  I could move my hands and feet, but was pinned down to the table.  Only a slight thrusting of my hips was possible which is what I was doing as I approached my orgasm.

A split second before my cock exploded, I felt lips encircle the head of my cut cock. That mouth was where every last drop of my cum went, not a drop or drizzle was spilt.

Calming down, the pressure on my elbows and needs was released as the mouth on my cock was removed, with one last lick down the tip.  My speedo was pulled back up and the drawstring was retied.  Russ, complimented the guys on their work and said that he could already see how relaxed I was.

I really felt a lot better and much more relaxed now that my cock was calm.

The guys got to work on me and Russ was giving them instructions and it was really nice.  So nice… I fell asleep.

I’m not kidding you.

I had a long day of driving and I had gotten up early, maybe there was something in the vegan fruit shake thingy?

When I woke up, two hours had passed and the sun was setting.  The guys had put a blanket over me which was sweet of them.

I got up off the massage table and stretched, I heard some noise and chatter coming from around the side of the house which I thought I should investigate.  Remember, I am wearing a pair of speedos and nothing else.

Poking my head around the corner, there was a hottub with five of the retreat guests in it.

They saw me and the jokes started calling me sleepy head and sleepy smurf.  I asked them if I could join them in the hottub and as I got in they offered me a shot glass.  I thought it was a ‘retreat’, no booze and all hippy vegetarian food?  I was informed that being the last night of their retreat, it was a party night and they all expected to get rather drunk after a week of detoxing and being good boys.

The shot was tequila and as soon as I had swallowed it, the glass was topped up.

Everyone was in a great mood and conversation flowed.  After a while I just had to ask them, was this ‘retreat’ just a sex trip?  Do some massages during the day and learn some skills, but is it really about just having sex?

One guy, his name was John, was sitting on the edge of the hottub wearing a pair of classic AussieBum black speedos.  He said, I’m straight and here to learn how to massage.  This declaration of his straightness was met with heckles from everyone calling him out for being the gayest straight guy ever.  John defended himself saying that he hadn’t done anything gay during the retreat.  If other guys sucked his cock or let him fuck their arse, they were the gay ones.  Hahaha.  I liked John.

John was one of the foursome who massaged me.

I announced to the hottub that someone had sucked me off, by the sounds of it, it wasn’t John, so there were three potential candidates.  I felt like I owed someone a blowjob.

The guys were not going to tell me.  I went around the hottub asking each of them, did you swallow my cum?  I think I had an idea who it was but they all claimed it wasn’t them.  If I didn’t know who it was, then I’d have to give them all a blowjob to return the favour.

Sitting opposite me in the hottub, one of the guys was wearing a blue pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos, he was sitting on the edge with his feet dangling in the water.  His cock was right at my eye height and with my announcement that I owed everyone a blowjob he looked at me, winked and rubbed the front of his speedos.

Pretty obvious invitation if you ask me.

I moved across the hottub and reached out to replace his hand with my hand on the front of his speedo.

I had been introduced to Mr. Blue Speedo but I couldn’t remember his name.  His cock came to life in no time as I rubbed it with my right hand and I slipped my left hand lower down and rubbed his balls and even a hint of arsehole play.  Just as I was about to pull his cock out and start sucking he started undoing the white drawstring himself which released some of the strain on the nylon material that was holding his cock in.  The waistband of his speedo released and I got my first view of his uncut cock.

Opening wide, I took his cock in my mouth and moved the waistband down below his balls.

I started with a lot of tongue around the head of his cock working between his foreskin and cock head.

With my concentration focused on working my tongue over his cock, I hadn’t noticed but one of the other guys had slipped in to the water behind me.  I didn’t know who it was but he was rubbing my butt.  Changing my oral technique from licking and flicking, to sucking and stroking.  Looking up I noticed that one of the other guys had gotten out of the hottub and was sitting next to Mr. Blue Speedo.  They started making out and it wasn’t long before I felt the cock in my mouth spasm and then unload in my mouth.  I took every last drop and didn’t remove my mouth until I had sucked him dry.

Moving back someone handed me another shot of tequila and the boys gave me a little round of applause.

My celebrations didn’t last long though, the guy who had been making out with Mr. Blue Speedo was sitting there with an erect cock waiting to be enveloped by my mouth.  He was completely naked and as I moved between his legs, Mr. Blue Speedo slid back in to the pool.

I repeated my same performance and a little while later, I was swallowing my second load of cum for the night.  The boys gave me a shot to wash the cum down.

Looking around the hottub I wondered who was next?  Two of the guys were cuddling each other and I looked at them but they told me they are a committed couple.

The only person left was Josh, the gayest straight guy.  He was sitting on the edge of the hottub wearing a classic black Speedo brand speedo and he had a raging hardon which was not hidden my the small amount of lycra he was wearing.

John nodded his head towards his cock, clearly indicating that he was keen for a blowjob.

I slid up between his legs and started rubbing the front of his speedo.  It was then that I asked him if he has ever sucked cock himself?  He replied that he hadn’t.  So it wasn’t John that sucked me off during my massage and that being the case, I told him that I’d suck him off, but only after he had sucked me off.

Sorry guys, I’ve gotta keep some secrets for my members.  It is them who allow me to spend the time and money to keep this blog running.  If you join now, you can read what happened with John.

June 1st, 2022

My Friend with the Video Camera

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One of the members sent me this story, he said it is based on facts but it was a long time ago and it is more fiction than recollection at this stage.

I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of my first gay experiences.  It is super long but I’m making the first ‘chapter’ available for everyone.

One night when I was sleeping over my friend Jeff’s house, we decided that we were both hot, and wanted to go for a swim in his pool. Jeff is younger than me, but I’ve always thought he was cute. I hadn’t brought my swimsuit, he loaned me one of his swim team speedos which was weird and awkward but it was dark.

While we were swimming, I had gotten a hard-on, and by the time we got out, I knew I had to jack off in order to get rid of it. Jeff went into his room to change first, and when he got out, I went in. I took off the tiny speedo, and started to jack off (hoping I could be quick, so Jeff wouldn’t be suspicious), when I noticed that Jeff had a banana on his desk. I pulled the condom out of my wallet, and put it over the banana, and worked it into my asshole. In about thirty seconds, I was ready to cum, and caught it in my cupped hand. It started to drip between my fingers, but I couldn’t find his bin, so I was forced to drink it. I picked up the banana off the floor, where I had dropped it, took the condom off, put it back exactly where I had got it, shoved the condom in my pocket, and quickly got dressed.

The two of us watched TV in the family room for a while, and after his parents went to bed, Jeff suggested we watch a dirty movie. He ran up to his room to get it, and came back with two tapes, one normal size, and the other one of the small camcorder tapes. The first one was of his older sister and her boyfriend (who was our age) having sex in her room. He told me how he had hidden it in a heating duct, slid the cover to one side, and run the wires through the duct to his room right above hers, where he had hooked it up to his VCR, and recorded them having sex. The tape was short, only about fifteen minutes, but it had managed to get me really hard.

He took the camcorder tape and put it in the adaptor, and put it in the VCR. I saw his room, and the date and time on the bottom corner said it was earlier in the evening. When I saw myself walk into the room, my heart started to beat a million miles a minute. As I jacked off on the TV, Jeff told me how he had set up the camcorder, hoping to catch a glimpse of me naked, and had gotten more than he bargained for. He said he had watched the tape on the camcorder when he had “gone to the bathroom”, and he said that if I didn’t give him a blowjob, he would make copies of the tape and spread them around. He pulled his shorts down to his ankles, and sat down on the couch, with his cock pointing straight to the ceiling.

I knelt in front of him, and started to suck, and in about thirty seconds, Jeff shot a load in my mouth. I kept it there, not sure, what to do with it. Jeff told me to swallow it, and I did, not wanting anyone to see my jacking off on tape. He told me I had to suck his cock again, but when he came, I had to keep it in my mouth.

Jeff had started to go limp after coming, and it took almost fifteen minutes of sucking before he came again. This time, he told me to kiss him, and share with him. I kissed him, and as the cum ran from my mouth to his, he started to run his tongue through my mouth. This was too much for me, and I came in my boxers, most of it running down my leg and onto the floor. Jeff told me to go clean up, I had done my part and he would destroy the tape.

Even though our first time together was under odd circumstances, Jeff and I still like to experiment together, and I hope that one day, we might be able to add Jeff’s next door neighbour to the occasion some day. Jeff had told me about Andrew and how he was a member of the same swim team that he was. I could just imagine how hot both boys would be in showering in their speedos. Oh and he never did destroy that tape which came in handy with Andrew a few months later….

Members of course are reading what happens when Andrew comes over the next weekend….. click here to join and read what happens.

March 3rd, 2022
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