There are two girls who live next door to me here on the Central NSW Coast.

For those non Aussie’s, NSW stands for New South Wales which is a state.  It is the state where Sydney is in and I’m about 90 minutes north of Sydney on the coast.

For the purpose of sharing stories with you guys, I’ve given the girls the aliases Ashley and Madison (you get it).  Madison and I have shagged a couple of times… usually after a big night of partying but then we seem to ‘forget’ about it t he next day and it is never spoken of again… until we do it again.

On Easter Monday things took a bit of turn between Madison and I and you can read it here….

  • Madison’s First Threesome (and Foursome)
    Easter Monday in Australia and I had a few drinks with Madison, Ashley and her new boyfriend Luke. Sitting around the fire playing drinking games turned naughty when it was revealed everyone was keen for a foursome.
  • Bondage Fantasy
    A few years ago Alex and I had a bondage session at my house. There was a serious chance we could be interrupted, which was part of why the experience was so hot. After that experience, I wrote a piece of fiction depicting what would have happened if Madison had walked in and caught Alex and I during our bondage session.

Here is a photo of Madison and me wearing my AussieBum Portsea’s.

Girl Playing with Speedo Erection

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