I am still in the closet to my family and most of my friends which means I have to be careful when sharing certain things about myself.

Hopefully by creating a ‘Members Only Area’, I’ll be able to share more with you guys.

I’ve created some extra benefits for members as well:

  • Full access to my speedo stories
  • You get to see my speedo selfies
  • Full length HD speedo movies
  • Email me anytime.  I received lots of emails but the only ones I ALWAYS reply to are those of members. When you email me, mention your username and you’ll hear back from me.

Your support helps me spend more time working on the blog and it keeps it free of those pop ups and other advertising.

There are 2 membership options, monthly for $5 and annually for $50.

Member - 50 USD per 365 days .
Annual Membership
Member - 5 USD per 30 days .
Monthly Membership
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