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He Can Grindr Me

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One of my cheesy pick up lines (to women) is when I am out partying and if I see a chick on her phone, I tell her that if she sees my face, to swipe right…. joking that she is on Tinder.

I haven’t gotten laid or a girlfriend out of the pickup line but I usually get a smile.

If I saw this guy at the beach I wonder if I would have the courage to use that pick up line?

ADIDAS Speedo Grindr Guy

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September 1st, 2023

ADIDAS Classic 3-Stripe Speedos

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I have seen a few guys posting/sharing their ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedo selfies (check out the  They are a classic and one of my all time favourite speedos.

Currently I only have one pair of ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos, the ones pictured below with the red logo and stripes.  I can’t remember if I have a pair of the classic white sided ones in storage at Kip’s place in Colorado or not.

Today I will wear my ADIDAS speedos to the pool.

And here are some of my ADIDAS speedo selfies for you guys.  Well, for members.  Until I created the members area of this blog I didn’t post many selfies.  It is great being able to share them.

June 15th, 2023

Guys Wearing My Speedos

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If I look back of time, my speedo purchases have definitely been influenced by seeing hot guys wearing them.  Either models or amateur guys.  Right now I have a few pair of ADDICTED speedos and it is definitely because of all the pics popping up of real guys wearing them.

My Turbo speedos that I wear to waterpolo, that purchase (they are pretty expensive) was influenced by some very hot guys (often the header image on the blog here).

How about you guys?  What influences your speedo purchases?

First up, these are the speedos I’m going to wear to the pool today.  Adidas 3-stripe, with red stripes.  These just fit perfect and I love the lycra material….

ADIDAS Speedo Selfie

I have these in black and I often wear them when I am working on my speedo tan in private because they are a little smaller.  Still suitable for the pool for lap swimming but only just.  The ‘Arena’ on the front of them does crack and is falling apart.

Red Speedo Selfie

I don’t have as many AussieBum’s in my collection as I used to.  I bought four pairs of just classic AussieBum’s for lap swimming but they don’t seem to last very well colour wise.  I just checked, I have a navy pair that are nearly as faded as the pair below, and a hot pink pair which the colour runs so I have to be really careful where I wear them.

Tight AussieBums

I own a pair of these Arena speedos in the exact same colour.  They are too small to be worn at the public pool but they feel amazing.  I think they are in a box of my things at Kip’s place in Colorado….

White Speedo Cock Shot

April 26th, 2023

Tom Daly

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Male divers (along with waterpolo) are one of the last bastions of guys wearing speedos.

The cutest diver I can think of (I really don’t know of many) is the Englishman, Tom Daly.

I don’t know much about him, please leave a comment and share any gossip or info about him.

April 4th, 2023

Surprise Threesome – COMPLETE

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I was chatting with a new member and he told me that he had been a reader/follower for years and finally decided to become a member.  When chatting I asked what the catalyst was that make him finally join?  He said that it was a threesome experience he had the day before and he was just super horny and wanted to read about some of my similar experiences.

Of course that piqued my interest and he was more than happy to share the details of his experience.  It was amazingly hot.  I was rock hard picturing what he had gotten up to.

I asked him if he would mind writing about it, and allowing me to share it with you guys which he said he would love to.  After a week of back and forth and me helping out it is ready to share with you guys.

Here it is:

Hi, I’m Brock and I’m honored to be sharing this experience with members of Dave’s blog.  I’m twenty two years old, I consider myself to be bisexual but I’m not out to anyone. I consider my gay/bi activities to be a ‘part time hobby’.

I’m writing this because I am still super horny after a threesome I had last Tuesday, it was with my ex-girlfriend and one of her fuck buddies.  She had never let it on, but she rightly suspected that I have some gay/bi tendencies and found a guy to join us and fuck me while I fucked her.  Feels like this could be a new chapter in my sex life and just want to share it.

Right now I am single but once a week I catch up with my most recent ex (lets call her Sara) and we have become ‘friends with benefits’.  Sara is a little older than I am and definitely more sexually experienced.  Our sex life was, and is, pretty good.  She loved me wearing speedos, loved playing with my arsehole and was more than happy to use a vibrator on me and didn’t seem weirded out about it at all.  I think it turned her on.  She never told me she thought I had gay/bi leanings and it was great getting to experiment with a open minded chick who didn’t judge or get weirded out.  Once, while away for a weekend we did talk about having a threesome (with an extra guy) but nothing came of it and it never came up in conversation again.

Sara messages me on Tuesday morning, checking I am available for our usual rendezvous and she told me to wear my ADIDAS speedos.  Nothing very odd about that request and I told her I’d be there.

I rock up at the usual time on Tuesday evening and between my car and her front door I get a message from her telling me to let myself in and come up to her room.

Again, nothing very odd about that.  A few times she has tied herself to the bed, or she’d be sitting in an office chair stark naked, legs spread with a pillow for my knees in front of her.

As always, my cock was stirring as I entered her house.  I walked up the stairs and at her open bedroom door I was completely shocked to see her on the bed, on her knees wearing a black ADIDAS one piece swimsuit.  Ow, that wasn’t the shocking part, there was also a guy on his knees next to her, wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and a very visible erection stretching the front of them.  My mouth was open and I’m pretty sure I smiled a little bit.

Sara was the first to speak (I was speechless).  She asked if I remembered that time we spoke about having a threesome?  I replied in the affirmative, but still stuck there in the doorway.  “Well, c’mon then, get your pants off and get in here with us?”

I was introduced to Mick, the guy in the ADIDAS speedos.  He was mid thirties (Sara is thirty), clean cut, dark headed guy who looks after himself.  I would find out soon that he has a speedo tan so must spend some time at the pool.  Part of Mick’s introduction was that he is a little bit bi, Sara commented that she thought that deep down I might be a little bit bi as well.  They would find out soon enough.

There I was on the bed, all three of us on our knees with Sara in the middle and Mick and I each had a hand on one of her butt cheeks.

Nobody will be surprised that I was rock hard in my matching ADIDAS speedos.

I was still in shock so wasn’t really going to be the one who initiated things, thankfully Sara was in charge and she asked me if Mick could touch my cock?

That is when things really started…..

Grabbing My Cock

I was looking down as Mick’s hand approached my crotch but before he got there, Sara grabbed my head and started making out with me.  Mick was stroking my cock and I couldn’t believe how horny I was.

Sara began alternating between kissing me and kissing Mick, my hand had moved to the front of his speedo and I could feel the pre cum beginning to soak the lycra material covering the head of his cock.  This was amazing.

I can’t understate just how horny I was.  Having been fucking each other for nearly twelve months, Sara broke off things and told Mick that I wouldn’t be lasting long.  She asked Mick if he’d like to help her blow me?  The answer was Mick pushing me down on the bed on my back.  Both of them were on their knees looking down at me and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Sara took my cock out of the leg of my speedo and pulled my balls out as well.  Then, the two of them went to work alternating between my cock and my balls.  Without looking, I could pick the difference as Mick was a little bit rougher but neither of them lacked any enthusiasm.


Sara was right, I wasn’t going to last long and as I approached orgasm Sara covered my cock in her mouth and she sucked like a Hoover.  I did look down and saw Mick mouth all over my balls, Sara’s mouth full of my cock and her hand was rubbing the Mick’s cock.  It was an amazing sight!

My cock spasmed for what seemed like an eternity.  When I stopped spurting cum, Sara’s got back on her knees and with a full load of my jizz in her mouth started making out with Mick.

Sorry guys, rest of this is for members.  Compiling something like this really does take me days of work and  while I love it and would love to share everything with you guys, I’ve gotta pay my rent somehow.

If you’d like to read the rest, click here to join now.

July 23rd, 2022

Ocean Pool

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Saturday afternoon here and I’ve had a fantastic day.

Up early, morning walk/coffee, jumped in the ocean pool and it is cooling down but still really nice.  I’ve posted pics of the ocean pool before, although come to think of it, I might have only shared those with members since I live 2 blocks from it and like to be a little bit discrete.

I swam in my new ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos which I have been meaning to tell you guys about.

I’ve had a long history with the ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos.  I don’t know what it is about them but I find them super hot (me wearing and others wearing).  They have always fit me perfectly (AussieBum’s don’t always fit right), the lycra material they are made of feels silky smooth and they seem to last pretty well.

A few weeks ago when someone emailed me a link to them being on sale I grabbed a pair.  I might have owned 8 pairs over the years but this is the first pair with red stripes and I like them.

I might go through the archives of my sexual experiences and find one time I did naughty things in them and share it with you guys.

Here is a pic of them and my old pair of white striped ones which are pretty well worn.

My ADIDAS 3-Stripe Speedos

These guys look pretty hot in their ADIDAS speedos as well…..

And for members…. here are some pics of me wearing the ADIDAS 3-Stripe from over the years…..

Some of my best selfies (the ones of me jerking off on my knees) I was wearing them.

My ADIDAS Speedo Selfies

June 4th, 2022
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