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Interesting Outfit

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OK, this isn’t speedo related, but I find this guys outfit strangely hot.

I’m assuming it is a g-string?

Anyone know where to find this?

Not sure I would ever have an event to wear this to where it was appropriate.

Fetish Outfit

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November 7th, 2023

White Square Cut Speedo

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I’ve never had a pair of white square cut speedos but I do have a pair of black ones which I love – although I think they are a little small and don’t quite wear right – I think a little looser would be a better look.

Maybe I should wear a pair to the pool this week.

Since they are on my mind I thought I better share with you some pics of these guys wearing white speedos.


July 11th, 2023

My Straight’ish Footy Team Mates

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Thank to everyone for the positive feedback on what I wrote about blowing the captain of my new footy team.  It is the first time I have ever written about an experience of mine and thanks to Dave (Aussie Speedo Guy) for helping me out with it, and encouraging me.

Quick recap, I’m late thirties gay Aussie guy, I was living in London and came back to Australia during COVID.  While I am gay, I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve and keep it a little bit on the down low.  Living in a little beach town between Sydney and Brisbane I don’t know many people in town so I joined the local AFL (Australian Football) team.  The guys on the team have been great and have become my local crew (beers at the pub on Thursday nights, that kind of thing).  Early during the footy season, the Captain of the team, Macca, gave me a ride home and we jumped in the spa.  After a few drinks, I had his cock in my mouth.  Macca has a girlfriend and considers himself straight, but he definitely enjoyed my oral skills.  During that first sexual encounter, Macca mentioned that his best friend, Digger, is a little bit more gay.

The week after my spa with Macca I was back at footy training.  Towards the end of the training session Digger, said to me discretely that he heard I have a spa. Would I mind if he dropped by after training?

To be honest, I had been half expecting this to happen.  Of course, I told Digger to just follow me home.

As we were driving out of the carpark after training, Macca saw us and yelled out the window of the truck for Digger to teach me how to kick straight… he knew exactly what we were going to be getting up to.

During the short drive home, my cock had come to life in anticipation of what I was about to get up to.  This is the second, twenty-one year old, super hot young man I’ve had in my spa in four days.

Sorry guys, the rest of this is for members only.  If you are a member, click here to login to keep reading.  If you aren’t a member, why not?  It is only $5 and there is lots of stuff that I keep behind the membership ‘wall’ that I don’t really want to be 100% public.  Click here to join now.


June 7th, 2023

Guys Wearing My Speedos

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If I look back of time, my speedo purchases have definitely been influenced by seeing hot guys wearing them.  Either models or amateur guys.  Right now I have a few pair of ADDICTED speedos and it is definitely because of all the pics popping up of real guys wearing them.

My Turbo speedos that I wear to waterpolo, that purchase (they are pretty expensive) was influenced by some very hot guys (often the header image on the blog here).

How about you guys?  What influences your speedo purchases?

First up, these are the speedos I’m going to wear to the pool today.  Adidas 3-stripe, with red stripes.  These just fit perfect and I love the lycra material….

ADIDAS Speedo Selfie

I have these in black and I often wear them when I am working on my speedo tan in private because they are a little smaller.  Still suitable for the pool for lap swimming but only just.  The ‘Arena’ on the front of them does crack and is falling apart.

Red Speedo Selfie

I don’t have as many AussieBum’s in my collection as I used to.  I bought four pairs of just classic AussieBum’s for lap swimming but they don’t seem to last very well colour wise.  I just checked, I have a navy pair that are nearly as faded as the pair below, and a hot pink pair which the colour runs so I have to be really careful where I wear them.

Tight AussieBums

I own a pair of these Arena speedos in the exact same colour.  They are too small to be worn at the public pool but they feel amazing.  I think they are in a box of my things at Kip’s place in Colorado….

White Speedo Cock Shot

April 26th, 2023

Frottage Thong Thursday

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I hope I’m not being too assumptive when I post this Thong Thursday photo…. I am assuming these are both thongs although I can’t tell 100% from this view.

You guys don’t mind though right?

Rainy Thursday here and bloody school holidays so wouldn’t be out in a thong anyway.  Hopefully in 2 weeks time the beach will be back to being nice and quiet and I will get a thong selfie for you guys.

Frottage Thong Thursday

September 22nd, 2022

Long Time Speedo Friends

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Sorry guys, this is a members only post.

I created the members area two years ago.  The idea was that I can post a few more personal details and drop my discretion guard a little bit more if it is for members only.

This is one of those posts where I’m sharing a bit more personal info about me (or my speedo friends).

If you would like to join, it is $5 and it comes up on your credit card as “Blog Membership”

Here is a screen shot of my monthly test transaction:

Blog Membership

If you’d like to see this post, and some of my long time speedo friends, click here and become a member.

August 19th, 2022
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