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Blown and Fucked last Sunday

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I’ve finished writing about this experience and thought I would share it with you guys.

When I posted on Sunday afternoon that I was going to spend some time in the pool, with my Landlord and we would both be in speedos, didn’t I warn you what would happen?

It did happen.

I got down to the pool ten minutes late, I was late because I was telling you guys what I was about to get up to.  The Landlord had actually setup a forty inch TV by the pool for us to watch the afternoon footy game.  There was a middle aged couple, about The Landlord’s age, in the pool chatting with The Landlord.  The husband of the couple was wearing a speedo as well.  My horny little mind went in to over drive.  Unfortunately, no we didn’t have a three guy foursome.  The couple were renting a unit for the weekend and headed back to Brisbane after the first half of the footy.

The Landlord and I hadn’t fooled around since before Xmas.  I’ve mentioned on here before that summer holidays are a bit of a zoo on the coast.  He was looking bloody good in his navy AussieBum speedos.  I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos.  Not the white, fuck me, speedos I wore to the beach the week before.  I had thought that we might not have the pool to ourselves so was a little conservative in my speedo selection.

We had a few beers watching the first half with the couple, then during half time, The Landlord brought out a bottle of bourbon…. lets get this party started.

Nobody else interrupted us but the pool is visible to most of the units so there wasn’t any funny business.  There was just the occasional brush of the hand and we both enjoyed the view when either of us had to get out of the pool for a drink top up or a bathroom break.  We both knew what was coming once the game finished.

Once the game was over (our team, the Brisbane Broncos lost) we started packing things up.  We both wrapped a towel around our waists and the TV was the last thing to carry back to The Landlord unit.

With the TV back in place, The Landlord ordered me to the couch.  He said that he has been craving some cock.

With the towel under my bum, I sat on his couch and spread my legs.

My Speedo Erection

My cock didn’t take much to get to full hardness.

The Landlord started working his tongue, and lips, up and down my cock.  I put my arms up on the back of the couch and threw my head back in pure enjoyment.  He slipped my cock out the leg of my speedo and started sucking on it.

Aussie summer, with a married, mostly straight Aussie bloke with my cock in his mouth.

It didn’t take me long for that first orgasm.  I warned him just before I came and he finished me off with his hand.  His fist was covered in my cum.

The Landlord indicated that he wanted to clean up and fuck me.  I begged him to let me blow him.  Earlier in the afternoon, The Landlord had let it slip that he had a four day load.  If I let him fuck me he wouldn’t last a minute, and unlike him, I love a mouthful of cum.

Reluctantly, The Landlord swapped places on the couch with me.

On my knees, with this Aussie mans legs spread open for me I slid my hands my his knees, up to his groin.  He hadn’t had a chance to clean his hands of my load of cum and he wiped my load on the left side of my neck and cheek, and then in to my hair as he pulled me head towards his crotch.

I was licking, and then lightly biting his cock through the material of his speedo.  The Landlord was super horny and didn’t want to play along with my teasing.  He ripped at the white drawstring on his speedos, releasing the elastic waist.  Taking the hint, I pulled the waist band down releasing his fat, hard cock.  With his cummy hand on my head, I was shoved down on his cock which was rammed in to the back of my mouth.  I wrapped my lips around the shaft of his cock and started sucking.

The Landlord’s hips were thrusting and he was moaning pretty loudly.  It wasn’t long until his hips thrust up, his thighs started shaking and I I felt the first explosion of warm, sticky cum shoot out the end of his cock.  I gulped it down.  And the next shot, and the two main shots after that.

My mouth was maintaining sucking on his cock as the spasms slowly subsided.

When The Landlord finally relaxed and breathed out, I licked the last of his four day load from the tip of his cock.  I sat up on my knees, hands on his thighs and we joked about how much he needed that.

While he washed my cum from his hand (it was on my cheek and in my hair), I poured us another Bourbon.  Two drinks later, we were horny again and this time, I let The Landlord fuck me.  He lasted a little bit longer and I came while he was inside me.

March 21st, 2024

You know what happens….

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Morning guys, I’ve had a great morning (Tuesday here) and after a light lunch I sat down to continue telling you guys what happened on Saturday morning with my Landlord.  I felt like I had left you guys in the air but when I re-read what I had written…. I think you guys know what happened.

You aren’t sure what happened?  He fucked me hard.  He came inside me. Then he just left me there with my speedos around my ankles and his cum dripping out of me.

As you can imagine, I was pretty horny after getting used like that.

I had a quick shower, I hope he did too when he got home, and while I was super horny I figured I would try and restrain myself for the rest of the day.

I had some new movies to add to (there is a new movie of the week coming on Thursday for members here) and of course having to watch/edit hardcore speedo movies gets me even hornier.  I lasted 90 minutes after The Landlord had fucked me before I came in my speedo sitting at the table working.

Instead of having another shower to clean it up I ducked down to the beach again for a quick dip.

I feel like I need to get The Landlord over and give him a good fucking as payback…. he has only let me fuck him twice and I am very gentle with him.  Any ideas on what I should do with him?

Cum in Speedos

June 14th, 2022

Waking Up Horny

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This morning I woke up horny, rock hard cock and having naughty thoughts.

Does this ever happen to you guys?

Instead of jerking off (I do that probably 50% of my mornings), I got up, put a speedo on, put some shorts and a t-shirt on.  Make a cup of coffee and went for a walk up the coast line a little bit.

On the way back I was just about at the beach closest to my house and I was going to go for a swim when I ran in to my landlord and his wife.

  • I haven’t mentioned him lately but we still hookup every few weeks when he is horny and obviously not getting enough from his wife (who knows nothing of his ‘gay activities’).If you are new here and would like to hear about how my landlord and I first hooked up – click here to read that post.

We chatted like old friends and The Landlord and I were both keen to go for a swim while his wife said she’d be happy to watch.  Remember, it is winter here in Australia (which is my favourite time).

The Landlord and I both stripped down to speedos (he was wearing a pair of red AussieBum’s that his wife bought him and I was wearing a pair of my new ADDICTED speedos).  The Landlords wife even complimented me on my new speedos and while she sat down, he and I walked down the beach and jumped in the surf.  We were only out there for 5 minutes or so and it felt refreshing.

Walking out of the surf towards his wife The Landlord said to me, “If she only knew, I’m going to have my cock inside you in 10 minutes time Dave.”

With that statement (it wasn’t a question) I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.  Thankfully it wasn’t too long a walk and I had my shorts back on before my cock could harden.

The three of us walked back up to the building where we live and as we got to the door to my unit The Landlord said, “Do you want me to look at the dishwasher of yours that is playing up Dave?”  He is a cheeky devil isn’t he.  Right in front of his wife he was making an excuse to come up and fuck me.

“Only if you have time mate?”

He was keen and his wife was fine with it, she did say “Are you boys going to be drinking beer before midday?”

If she only knew.

We walked up the stairs to my unit (it is his unit) and as we walked in the door we both dropped our shorts and took off our shirts.  The Landlord pushed me over the breakfast bar and started rubbing up against my ass.  We both still had our speedos on but I could feel his cock stiffening and he rubbed it up and down my butt crack.

My cock was stiffening too and I had to readjust it in my speedo.

Sorry guys, I’ve gotta fly.  Heading down to Brisbane to watch a footy match.  Will continue sharing tomorrow (probably just for members).

June 11th, 2022

Weekend in Speedos

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How did everyone enjoy their weekend?

I had an increibly horny weekend.  The weather was fantastic and it really did feel like the first proper summers weekend we have had here.

Friday night I had some old friends from Brisbane in town for dinner and I nailed it.  On Saturday morning I slept and felt a little bit dusty (hungover) from the night before so my first objective for the day was to go to the beach for a swim.  Walking past my letter box I noticed a package.  I had been expecting something so I quickly checked it and my Saturday was looking ever better.

My new speedos and my new butt plug had arrived:

Speedos and Butt Plug

I ducked back up to my unit, grabbed some lube, slid the butt plug inside me, inspected it in the mirror and the fit was perfect and nobody would be able to tell I was wearing it, then put on my new speedos, rewrapped my towel around my waist and headed to the beach.

The new speedos are awesome and fit perfectly.  The butt plug felt pretty good too although the battery stopped vibrating before I had gotten out of the surf from my swim.

On my walk home I ran in to my landlord and his wife (I’ve written about running in to him and his wife and then us going back to fuck at my place in detail – click here to read that blog post from a few weeks ago).  Usual chatting between neighbours and there is some cricket on TV and The Landlord said he might swing by and watch some with me later.  His wife joked that it sounded like an excuse for the two of us to drink beer…. little does she know it is an excuse for her husband to fuck me.

For the next three hours I’m horny as helll sitting around my place in my new speedos, I kept the butt plug in and tried to be productive.

Finally The Landlord knocked on my door and I threw a towel around my waist just in case his wife was with him, she wasn’t and he ripped the towel off me.  He was wearing a pair of loose footy shorts and I ripped them off him as he walked in the door.  He complimented me on my new speedos and I told him to get on the couch.  With him sitting there rubbing the front of his red speedo I bent over in front of him and pulled my speedo aside so he could look inside me.  He couldn’t look inside me because I had my new butt plug in.

He complimented me on that as well.

I told him to take it out and put something else in it.

It had been inside me for a while and I really had to relax for it to slide out.  He put it aside, I turned around and straddled him.  I pulled his cock out of his speedo, and with my arse all lubed up from the butt plug, I slide down on his cock.  A few strokes in everything was lubed up and we fucked hard for the next few minutes.  My cock needed to be released so I pulled it out and started jerking myself off.

I came first all over The Landlords tummy and it wasn’t long until he was cumming inside me.

It was a bit of a mess and we had a quick shower to clean up before we did have a beer and watch some cricket.

What is it about new speedos that makes me get so horny!!!  Does it happen to anyone else?

The next day, Sunday was another beautiful day and some friends of mine had asked me to check on a property (unit) they own at a beach a little bit south of where I live.  They are renting it over Xmas and wanted me to just check and make sure it was all in order.  Where it is, it is a bit more quiet.  I went down and I managed to get a bunch of speedo selfies of me wearing the new speedos.  Would you guys like me to share more of them with you?

My New SpeedosMy Speedo Butt

December 20th, 2021

Foreign Objects

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As expected, the Married Guys long weekend ‘work trip’ was just as hot as I expected.

I dropped him off at the airport yesterday afternoon.

Since then I’ve cleaned the house, which took a little while as you might expect.  I came down with the sniffles on Tuesday evening, again not surprising considering the foreign objects I had inside me over the last five days.  This morning I had a dentist appointment which was actually really good except I had the sniffles.  I know it isn’t covid safe but it took 9 months to get the appointment and I couldn’t wait 9 more months if I cancelled (and there is no covid in Queensland).

On the way home I’ve stocked up on groceries, tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day and I’m going to hibernate in my office for the next week.

I have to write about what went on.  As well as all the usual stuff like adding more movies which I have a pretty big backlog of.

To tie you guys over until tomorrow when I finish writing about some things we got up to, here is movie that I streamed to the TV on Sunday night once the footy was over.  It provided some ‘inspiration’ for us, hopefully it brightens up your Wednesday as well.

If you are just seeing a screen shot instead of the movie, you are not logged in, or you aren’t a member yet.  Click here to join now, this video alone is 46 minutes long.  It is really hot.

Gay Threesome with a Straight Guy

June 2nd, 2021

Those Blue Speedos Again

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There is a famous blue dress (the one President Clinton stained) and it feels like The Landlords blue speedos are becoming famous.  I’ve had three dozen emails regarding these blue speedos.

There isn’t anything special about them, they are a standard Speedo Endurance speedo, probably one size too big for me and I’ve owned a few pairs of these over the years.  They are great to swim train in because they last for ever and don’t fade from my experiences.

Note to Evil Speedo Corporation: see, I endorse your products.

Due to the overwhelming response I’ve taken a short movie with my phone of me jerking off in to The Landlords blue speedos.

The video is for members only guys.  Stop seeing these messages and join now, it is only $5.

Speedo Masturbation

May 1st, 2021
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