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Hardcore Thong Thursday

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I like wearing a speedo while having sex…. most of the time anyway.

Is it weird?  Probably a little bit.  I find a guy in a speedo much hotter than a guy who is completely naked.  Just me.

So, for me, the idea of having sex in a thong is getting easy access like the guy pictured below is doing.

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Hardcore Thong Thursday

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January 25th, 2024

Weekend in Speedos

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How did everyone enjoy their weekend?

I had an increibly horny weekend.  The weather was fantastic and it really did feel like the first proper summers weekend we have had here.

Friday night I had some old friends from Brisbane in town for dinner and I nailed it.  On Saturday morning I slept and felt a little bit dusty (hungover) from the night before so my first objective for the day was to go to the beach for a swim.  Walking past my letter box I noticed a package.  I had been expecting something so I quickly checked it and my Saturday was looking ever better.

My new speedos and my new butt plug had arrived:

Speedos and Butt Plug

I ducked back up to my unit, grabbed some lube, slid the butt plug inside me, inspected it in the mirror and the fit was perfect and nobody would be able to tell I was wearing it, then put on my new speedos, rewrapped my towel around my waist and headed to the beach.

The new speedos are awesome and fit perfectly.  The butt plug felt pretty good too although the battery stopped vibrating before I had gotten out of the surf from my swim.

On my walk home I ran in to my landlord and his wife (I’ve written about running in to him and his wife and then us going back to fuck at my place in detail – click here to read that blog post from a few weeks ago).  Usual chatting between neighbours and there is some cricket on TV and The Landlord said he might swing by and watch some with me later.  His wife joked that it sounded like an excuse for the two of us to drink beer…. little does she know it is an excuse for her husband to fuck me.

For the next three hours I’m horny as helll sitting around my place in my new speedos, I kept the butt plug in and tried to be productive.

Finally The Landlord knocked on my door and I threw a towel around my waist just in case his wife was with him, she wasn’t and he ripped the towel off me.  He was wearing a pair of loose footy shorts and I ripped them off him as he walked in the door.  He complimented me on my new speedos and I told him to get on the couch.  With him sitting there rubbing the front of his red speedo I bent over in front of him and pulled my speedo aside so he could look inside me.  He couldn’t look inside me because I had my new butt plug in.

He complimented me on that as well.

I told him to take it out and put something else in it.

It had been inside me for a while and I really had to relax for it to slide out.  He put it aside, I turned around and straddled him.  I pulled his cock out of his speedo, and with my arse all lubed up from the butt plug, I slide down on his cock.  A few strokes in everything was lubed up and we fucked hard for the next few minutes.  My cock needed to be released so I pulled it out and started jerking myself off.

I came first all over The Landlords tummy and it wasn’t long until he was cumming inside me.

It was a bit of a mess and we had a quick shower to clean up before we did have a beer and watch some cricket.

What is it about new speedos that makes me get so horny!!!  Does it happen to anyone else?

The next day, Sunday was another beautiful day and some friends of mine had asked me to check on a property (unit) they own at a beach a little bit south of where I live.  They are renting it over Xmas and wanted me to just check and make sure it was all in order.  Where it is, it is a bit more quiet.  I went down and I managed to get a bunch of speedo selfies of me wearing the new speedos.  Would you guys like me to share more of them with you?

My New SpeedosMy Speedo Butt

December 20th, 2021

Butt Plugs

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I’m pretty horny today, but I am trying to hold off from masturbating because I might have some naughty fun lined up for later today.  Earlier I ducked down to the beach for a quick swim and for some random reason I was thinking that it would be more fun to be walking around the beach in my speedo… with a butt plug inside me.

I have had some butt plugs in the past but they have been lost, misplaced, given away accidentally so I need to do some shopping.

My Sex KitAnal Sex Toys

I don’t have a huge amount of experience with butt plugs so I thought I’d ask you guys.

What I am looking for:

  • Not too big
    I’d like to wear it for long periods of time.
  • Not visible under my speedo
    Would be fun to wear it to the pool and beach.

Some that I have found.  This first one looks pretty good.

Butt Plug

Something a little fancier, not sure this would be completely discrete would it?

Fancy Butt Plug

This looks great, would it stay in though if I was walking around?

Small Butt Plug

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments guys (you don’t have to leave an email address, just leave it blank if you like).


November 24th, 2021

Strap on Deal

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I remember a few years ago I had this fuck buddy (a girl this time, usually my fuck buddies are guys).  It was fun and she was going overseas for work so we knew when it would end and it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

One night when we were talking about our sexual fantasies she said that she had always wanted to fuck a guy with a strap on.  This was news to me but I was turned on immediately.  She told me she had once brought it up with a boyfriend and he was so freaked out about about it she had never mentioned it to anyone ever again.  She must have had a hint that I am very open minded.

She admitted to me that she often watches strap on/pegging porn.

After I let her fully explain her fantasy I told her I’d love for her to fuck me with a strap on.  She couldn’t believe it.

Since she was so shocked I thought I’d throw in a little bit of a condition… I told her she could fuck me with a strap on, if she let me watch her fuck another girl with a strap on?  She thought that sounded like a fair trade.

Unfortunately we never got to do either thing but we remain friends.  She has a long term boyfriend now and I wonder if she has had the strap on conversation with him?

July 10th, 2021

Fleshlight Injury

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How was everyone’s Xmas?

My day was great, pretty low key and just hanging out with my mates family.

When I got home after Xmas dinner I did get molested by my flesh light.  For those of you who don’t know what a flesh light (or fleshjack) is, it is the best masturbation tool ever created.  It feels amazing!!!  I bought one a few years ago, I love it but it is a bit of a mess so I don’t use it all that often and to be honest I don’t think I have used it in months.

So when I got home, I stripped down to the black speedo brand speedos that I was wearing under my shorts, I opened up the movies section on (yes, I use my own site, it is awesome), I lubed up my flesh light, sat on the couch and enjoyed watching the latest speedo movie.

I wanted it to last and after about 10 minutes, I finally exploded in the fleshlight.

This morning, I woke up and I’m actually a little bit sore.  It is a happy sore though.  Time for a swim and then I’m looking forward to a day hanging out watching cricket.  Have a good day guys – I’ve got a new movie to work on today so I hope my cock isn’t too sore to ‘test it out’.

FleshjackFlesh LightGay Fleshjack

December 26th, 2015


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For those of you who don’t know, a ‘Fleshlight’ is a sex toy that looks like a flash light but you can fuck it.  It is the top selling male sex toy of all time and I’ve had one for a while and I bought Kip one a couple of years ago.

They really do feel awesome but I still jack off on my own 10x more than I use my Fleshlight but I can recommend it.

Today I saw this pic of a fleshlight in a bed and I can’t believe I never thought about it…..

Flesh Light Position

Again, I can’t believe I never thought of this position with my Flesh Light.

I just checked…. and my bed is at the perfect height.

So this is my plan, I fuck the bed/fleshlight and Kip gets behind me and fucks me.  I’m going to give a prediction on the time it takes before I explode my load at 3 strokes or roughly 2 seconds.

Fleshlight Threesome
Flesh Light Model
Cody Cummings Fleshlight

December 20th, 2012
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