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Speedo Fuckfest Road Trip

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I have been flat out busy lately, apologies for the lack of blog posts.  Things are getting back to normal now, mostly ‘life’ stuff that is far too boring for me to share here.

Something I do need to share with you guys is that I am on a Speedo Fuckfest Road Trip!!!

Just a drive down the coast towards Sydney (I won’t make it all the way to Sydney).

My first night was on the Gold Coast (I haven’t been down there in over a year).  I stayed at an old hotel which I am familiar with and it has a few hottubs and a sauna and steam room.  The hottubs were not very hot but the sauna was lovely.  Just what I needed.

While I was enjoying my soak, one of the older full time residents/owners joined me.  He liked my new Rikey speedos, I told him I was excited to ‘christen’ them.  After getting all sweaty in the sauna, we went up to his unit and he topped the shit out of me!!!  He came while fucking me, I came while he fucked me.

Today I have a 5hr drive south to Port Macquarie.  My butt is a little sore so might have to find a bottom to destroy tonight.  Anyone down that way?

I better hit the road, more updates to follow.

Speedo selfie below is me on my way down to the sauna, do you like those new speedos?

Speedo Elevator Selfie

May 31st, 2024

Grindr Date on Friday

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Weather has been pretty good this week and I have managed to get a couple of hours of beach time in.  My speedo tan was fading a little bit.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m outside in the sunshine, wearing speedos I seem to be hornier.  Anyone else feel like that?

While I was at the beach yesterday I flipped on Grindr to add some new pics (yeah, I like to keep my pics current) and saw this….

Speedo Butt

Looked pretty tastey to me so started chatting with the guy and he doesn’t have any uni classes on Friday morning and is going to meet me at the beach.

Here are full photos from his profile and an explanation of what the ‘Alex’ means (I’m sure some of you guys know what it means already but helping out my non-Aussie readers.

July 28th, 2022

The Naughty Thought That Counts

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I often wonder if it is weird that I find a guy in speedos hotter than a guy with no clothes on.

Maybe it is the idea of what that tiny little piece of lycra is hiding that is the turn on for me.

I also find pics of guys in speedos a turn on because I’m wondering, what naughty business are they planning?

Let me tell you what I see in the picture below:

A cute young gay American couple are on holidays up on Australia’s Sunshine Coast (that is where I live).  After a few days of doing touristy things like going to the Australia Zoo (that is the one Steve Irwin started) they decided to have a nice restful day..

Their day started with a nice breakfast overlooking this ocean/rock swimming pool and enjoyed watching the locals swimming laps.  It was mostly older people but there were a few hot younger Aussie ‘blokes’.  What they did notice was that every one was wearing speedos.  That reminded them that they have bought a pair of speedos each just for this trip.  Neither of them had ever worn a speedo but they figured, when in Australia, speedo it up.

They enjoyed a beautiful 5 minute stroll down the beach back to their hotel and saw more Aussie guys at the beach wearing speedos.  Was this normal or did they just have speedos on their brain?

Up in their room they both put on their new speedos and checked each other out.

For guys who are used to wearing boxers, they are tight and they can’t believe how little is left to the imagination.

The guys head to the pool.  Lying there enjoying the Aussie sun and an early drink the guys find they have to keep jumping in the pool as their cocks spontaneously grow in their speedos.  They talk about it which makes it even worse.

As they get a little tipsy from their drinks, they are getting hornier and one of the guys suggests they check out the local talent on Grindr.  Maybe meet a real local.

To their amazement, there is a guy 120m from them and his profile photo is of him wearing a speedo that looks familiar to them.  Looking closer the guys remember that it must be one of the hotties they saw swimming at the pool this morning, it is the same speedo and looks like the same guy.

They message him, telling him they might have seen him earlier today at the pool.

He replies back, that was him.

Their next message says how amazed they are at all the hot guys just walking around in speedos.

His reply asks them if they are wearing speedos.

They take this selfie below to provide ‘proof of speedo’……

Grindr Threesome

March 1st, 2022

Speedo Daddies

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Where I am living will not be living up to its name of the Sunshine Coast this week, it was raining heavy earlier and that is the forecast all week.

So I’ll get lots of work done.

One of my fan is an older guy from where I used to live and he posts a lot of his speedo selfies.  This guy must have one of the biggest speedo collections I have ever seen and I know, a lot of you guys have HUGE speedo collections.

This older guy posted some pics he too yesterday at the beach…..

Lifeguard Gay DaddyLifeguard Speedo Swimwear

If you would like to see more pics of him, his twitter handle/thingy is: MEMBERS ONLY

Today, sitting in my home office I wish I was at the beach, with big Speedo Daddy’s to feast my eyes on.  It did get me thinking about an experience I had a few years ago when I was living down south.  I tried searching for it here because I figured it would be something I would have shared with you guys at the time but I couldn’t find it.

So I went looking through the archives on and I found it and thought I’d share this experience with you guys.

Part of the thrill, and fear, of dropping ones dork shorts and wearing speedos in public is thinking that everyone is looking at you.

However, in most cases, nobody cares or is evening paying you any attention at all.

Around mid morning today, I got myself motivated enough to get to the pool. I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos (click here to see a bunch of selfies of me wearing those speedos).

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, when I go for a swim at the local pool, I usually jump out of the pool, wrap a towel around my waist, throw on a t-shirt and drive home.

When I got home today I thought I’d wash the chlorine off me by jumping in the ocean, so I dropped my towel, walked out my back door and walked down the beach.  There were a few people about but it wasn’t too busy and I didn’t think anyone was paying any attention to me.  I jumped in, swam out the back behind the breakers and five minutes later was walking back up to my house.

Half way up the beach, I noticed this older guy, maybe fifties, lying on his stomach facing the ocean wearing a black speedo.

I had walked right past him.  Must have been because I was looking north to see how the surf was that I hadn’t noticed him.  He would have had a pretty great view of my speedo clad arse walking past him to the water, and now he was getting the view from the front.

Starting this post I said that when you wear a speedo, most people don’t care and aren’t looking at you…. but even with his sunglasses on, I knew this guy was checking me out.

As I walked past him I gave him the slightest head nod with a sly grin which was my way of inviting him back to my place…. what would he do?

Walking up through the dunes to my back door, I could not feel him following me.  Darn…..

There is an outdoor shower at my little beachside shack which isn’t really visible from the beach.  I had a quick rinse, dried myself off a little bit and went inside.

The experience was a bit of a turn on, just seeing a hot older guy wearing a speedo isn’t that common here in Australia.  I figured I’d grab a beer, grab my laptop and sit on my back deck to dry off and I’d already decided that I’d sit down and write about this immediately to share with my blog fans/members.

I hadn’t even loaded the admin dashboard of my blog when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, it was the older guy walking up the little trail towards my house.

He had his sunglasses on, his black speedo and nothing else.

I put my laptop down, put my beer down and stood up to greet this older fellow.  Smiling and in a very friendly voice, I offered him a beer.

He grabbed the front of his speedo, which was sporting a healthy bulge, and told me he didn’t want a beer but thought maybe I could help him with the bulge he was grabbing.  I turned and let him follow me inside.  When I slid the sliding door open I could feel him behind me.  Once we were inside he grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him.  He started kissing my neck and both his hands went around to the front of my black ADIDAS speedos.

His smell, his rough hands on my cock, his face and tongue on my neck and his cock grinding against my butt crack got me hard pretty quickly.

I was expecting him to turn me around and I’d get to work my tongue on his cock.  He had another plan, while he was still behind me he told me he wanted to suck me off while he jerked off in his speedo.  He wanted me cumming in his mouth while I was cumming in his speedo.

Fine with me.

Breaking from his embrace, I took the two steps towards by kitchen counter (breakfast bar).  It gave me something to lean back against and I had barely turned around to face this man and he was on his knees.

The drawstring on the ADIDAS speedos is pretty thin and I had it tied in a double knot (I had been at the pool doing laps) and he was struggling to get it undone.  See, my life isn’t exactly like a porn film, that would never happen in a real porno.

Before either of us got frustrated, I pull the leg of my speedo and gave him access to my cock.

Sorry guys, the rest is for Members Only.
Please login to access or click here to join now.

November 8th, 2021

Horny in Red Speedos

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Earlier in the week red speedos were just on my brain yesterday so after I got back from my morning walk and swim at the beach I wrote a blog post for you guys and shared some of my red speedo selfies, and then I thought I should see if anyone wanted to cum over and play with me in my red speedos in the flesh….

I opened Grindr on my phone, I updated my profile and explained what I was looking for “Looking for a guy to come over and have some fun in our speedos. Can host.”

With that updated, I got stuck in to some more work and a couple of hours later I checked my phone and there was a bunch of messages.  Of the 10 messages, 8 of them were “Hey” with a blank profile and no pictures so I deleted those…

Here is an online hookup app tip, if you really actually want to hook up and have sex.  Take 10 seconds and send a real message, “Hey” is what horses eat.

And also, if I’m looking to suck and fuck a guy as a one off hookup, I need to know what you look like so have a photo or I am ignoring you.  I understand not having a face pic, but that is easy to hide and still show me what you look like.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon!

Of the remaining two guys, one guy send me a pic of him wearing a tiny pair of red speedos and he said he was keen but would have to be 6pm and it would have to be quick because he had other commitments.  I was all excited and had a boner for most of the day.  Then half an hour before he was supposed to come over, he cancelled.

Grrrrr….. all that pent up horniness wasted…..

I know you guys love it when I write about my naughty speedo experiences and I don’t always share my failures (because they are boring) but rest assured, for every fun naughty experience there are at least one, maybe two flops.

Here are some guys getting all horny in their red speedos.

October 27th, 2021

Walk of Shame

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Last night was a success.  I just walked home, a bit over dressed for a Saturday morning at the beach and I wonder if anyone knew that I was doing the ‘walk of shame’.  It is a nice morning and when I got to the beach nearest to my place I stripped down to my AussieBum speedos and went for a swim, then I had to walk back to my place (only 50m or so) with shorts over my wet speedos.

Walk of shame: an instance of walking back home on the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening.
“if you’re at his and have to make the dreaded walk of shame home, steel yourself”
My Grindr hookup was incredibly hot!!!  He had to let me in the building he was staying at and he came down shirtless and I could have just started licking him then and there.

Speedos in the Hottub

Once inside his unit we attacked each other.  He was just as horny as I was.

His shorts were on the floor in a flash, took a little bit longer to get me out of my clothes and I was wearing my old trusty AussieBum Portseas.

(For those new to reading about my sexual adventures, I have a long, horny history with the AussieBum Portseas.  Click here to see what they look like, and some selfies of me wearing them)

Sorry guys, the rest of the details are for members only.

When I share personal information I like to keep it a little bit discrete.  I’m in the closet to most of my friends and family and while I love sharing the details of my life (mostly sex life) I don’t want the entire world being able to piece together where I am and what I am up to.

I’m happy to share more details with members, if you’d like to join, it is only $5 and you can click here to become a member now.

July 17th, 2021
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