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Work…. then Speedo Fun

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I have a tonne of work to do over the next few days which doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen.  So won’t be much time for any speedo fun.  However, next week the weather is looking absolutely mint and that is the week before school/uni holidays start.

Speedo Weather

Note: I had holidays.  Because everyone else get the time off and I don’t get the beach to myself.  Saying that, last school holidays I had some fun with a Dad who was up here on holidays with his family and he needed a sexual release which I was more than happy to provide (click here to read about that experience).

If anyone would like to hang out next week in speedos, be sure to drop me a line.  I think I need a speedo friend to inspect my speedo like these guys.

Speedo Inspection

September 7th, 2023

Speedo Six Packs

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After a few weeks of gorgeous sunshine we’ve had a rainy week this week.

I make the most of rainy weather by getting lots of work done but I do feel lazy, fat and even a little unmotivated.  With less exercise I find myself not sleeping as well, just slowly staying up later and later as the week has gone on.

Don’t worry, I’m not depressed or anything like that and the weather will change.  And compared to winters else where in the world, this is a cake walk.

Feels nice to write about it and it has motivated me to get my arse to the pool (even if it looks cold and dreary out there).

Next week, the sun will shine and I’ll be back enjoying speedo six packs on the beach….

Speedo Six Pack

July 6th, 2022

Same Guy or Just Same Speedo?

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It is a rainy old winters day here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast (obviously not much sunshine).

I wish I had something fun to report but today looks like it will be spend doing paperwork and taxes (Australian tax year is July 1st to June 30th).

I was just getting ready some future Speedo Photos of the Day and noticed these two pics.  At first I looked at the speedos and figured it was the same guy, but unless he shaved his chest it isn’t.  Maybe they are on the same waterpolo team?

They look great in their red speedos that is for sure!!!

Red Speedo Waterpolo PlayerGuy in Red Speedos

July 3rd, 2022

The Naughty Thought That Counts

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I often wonder if it is weird that I find a guy in speedos hotter than a guy with no clothes on.

Maybe it is the idea of what that tiny little piece of lycra is hiding that is the turn on for me.

I also find pics of guys in speedos a turn on because I’m wondering, what naughty business are they planning?

Let me tell you what I see in the picture below:

A cute young gay American couple are on holidays up on Australia’s Sunshine Coast (that is where I live).  After a few days of doing touristy things like going to the Australia Zoo (that is the one Steve Irwin started) they decided to have a nice restful day..

Their day started with a nice breakfast overlooking this ocean/rock swimming pool and enjoyed watching the locals swimming laps.  It was mostly older people but there were a few hot younger Aussie ‘blokes’.  What they did notice was that every one was wearing speedos.  That reminded them that they have bought a pair of speedos each just for this trip.  Neither of them had ever worn a speedo but they figured, when in Australia, speedo it up.

They enjoyed a beautiful 5 minute stroll down the beach back to their hotel and saw more Aussie guys at the beach wearing speedos.  Was this normal or did they just have speedos on their brain?

Up in their room they both put on their new speedos and checked each other out.

For guys who are used to wearing boxers, they are tight and they can’t believe how little is left to the imagination.

The guys head to the pool.  Lying there enjoying the Aussie sun and an early drink the guys find they have to keep jumping in the pool as their cocks spontaneously grow in their speedos.  They talk about it which makes it even worse.

As they get a little tipsy from their drinks, they are getting hornier and one of the guys suggests they check out the local talent on Grindr.  Maybe meet a real local.

To their amazement, there is a guy 120m from them and his profile photo is of him wearing a speedo that looks familiar to them.  Looking closer the guys remember that it must be one of the hotties they saw swimming at the pool this morning, it is the same speedo and looks like the same guy.

They message him, telling him they might have seen him earlier today at the pool.

He replies back, that was him.

Their next message says how amazed they are at all the hot guys just walking around in speedos.

His reply asks them if they are wearing speedos.

They take this selfie below to provide ‘proof of speedo’……

Grindr Threesome

March 1st, 2022

Beach Day

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Friday here on the Sunshine Coast, and the place is living up to its name, it is sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.

I was up early this morning and I’m changing my daily routine up.

Usually I would fill my coffee mug and go for a walk for maybe 45 minutes, then drop by the ocean pool and bang out 2kms, then grab a coffee on the way home and start my work day.

Today, I was up early and had a coffee while I worked (in bed for the first hour), then I moved up to the roof because it is a little warmer.  With 4 hours of work done I’m packed up and about to ride my bike a little bit north to a quiet beach and do some more work.  Work on my speedo tan and some paperwork.  I’ll take my Kindle as well and maybe get some reading in.

Nothing naughty planned.  If you’d like to read about one of my more naughty beach experiences, click here.

Warning, it involved me being covered in 5 loads of cum and it all started with two members of this blog asking me exactly where I was going to hang out at the beach.

I will be getting a swim in today…. a late swim.

It was a month ago that I was at the pool late and followed one of the lifeguards and a hot swimmer in to the showers just before closing time.  I wrote about that experience as well, click here to read it.  At the time it was indicated to me that this was a regular thing but since that Friday we’ve had lockdowns and then I was away and it just hasn’t happened but it is on my schedule today.

I’m going to be super horny all day but it will be worth it if these two hot young guys are at the pool.

Hopefully I’ll have some juicy details to share with you guys tomorrow.

By the way: both of those stories are mostly for members only.  It is the financial support (it is $5 to join, that allows me the time to sit down and write about my experiences as well as pay the hosting fees, pay Kip, buy speedo porn movies and keep this blog free of pop up ads and crap like that.  There are over 5,000 readers of this blog daily and 80% of those aren’t members.  It is a shame all the things they are missing out on.  It is only $5.

If you’d like to join but aren’t sure, shoot me an email anytime (  If you are a member, email me anytime as well, I love chatting to members directly and spend an hour or so a day doing just that.

Thanks for your support guys.

Speedo Beach Day

August 27th, 2021

Aussie Swinger Couple Seduces Me

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It was Monday morning in Australia and I was looking forward to a productive start to the week.  I was up early, I went for a swim and a sauna, bacon and eggs for breakfast and I was settling in to a big day of work.

The I received a Facebook message from an old tennis partner of mine Matt.

After high school I played a little bit of tennis and I was teamed up with a guy called Matt. Nice guy, better tennis player than I was and we would have a beer after tennis but were never super close mates. He was (is) maybe five years older than me and he was married to this super hot Norwegian chick. I remember her coming to tennis to cheer us on. i think it was just as I started travelling and stopped playing tennis that Matt and his Norwegian missus got divorced.

Since then, I haven’t seen Matt at all.  A few years ago he Facebook stalked me and we had a few exchanges on there but when I was back in Queensland (where I grew up) we never seemed to be able to arrange a chance to catch up, or have a hit of tennis which would be great.

It was Matt who messaged me just after midday that Monday.  “Dave, you are up on the Sunshine Coast right? Missus and I are up for the day at the &%##^* Surf Club having a beer, come join us if you are free.”

That surf club is less than fifty meters from where I’m living and I thought it would be rude if I didn’t go and have a beer.  So I threw on some clothes and wandered over the road.

I walked in and could pick Matt out straight away and he saw me. Hugs like old mates. I hadn’t met his new wife, Lisa before, and again Matt chose a smoking hot wife (brunette this time instead of the Norwegian blonde). It was just like old times and Matt was telling embarrassing stories about me that I had honestly forgotten about. We were laughing so hard that people were looking at us like maybe we were the drunk people.  We weren’t… yet. After we all got a round of beers I said that I’d prefer to switch to scotch or rum, and I asked Matt and Lisa if they would like to head back to my place?

That is what we did.

On the walk back to my place we had to move their car so they didn’t get a parking ticket and I mentioned to bring up their swimsuits in case we ended up in the rooftop hottub.

Back at my little unit we had a real drink and the laughter continued.  I think it was after two drinks that Lisa suggested we go check out the rooftop hottub.  Sounded like a good idea.  I offered them the bathroom if they needed to get changed but they both said they were wearing their togs. Being such a fan of speedos of course that made me think. Matt was wearing a pair of dress shorts with a leather belt, if they are wearing their togs does that mean he is speedo’ing it up?

Of course, I was wearing speedos under my shorts.

Up at the hottub, Matt dropped his shorts and revealed a navy blue speedo. I dropped my shorts and revealed my new Q speedos (you can see pics of me wearing them on my blog) and Lisa slipped off her light dress to reveal a red bikini. We all got in the tub like old friends.  I think we were there maybe five minutes when three ladies joined us. They were rather large ladies but great fun and joined in chatting. This did mean that our threesome had to bunch up at one end of the hottub. There was some touching but I didn’t think anything of it, just accidental.

With our drinks empty, Lisa suggested we head back to the unit to watch a footy game (AFL, Aussie Rules) that was about to start.

As the three of us got out of the hottub, I could feel the eyes of the three fat chicks checking Matt and I out. I have to admit, we both looked pretty good in our speedos.

Back at my little unit I poured another drink, yes we were all getting a little tipsy but we weren’t driving anywhere. Lisa and Matt sat on the couch with their towels wrapped around them. Since my unit only has one three person couch I was about to sit down on the floor when Lisa and Matt compelled me to sit on the couch with them. Instead of them sitting next to each other, they made me sit in the middle. Definitely a little odd.

The footy started and it was just like three old friends hanging out.

Lisa got up to go to the bathroom and she returned without her towel. So now I was sitting there between a chick in a red bikini, and a guy in a speedo, with a towel around him. But the towel wouldn’t last long, within five minutes of Lisa loosing her towel, Matt got up to go to the bathroom and he returned without his towel.

Half time came and it was time for Lisa and Matt to make their move. Lisa started by asking how the Covid had effected my sex life? I replied that it definitely hadn’t helped. Then Matt said that it had effected their sex life too. By now I think the three of us knew where this conversation was going. I played along and asked, as a couple, how had the restrictions effected your sex life?

It was Lisa who replied, “We are very open minded Dave.” And as she said it her hand slipped under my towel. Only resting on my thigh and I could see in her eyes her anticipation of my response. I stayed silent and it was Matt who broke that silence. “Are you open minded Dave?”

If they only knew…. actually, they were about to find out.

I replied to Matt that I am very open minded.

Then, something I didn’t expect but I was hoping for, Matt slid his hand under my towel and rested it on my thigh. Matt asked me again, “Really open minded Dave?”

I know it is super cheesey, and you will laugh at me but I did the whole movie theatre thing where I pretended to yawn and put my arms around both of them. As I reassured them that I was “Very, open minded.” I gently pulled Matt towards me and we starting kissing.

Holy cow!!! I never had any inkling that Matt was this ‘open minded’, he is just about as Aussie and a bloke can get.

While we made out, I felt Lisa trying to take my towel off me and I lifted my butt to help her out. My cock was fully hard and she was rubbing it through the lycra of my speedos.

I couldn’t believe it, I was making out with my old tennis partner, while his wife was rubbing my cock!!!

We broke off our kiss, it was Lisa that was feeling left out and she turned my head towards her and I started kissing her. While our tongues were wrestling I could feel Matt undoing the drawstring of my speedos. Wow, things moved quickly.

As I felt Matt pull back on the drawstring, giving him access to my cock, Lisa and I stopped kissing and we admired the view of her husband, on he knees about to take my cock in his mouth.

Two Guy Threesome

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September 24th, 2020
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