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Confidence in a Pink Speedo

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Starting to feel like summer here in Australia.  On Thursday I went for a lovely long walk up the coast and great to see lots of people on the beach.  There were a few nudists about which isn’t very common here (I believe it is technically against the law and is enforced).

There were a few speedos about but the most impressive one I saw was a young guy (maybe 30yo), who had his towel down right in the middle of the life saver flags where there is always a bunch of people around, and he was wearing a pair of pink Budgy Smuggler speedos.  He looked fantastic and I loved his confidence just hanging out in a pink speedo.

If that guy is reading this, please reach out, so I can reach around….

Pink Speedo

October 15th, 2023

Appropriate Swimming Attire

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Yesterday I shared with you guys some speedo selfies of me wearing a bright pink AussieBum speedo.  I haven’t ever worn it in public (I’m not counting in the dunes at the beach).  It might be something I could wear at a pool party, either a gay pool party or a straight pool party as a ‘joke’.

What do you think about the guy pictured below?  He has his swimming goggles (I find it really sexy when a guy hooks his swimming goggles in to the hip of his speedos by the way), but I’m not sure those count as appropriate public swimming pool attire.

Nobody can blame him for the boner…. happens to the best of us when we wear a speedo.

Anyone here game enough to wear this to the pool?

Appropriate Male Swimwear

That pic is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day over on my main site  The picture below is going to be tomorrow’s Speedo Photo of the Day.  Opposite view, and a little more appropriate speedo for a public pool.  Speaking of which, I’m off to the pool myself and think that I will wear a red speedo today.

Red Speedo Bum

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July 18th, 2023

Pink Speedos

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A repost from last summer when I was trying out some new pink speedos.

Because this post includes selfies of me at my local beach (50m from my home) I’m going to keep this post and these speedo selfies for members only.

This is why I created the members only area of the blog, so that I could share pics and experiences that I don’t really want to be 100% public.

Thanks for understanding.

Please, consider becoming a member.  It is $5 a month (that was the minimum amount I could make it).

Saturday morning I woke up a little hungover.  Long time members (this is a members only post) will be aware that when I’m hungover, I am super horny!!!

Dragging my arse out of bed, I needed some beach time and the day was just perfect.

I couldn’t be bothered driving up to a quiet beach (I probably would have been over the blood alcohol limit still) so I threw on my pink AussieBum’s, a towel, threw my laptop, phone and some sunscreen in my bag and wandered down to the beach.

Tide was high and I did go south to a quieter end of the beach and worked on my speedo tan.

If you wandered in to the dunes and found a guy wearing a pair of pink AussieBum speedos…. what would you do?

July 17th, 2023

Glorious Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day everyone, I woke up to a bright blue sky so it will be a cracker of a day.

I am headed up the coast a little bit to have a BBQ with some mates and will probably crash and spend the night there.  Nothing naughty planned but maybe this weekend…..

My attire today is a pair of Aussie dork shorts with my bright pink AussieBums under them.  I’m sure even though it is a straight crowd today, the pink speedos will be out,

Australia Day Speedos


January 26th, 2023

Chickening Out of Wearing Speedos

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Golf day yesterday was great fun, however I have to report/admit to you guys that I chickened out showing off my pink speedo in the pool afterwards.

I’m so disappointed in myself for lacking the courage/confidence.

Have you ever chickened out of dropping the dork shorts?

I have heard from a lot of guys about how they love speedos, own speedos, want to wear speedos in public but when the time comes to drop those dork shorts… they don’t.

When it comes time to actually drop the shorts, I still find it thrilling even at the pool where speedos are completely acceptable.

Well, I’m going to finish checking some emails and then I’m going to go down to the beach and this time, I will not chicken out.  To make sure, I’m only going to wear a towel so I don’t have any choice in the matter.

Speedo'ing it up

March 13th, 2021

Golfing in speedos?

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I’m just about to walk out the door here for a game of golf.  I don’t really like golf but some old friends of mine asked me to join them for some Brest Cancer Charity Day thing.  It will be a fun social day and I think one of the rules of golf is that you have to drink alcohol right?

Being a Breast Cancer Day I was told to wear something pink…. but I don’t own anything pink.

Ow yeah I do, I own a pink AussieBum speedo.

I’m staying in the city with one of the guys from golf and he has a pool in his building… maybe I’ll get to show off the pink speedo in the pool afterwards.  Doing it for cancer right.

Pink Speedo

March 12th, 2021
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