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Finally… World Back to Myself

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I woke up this morning feeling excited!!!

Why?  Because school goes back today, which means I get the world back to myself.

Our ‘summer break’ here in Australia is an absolute pain in the butt.  When I was a kid, of course I looked forward to it, but as an adult, it is an 8 week interruption to life.  The beach is too busy, my building is too busy, everything is too busy.

But now it is over and I am jumping for joy.  Time for my speedo summer to really kick off.

Speedo Backflip

January 22nd, 2024

Appropriate Swimming Attire

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Yesterday I shared with you guys some speedo selfies of me wearing a bright pink AussieBum speedo.  I haven’t ever worn it in public (I’m not counting in the dunes at the beach).  It might be something I could wear at a pool party, either a gay pool party or a straight pool party as a ‘joke’.

What do you think about the guy pictured below?  He has his swimming goggles (I find it really sexy when a guy hooks his swimming goggles in to the hip of his speedos by the way), but I’m not sure those count as appropriate public swimming pool attire.

Nobody can blame him for the boner…. happens to the best of us when we wear a speedo.

Anyone here game enough to wear this to the pool?

Appropriate Male Swimwear

That pic is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day over on my main site  The picture below is going to be tomorrow’s Speedo Photo of the Day.  Opposite view, and a little more appropriate speedo for a public pool.  Speaking of which, I’m off to the pool myself and think that I will wear a red speedo today.

Red Speedo Bum

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July 18th, 2023

Sexual Tension @ The Pool

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Last Tuesday afternoon, I posted on my blog (and Twitter and the Speedo Forum) asking if anyone reading had been at their local pool earlier in the day, wearing a pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos.

I asked because there had been a guy at the pool, in the lane next to me, and there was some sexual energy between us.  Unfortunately, in the lane next to me on the other side, was an older female friend of mine so I had to play it cool and wasn’t able to act, explore or even show any real interest in the mystery swimmer next to me.

Alas, there was no reply to my online inquiries. That would have made things really simple and far less intimidating than trying to discover if a very straight acting/looking guy might not be so straight deep down. So the next day, at the same time, I went back to the pool, my female friend wouldn’t be there to cock block me this time and I would find out for sure.

Before I get to that, let me start at the beginning.

This is the first week that the schools have been back in after holidays. Why that is important?  During the final school term of the year, the local high school uses the lap pool that I swim at. It is a total pain in the ass because they take over most of the pool. There is a time window in the afternoon when the school has left, but before the afternoon swimming lessons begin. So Tuesday, I arrived at the pool just before three o’clock and I had timed it perfectly. The school group was just leaving, there was lots of spare lanes and I had an hour before the afternoon chaos would begin.

I made my way to the shallow end of the pool (which has a little shade), put down my backpack and started to strip down to my swimming attire, a pair of red AussieBum speedos.

Pretty much completely naked (maybe that is why I love speedos so much), I turned around towards the pool and caught this guy checking me out. He had just arrived and was walking up the other end of the pool still fully dressed. We caught each others eye and he looked down, I think I caught him perving.

Speedo Perv

My mind was ticking, and it was then that someone right in front of me, called out my name. I looked down and there was my neighbors wife (who is also my neighbor). It startled me and I muttered something about not recognizing her in a swimming cap and goggles. I jumped in the pool in the lane next to her, had a quick chat and started my routine.

On my third lap, as I tumble turned at the deep end of the pool, I got a glimpse of a guy in the lane next to me and he was wearing a pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos. I only got a glance but I was sure it was the guy I caught checking me out a little earlier. Two more lengths of the pool and just after my tumble turn I breathed on my right side and the guy was swimming right next to me. I got more than just a glance and soaked it all in. He was tanned, pretty fit, dirty blonde hair, not shoulder length but not cut too short and he had more of a board short tan on his legs. We swam side by side for two hundred and fifty meters. He was a little less than a body length quicker than me per length but my turns were quicker and I made up that distance, or maybe he was letting me make up that distance.

This was no coincidence so maybe he was letting me make up the distance.

I’m not a quick swimmer, I enjoy longer distances so usually my swimming mates are much quicker than I am. So I’m leaning towards this mystery swimmer setting his pace intentionally. The other thing to keep in mind, he could have started his laps at any time, he was in the pool while I swam at least two lengths and decided to start right when I was at his end.

Do you guys think this was a coincidence?

He pulled up for a rest after two hundred and fifty meters and he stopped at the shallow end (my end so really 275m). I considered stopping and getting a introduction but when I approached the shallow end, I could see my neighbour was up that end as well. She would have wanted a chat so I just kept to my routine, which is a fifteen hundred meter warm up.

The mystery swimmer would get back doing some laps for a short stretch but we didn’t end up swimming side by side again.

Finishing by set, I stopped at the shallow end and sucked in some deep breaths. My neighbor had finished and was getting out of the pool and we had a little chat. When I turned my attention back to the pool, I was just in time to catch the mystery swimmer getting out of the pool. I got a great look at his butt and his speedos were a little loose and I even caught a glimpse of some butt crack. His shoulders looked strong and of course, his butt looked tastey.

I figured that was him for the day so I got back to my routine. I spent the next twenty minutes doing some sprints, breast stroke, kicking on my back and some deep breath exercises. This is why I love having the pool to myself, I can do these kind of exercises and not worry about anyone else who is sharing the lane. Total time of just under one hour and I jumped out of the pool as the start of the swimming lesson people were entering the complex. Perfect timing.

Towel wrapped around my waist, t-shirt on, I started walking out and was chatting to one of the pool staff that I know. We were walking past one of the secondary pools and right there was the mystery swimmer. The water he was in, was thigh deep and he had on of his legs up out of the pool doing some stretches and I got an awesome view of his package in those speedos of his. This time he caught me checking him out.

Swimmer Stretching

Fifteen minutes later, I’m back home and I post on my blog, and everywhere else I can think of, trying to see if this mystery guy might be floating about the speedo fetish online universe.

By nine o’clock that night, having had no reply I finally succumbed and jerked off thinking about being on my knees with the mystery guys cock in my mouth.

October 15th, 2022

Is the speedo guy a weirdo?

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The local pool in Breckenridge isn’t like anything in Australia.

For starters, it is negative a lot of degrees outside, so the pool is indoors.  Then, the pool isn’t a real length…. it isn’t the 50m pool I’m used to, it isn’t even 25m, it is 22.something meters.

Breckenridge Pool

I’m told it is 72 lengths to 1 mile.

That is stupid.

Why not make it 75?  Would be easier to count.

And the pool is at 8,750 feet above sea level.  that is 698m above Australia’s highest mountain.  or 31 and a half lengths, of their pool.

That isn’t where the oddities end……

At my pool in Australia, I don’t usually use the change rooms.  I just wear our speedos under my shorts or jeans.  So I drop them and go swimming.  Being in Colorado you have to use a change room… it is bloody cold outside.

In Aussie, when I go to the pool, most folks are swimming for training or exercise.  In Colorado, the pool is more of a cheap fun park for families and kids.

I get it, and there are lessons and high school squad training and then adult masters training going on.  A quiet day at the Breckenridge pool, is like every day at an Australian pool…. combined.  I’m not a fan of the crowds, but I love that people are using a beautiful indoor facility.  Kids learning to swim, people trying to loose weight and athletes training for events.  It is fantastic.

In Aussie, for most of those things I just listed, we go to the beach.  It is cheaper…. maybe we are just tight arses?

While I’m on a roll, I’d like to point out more differences.

My experience of Aussie change rooms (which I don’t usual use), are an in and out thing (except when something naughty happens – click here to find out about my naughty change room experiences).

In America, it seems like a slower process.  Strip down, walk around, take a leak, weigh yourself, arrange your clothing in alphabetical order.  All while being naked.


Yes, never seen more bare bums in my life (I run porn sites) than in an American change room at the local pool.

Nothing sexual, just weird.  And not something I grew up with.

I get changed, maybe under the towel and get it done.  These American fellas were walking around strutting and chatting.

So, in Breckenridge, after seeing more than a barbie load of American sausage, I was down to my speedos and went to the pool, with my swimming goggles.

One would have though I had committed a crime.

Walking out of the change rooms, the weird pool version of elevator music stopped.  The lifeguards…. the pool isn’t deep enough for lifeguards, let alone 4 of them, stopped mid step, mothers nearly (I’ve be overstating it if they really did) covered their children eyes.

The Aussie is going to swim 2kms, I can’t figure it out so I’m going to swim 108 lengths which is 1.5 miles – which is more than 2kms which would usually take me 40 minutes, but being at altitude might take me 55 minutes.  I’m there to swim, swim for a long time, and do it properly.

I’m not going to swim 108 lengths in a pair of baggy board shorts…. what else am I supposed to wear?

And, I just saw 20 penises in the change rooms.  Right now, I feel like I’m holding the modesty card.

After my 108 laps I feel like a sauna…. peer pressure makes me go back into the morass of cocks that is the American change room and put some dork shorts on so I am not the weirdo wearing a speedo.

I don’t get it, it is weird and this is why I spend all the time and treasure on this blog promoting speedos and why it is just normal.

Aussie Blokes in Speedos

March 7th, 2020

Guys in Speedos

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How was every ones Valentine’s Day?  Nothing really special here, although Kip and I are work colleagues, we are fuck buddies we aren’t really ‘boyfriends’ so we didn’t do anything special like that.  Actually, come to think about it, I can’t remember having a boyfriend or a girlfriend over Valentine’s Day.

We had a little bit of snow last night – 10 inches which is exactly what I gave Kip in the hottub last night (5 inches twice – hehe) and we got out for first chair this morning and we are back in the office now.

I mentioned that I was going to wear my new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos to the local pool here last week.  I did, nobody recognised me or wanted to fool around in the change rooms afterwards but I’m pretty sure I got some looks when I walked out to the pool wearing nothing but my speedos and a pair of goggles in my hands.  When I walked back into the change rooms after swimming 1 mile (72 lengths) it was really busy and I know that I got some looks from some guys.

I’ll admit, I did love it and only hope I inspired some of these American guys to speedo it up as well.

OK guys, I better get back to the grind.

Beach Speedo Boys5 SwimmersShower Time in SpeedosRowers in Speedos

February 15th, 2016

Pool in San Fran?

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There is probably nobody reading this blog who lives in San Fran (not).

Wondering if anyone can recommend a pool to get some laps in.  I’m in Lower Haight – near the Castro.

December 6th, 2011
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