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He Can Grindr Me

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One of my cheesy pick up lines (to women) is when I am out partying and if I see a chick on her phone, I tell her that if she sees my face, to swipe right…. joking that she is on Tinder.

I haven’t gotten laid or a girlfriend out of the pickup line but I usually get a smile.

If I saw this guy at the beach I wonder if I would have the courage to use that pick up line?

ADIDAS Speedo Grindr Guy

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September 1st, 2023

ADIDAS Classic 3-Stripe Speedos

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I have seen a few guys posting/sharing their ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedo selfies (check out the  They are a classic and one of my all time favourite speedos.

Currently I only have one pair of ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos, the ones pictured below with the red logo and stripes.  I can’t remember if I have a pair of the classic white sided ones in storage at Kip’s place in Colorado or not.

Today I will wear my ADIDAS speedos to the pool.

And here are some of my ADIDAS speedo selfies for you guys.  Well, for members.  Until I created the members area of this blog I didn’t post many selfies.  It is great being able to share them.

June 15th, 2023

Tom Daly

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Male divers (along with waterpolo) are one of the last bastions of guys wearing speedos.

The cutest diver I can think of (I really don’t know of many) is the Englishman, Tom Daly.

I don’t know much about him, please leave a comment and share any gossip or info about him.

April 4th, 2023

Ocean Pool

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Saturday afternoon here and I’ve had a fantastic day.

Up early, morning walk/coffee, jumped in the ocean pool and it is cooling down but still really nice.  I’ve posted pics of the ocean pool before, although come to think of it, I might have only shared those with members since I live 2 blocks from it and like to be a little bit discrete.

I swam in my new ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos which I have been meaning to tell you guys about.

I’ve had a long history with the ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos.  I don’t know what it is about them but I find them super hot (me wearing and others wearing).  They have always fit me perfectly (AussieBum’s don’t always fit right), the lycra material they are made of feels silky smooth and they seem to last pretty well.

A few weeks ago when someone emailed me a link to them being on sale I grabbed a pair.  I might have owned 8 pairs over the years but this is the first pair with red stripes and I like them.

I might go through the archives of my sexual experiences and find one time I did naughty things in them and share it with you guys.

Here is a pic of them and my old pair of white striped ones which are pretty well worn.

My ADIDAS 3-Stripe Speedos

These guys look pretty hot in their ADIDAS speedos as well…..

And for members…. here are some pics of me wearing the ADIDAS 3-Stripe from over the years…..

Some of my best selfies (the ones of me jerking off on my knees) I was wearing them.

My ADIDAS Speedo Selfies

June 4th, 2022

Speedo 2-Stripe

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I’m a huge fan of the ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedo, click here to see a bunch of my speedo selfies wearing them.  I’m not sure what it is but they have been the same for years, they seem to fit me well, they don’t fade and the lycra material feels nice.

So when I put up today’s Photo of the Day I assumed this cute Asian guy was wearing an ADIDAS speedo.

Cute Asian Speedo Boy

But on closer inspection, it isn’t an ADIDAS 3-stripe, it is a Speedo 2-stripe.

Anyone ever owned these?

Speedo 2-Stripe Swim Brief

May 14th, 2021

Beach Daddy Blows Me

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Telling you guys yesterday about the guys at the beach working on their speedo tans reminded me of something that ocured back last January when I was still living down on the Central NSW Coast.

In case you guys missed it… here it is again for you.

Part of the thrill, and fear, of dropping ones dork shorts and wearing speedos in public is thinking that everyone is looking at you.

However, in most cases, nobody cares or is evening paying you any attention at all.

Around mid morning today, I got myself motivated enough to get to the pool. I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos (click here to see a bunch of selfies of me wearing those speedos).

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, when I go for a swim at the local pool, I usually jump out of the pool, wrap a towel around my waist, throw on a t-shirt and drive home.

When I got home today I thought I’d wash the chlorine off me by jumping in the ocean, so I dropped my towel, walked out my back door and walked down the beach.  There were a few people about but it wasn’t too busy and I didn’t think anyone was paying any attention to me.  I jumped in, swam out the back behind the breakers and five minutes later was walking back up to my house.

Half way up the beach, I noticed this older guy, maybe fifties, lying on his stomach facing the ocean wearing a black speedo.

I had walked right past him.  Must have been because I was looking north to see how the surf was that I hadn’t noticed him.  He would have had a pretty great view of my speedo clad arse walking past him to the water, and now he was getting the view from the front.

Starting this post I said that when you wear a speedo, most people don’t care and aren’t looking at you…. but even with his sunglasses on, I knew this guy was checking me out.

As I walked past him I gave him the slightest head nod with a sly grin which was my way of inviting him back to my place…. what would he do?

Older Speedo Guy

Walking up through the dunes to my back door, I could not feel him following me.  Darn…..

There is an outdoor shower at my little beachside shack which isn’t really visible from the beach.  I had a quick rinse, dried myself off a little bit and went inside.

The experience was a bit of a turn on, just seeing a hot older guy wearing a speedo isn’t that common here in Australia.  I figured I’d grab a beer, grab my laptop and sit on my back deck to dry off and I’d already decided that I’d sit down and write about this immediately to share with my blog fans/members.

I hadn’t even loaded the admin dashboard of my blog when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, it was the older guy walking up the little trail towards my house.

He had his sunglasses on, his black speedo and nothing else.

I put my laptop down, put my beer down and stood up to greet this older fellow.  Smiling and in a very friendly voice, I offered him a beer.

He grabbed the front of his speedo, which was sporting a healthy bulge, and told me he didn’t want a beer but thought maybe I could help him with the bulge he was grabbing.  I turned and let him follow me inside.  When I slid the sliding door open I could feel him behind me.  Once we were inside he grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him.  He started kissing my neck and both his hands went around to the front of my black ADIDAS speedos.

His smell, his rough hands on my cock, his face and tongue on my neck and his cock grinding against my butt crack got me hard pretty quickly.

I was expecting him to turn me around and I’d get to work my tongue on his cock.  He had another plan, while he was still behind me he told me he wanted to suck me off while he jerked off in his speedo.  He wanted me cumming in his mouth while I was cumming in his speedo.

Fine with me.

Breaking from his embrace, I took the two steps towards by kitchen counter (breakfast bar).  It gave me something to lean back against and I had barely turned around to face this man and he was on his knees.

The drawstring on the ADIDAS speedos is pretty thin and I had it tied in a double knot (I had been at the pool doing laps) and he was struggling to get it undone.  See, my life isn’t exactly like a porn film, that would never happen in a real porno.

Before either of us got frustrated, I pull the leg of my speedo and gave him access to my cock.

He went to town on my cock.  Furious is how I’d describe it.

Looking down at his bobbing head, I could see his right down the front of his speedo (no drawstring troubles there) and he was pounding away at his man meat.

Unlike a porno, I wasn’t going to last long with this guy working my cock over so enthusiastically.  For a split second he took his mouth off my cock and told me to warn him when I was getting close.  I said OK and about twenty seconds later, I warned him that was getting close.

He started pounding his cock faster and it was hot watching it.  I wondered if he’d stretch the front of his speedo much and that was my last thought as I reached my climax and started cumming in his mouth.

I don’t like grabbing the back of someones head but it was a reflex and I thrust my hips as my cock squirted jet after jet of cum into this guys mouth.

It was just as I was finishing and he let out a grunt (maybe a gurgle) and I could tell he was now cumming as well.  As my orgasm was subsiding, I grabbed his hair and said something cheesy, yes, I said “Like that big Daddy?”  C’mon, I had just cum in a strangers mouth.

I let go of his hair and he removed his mouth from my cock.  I tucked myself back in and he pulled his hand out of the front of his speedo.  He stood up, said thanks and walked out the door.  The view of him walking back down to the beach was pretty hot and he wiped his cummy right hand on the bum of his speedo leaving a smear.

That was it.

Two days later I flew out to Colorado for a three week trip so I have no idea if he has been at the beach since.  When I get back he knows where I live.

December 3rd, 2020
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