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A couple of days ago I was talking about not having any red speedos in my collection.  Another speedo that I have an affinity for is the ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedos.

They are just a great fit, beautiful lycra material and from my experience, they seem to last for ages.  I’m finding AussieBum’s tend to fade and the elastic parts of Speedo-Brand speedos tend to fail.  No such trouble with the ADIDAS speedos.

I think I need to do a bit of a refresh of my entire speedo collection…..

Here are some guys looking fantastic in their ADIDAS speedos:

ADIDAS Speedos

For members, here are some of my ADIDAS 3-Stripe selfie pics (non-members, you can see the thumbnails).  Joining is only $5.

February 19th, 2024

Speedo Photo fo the Day

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Guess who made the cut for Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

I am going to wear these speedos to the pool later to celebrate.  Think you can make the cut and be the Speedo Photo of the Day?  Feel free to email me your speedo pics (be in high definition).

My ADDICTED speedo swimwear

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April 30th, 2023

Morning Speedo Selfie

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Good morning everyone!!!

After a grey, rainy weekend, the weather is pretty good first thing on a Monday morning.  While the weekend was wet, I felt like I was pretty productive.  Over Saturday and Sunday, I probably did 25 hours of work!!!  Which means that if the sun comes out this week, I will get to play.

I thought I’d take a speedo selfie to start the week off.  I do love these Q Swimwear speedos….

Speedo Selfie

This guy looks a lot better in his speedo selfie…. I like the way I can see him bum.  Maybe I’ll keep that in mind next time I take an inside speedo selfie.

Selfie in a Speedo


October 24th, 2022

Off to the Pool

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I survived another bloody long weekend.  This is the third or fourth week in a row there has been a long weekend (public holiday) and I’m sick of it.  I like to work a little bit on weekends and then get the beach/pool/world to myself on Monday’s when everyone else goes back to work.

There are no more public holidays until August, thank God.

After a social (unproductive) weekend, this morning I was up early and the weather was pretty good so I went for my morning walk.  Back in the office for a few hours and I’m about to head out to the pool for some laps (and polish up my speedo tan).

I might get an afternoon nap in and then I’ll work late, maybe watch a movie and have dinner on the couch.

Sounds boring, but I love a productive day like this (and I get to hang out in speedos most of the day).

However, if the guy pictured below is at the pool and waves me in to the change rooms…. my plans might change.  Would you change your plans for him?  And which speedo do you prefer – red or yellow?

Red Speedo Swimmer SelfieGuy at the Pool

May 3rd, 2022

Speedo Stretching

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From the feedback I received from yesterday’s erotic story, you guys enjoyed it.

A little different from how I write and to be honest, I think it was better (sometimes when I write about my experiences I’m a bit slow to get to the juicy bits).

I can tell you that when I read it, my speedo looked like the speedo selfie below.  Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it.

Tastey Looking Cock

January 28th, 2022

Speedo Selfies on Twitter

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I think I’ve mentioned it before that I really don’t get some of the social media platforms.

Facebook I get and it has been a great way for me to keep in touch with my international friends.

Twitter, I don’t get it.  I have followed some famous people and they just post way too much crap.  Instagram, I don’t get it, there is no history and maybe I find Facebook easier.  Pinterest, I really don’t understand that one.

Of course, I have accounts on all of these platforms for work and I pretty much just post a pic from my blog posts.  My Twitter account now has 6,800 follows which is about the same number of daily visitors to this blog.

One thing that is great about these new platforms is the number of hot guys posting their own speedo selfies.  It is awesome!!!

Here are a couple of guys I follow.  First up Tyler from South Africa who looks stoned in all of his videos but he looks darn hot in those blue speedos.  Members click here for a link to his account.

Twitter TylerSpeedo Bulge

Then there is Steve who is a paramedic from Melbourne who has been a bit of a public face on the COVID stuff but he is proud to post speedo selfies on his Twitter account.  If he was driving past in his ambulance (and there was nobody in the back being rushed to hospital), I might need some mouth to mouth…..

Members click here for the link to his account.

Aussie Twitter Speedo GuySpeedo Paramedic Steve

January 3rd, 2022
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