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Morning Speedo Selfie

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Good morning everyone!!!

After a grey, rainy weekend, the weather is pretty good first thing on a Monday morning.  While the weekend was wet, I felt like I was pretty productive.  Over Saturday and Sunday, I probably did 25 hours of work!!!  Which means that if the sun comes out this week, I will get to play.

I thought I’d take a speedo selfie to start the week off.  I do love these Q Swimwear speedos….

Speedo Selfie

This guy looks a lot better in his speedo selfie…. I like the way I can see him bum.  Maybe I’ll keep that in mind next time I take an inside speedo selfie.

Selfie in a Speedo


October 24th, 2022

My Red Speedo Selfies

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As promised, here are my red speedo selfies.

Yes, members get to see the full size images, I’ve gotta be a little bit discrete.

April 29th, 2022

Naughty Red Speedos

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When it is sunny I find it easy to get to the pool.  I figure I’m working out and working on my speedo tan at the same time.  But day like today, where it is a little rainy and cloudy I stuggle.

Had I known there would be a cutie in red speedos in the lane next to me…. it wouldn’t have been so hard.

Here is a collection of guys showing off their red speedos…. these are all recent Speedo Photo’s of the Day from my site

Maybe tomorrow I’ll share with you some of my red speedo selfies if you are interested.

April 28th, 2022

Speedo Summer is Here

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The last week here it has started to feel like summer and I like it!!!

The only downside is that there is still a little bit of wind about but first thing in the morning it is just perfect.  The water isn’t as warm as it will get but it is refreshing and I can stay in there as long as I want.

It is early for me, for a Sunday but I am sitting at the beach, on my tummy with my laptop in front of me writing this blog post for you guys.  Bit too early for a beer, but I’m sure beer will be on the cards later this afternoon, maybe with my Landlord.

What I really want to spend some time working on today is finishing up telling you guys about what I got up to with the Young Lifeguard.  It really was hot and he is perhaps the sexiest guy I have ever been with.  It is making my speedo stretch here just thinking about him.

If you want to read about it, it will really only be available for members.  The Young Lifeguard is a little bit scared about being discrete (it is so cute) and I completely understand so I don’t want him to worry about being ‘outted’.

Enjoy your Sunday guys and check back tomorrow….

These are the Q-Swimwear speedos I was wearing when I first caught the Young Lifeguard checking me out at the pool.

Speedo Beach Day

October 10th, 2021

Beach Day

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Sorry for lack of posts over the last week guys.  My laptop died and while I got a new one quickly enough it takes me a few days to get everything reinstalled and I used the opportunity to make some internal changes to how I do some of my work.

Thank you for the emails of concern, it is nice to know that I am missed.

Other than adding 20 hours of work to my week, things are pretty cruisy here.

It is a gorgeous spring day here in Australia and I’m going to take my new laptop to the beach and do some work, and work on my speedo tan and show off my Q Swimwear speedos.  It is a little windy but I think I know a nice quiet spot that should be out of the wind.

One thing I will be working on is writing about the very hot, young (just 18yo) lifeguard I got to play with last week.  It is a different one than the lifeguard who blew me in the change rooms and I think you guys might be interested in hearing about it.  I’ll try and get it finished and share it with you guys tomorrow.

Here is what I’ll be wearing at the beach today… if you see me, say g’day.

Speedo Selfies

September 18th, 2021

2 Day Hangover

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Sunday was a cracker of day here on the coast, and I love Sunday’s because all the weekenders tend to go home early in the afternoon to beat traffic and sometimes the place feels like a bit of a ghost town.

Some friends of mine asked me to join them for Father Day lunch (what date is Fathers Day in North America? I know it is different).

It wasn’t too big a lunch but I had a few beers and walked home.  When I got home I noticed my landlord in the pool (wearing speedos of course) and he asked me to join him (in speedos of course).  I grab some beers and joined him.  A few more beers later and he turned on the barbie (bbq) and we had some burgers with the footy playing on the radio.

Once we had a bite to eat, he brought out some home brew alcohol that he brother had given him.  It was a Bourbon so we mixed it with coke and it tasted fine.  Maybe a little bit too fine.

Nothing naughty to report since the Landlords wife was there and she doesn’t know about his gay activities with me.  Click here to read about the first time I blew him.

It was a great night, lots of laughing but holy batman was I not feeling well on Monday morning!!!  I dragged myself out of bed about midday and walked down to the beach for a swim which felt a little bit better but then I spent the rest of the day/evening in bed being very unproductive.  Then on Tuesday I wasn’t hungover as such but just felt ‘blah’, unmotivated.  I tried twice to go for a lap swim but didn’t manage it.

Today I woke up feeling 100% and that is why I don’t drink like that very often, it feels too good to wake up feeling great.  Went for a swim this morning at the ocean pool, I just got back from a 10km run down south and I jumped in the pool and had a quick chat to the Landlord who said that he and his wife felt rotten as well.

Here is a selfie of me in the pool today.  I should tell you about the speedos I’m wearing, they are Q Swimwear brand, something that I know the Speedo Student loves.

Afternoon in the Pool

September 8th, 2021
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