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Complex Speedo Experience

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The darn rain is back here in Austalia…. I did manage to get to the pool yesterday (not sure if I got wetter walking to and from the pool or from being in it).

Raining in Australia

It does mean that I’ll get a bunch of work done this week – whoohooo!!!!  I really do love my job/work and it is life that takes me away from it which is a pain sometimes.

I’ve had a few emails asking about my experience at the National Surf Life Saving Championships a few weeks ago.  I have started writing about it but it is complex so I’m having a little trouble.  Let me explain:

  • A mate of mine and his wife invited me down to the Gold Coast for the Life Saving Champs, their son was competing.
  • Turns out the son goes to my local pool and he and I had an experience in the showers one night – I will repost that tomorrow.
  • Despite doing gay things with me, the son has a girlfriend who was also competing in the Life Saving Champs.
  • Of course, when I met the son I was discrete and didn’t give any indication that we had fooled around.
  • Sunday afternoon, all the competition stuff is finished and I’m invited to a pool party at someone’s place. Lots of people, lots of speedos and some really fit, hot guys. Speedos were completely appropriate so I wore mine.
  • My friend has a bunch of adult kids and their other son is gay and out of the closet.
  • The second son recognizes me (he said my new speedos gave it away).
  • Second son and I do a pub run to get more booze and we fool around and have a quickie (he fucks me then blows me).
  • Then later that night, the ‘straight’ son fucks me.

Those are the main points I feel like I need to cover but when I started writing, I wrote too much about the background and not enough about the action.  So I’ve scrapped it and will try again from the beginning (or maybe I will start in the middle).

Okie dokie, I will get back to it.

I’ve mentioned before that when I sit down and write about my sexual experiences I get super horny.  So horny I will go and take a cold shower or do some paperwork just to settle down.  That is what is happening now and the speedos I am wearing are pictured below.

Interesting enough, I have a hookup who can get me these ADDICTED brand speedos.  Would anyone be interested in a pair?  Something I’ll think about and maybe flesh out a bit more later in the week.

My Addicted Speedo

May 11th, 2022

Speedo Summer is Here

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The last week here it has started to feel like summer and I like it!!!

The only downside is that there is still a little bit of wind about but first thing in the morning it is just perfect.  The water isn’t as warm as it will get but it is refreshing and I can stay in there as long as I want.

It is early for me, for a Sunday but I am sitting at the beach, on my tummy with my laptop in front of me writing this blog post for you guys.  Bit too early for a beer, but I’m sure beer will be on the cards later this afternoon, maybe with my Landlord.

What I really want to spend some time working on today is finishing up telling you guys about what I got up to with the Young Lifeguard.  It really was hot and he is perhaps the sexiest guy I have ever been with.  It is making my speedo stretch here just thinking about him.

If you want to read about it, it will really only be available for members.  The Young Lifeguard is a little bit scared about being discrete (it is so cute) and I completely understand so I don’t want him to worry about being ‘outted’.

Enjoy your Sunday guys and check back tomorrow….

These are the Q-Swimwear speedos I was wearing when I first caught the Young Lifeguard checking me out at the pool.

Speedo Beach Day

October 10th, 2021

Speedo Blowjobs

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I have blowjobs on my mind….

I’m half way through writing about taking the Married Guy to the beach where the New Slave Boy gives out free blowjobs.  I wrote about the first time I went up here and you can read about it if you are interested – click here.

I often get a hard time for not writing about my experiences quickly enough.  What you guys need to understand is that for me to write about say this experience in the dunes it will take me 8 to 10 hours.  I try and write it, leave it a day, then go back and check it which most of the time end up with lots of it being rewritten.  With the stuff I write about the Married Guy, I email it to him to read and check, then I get it back and give it another proof read.

This is on top of my usual work day which is 8 to 10 hours a day.

I do love it and it sounds like you guys love read about my experiences as well.

Taking the Married Guy up to the sand dunes was amazingly hot.  This is something he would never do, he is completely in the closet and he still can’t believe he hit on me at the pool two years ago, which started our sexual friendship.

I am half way through writing about this and will have it published here in the next 48 hours.  If you like blowjobs you might be interested in reading about it.

In the mean time, here are some speedo blowjob pics…..

Speedo Blowjob

July 4th, 2021

Those Cummy Blue Speedos

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A week ago I had an experience with my landlord (click here to read what happened). We ran in to each other during the week and he is coming over to my place tonight to watch footy….

I’m going to guess that footy might not be the only thing on his agenda.  I hope so anyway.

Saturday here in Aussie and I don’t have anything else planned for today except work but I’m so horny thinkin about what might, could, will happen tonight that I’m just a horny mess.

I think I’ll go down to the beach for a swim and cool down a little bit I think.

I promised some photos of the speedos that The Landlord left behind.  He couldn’t really take them home with two loads up cum smeared all over them.

I still have them and I’m thinking that tonight I might wear my new pink AussieBum speedos.  I haven’t had any naughty experiences wearing them yet so this might be a good excuse to ‘Christen’ them.

Blue and Pink Speedos

And here is a video of me jerking off with those blue speedos.  Just a short little movie.  I actually made this while I was writing about the experience.


Yes, sorry guys, it is for members only.  Click here if you’d like to join.

Join now to watch this movie.


April 24th, 2021

Gay Crush on Uncle Greg

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I think one of the hottest things is an older guy who is discretely (secretly) bi.

When people think of a middle aged guy having an affair it is usually with their female secretary or yoga teacher… but I wonder how often it is with a younger guy at the pool.  Which is what happened with my Married Guy (click here to read how we met).

Here is an experience that one of my new members sent to me.  I’m not 100% sure if it is a true story or fiction but either way it is hot!!!

When I was young, I developed a crush on my father’s friend. They weren’t related but I call him “uncle” because of how frequently he comes by the house to help my dad with stuff. He became somewhat a paternal figure for me. He was a bit younger than my dad but old enough to be my own father.

Now, I’m 25 and he’s about 43 I think. We saw each other again. I have already moved out of our home and live many miles away. He was in the city I was living in for a conference. We passed by each other in a cafe and spoke for a short while.

He was still so good looking but this time he was so grown. His shoulders were broader, his face was more mature, and his hair is flaked with white strands. I couldn’t resist the urge to undress him in my head. We spoke for a few minutes and he was a fun guy to talk to. The last time we saw each other I was leaving for college and was a fairly skinny and short. Now, I’m still nothing compared to his big body but I’ve gained a bit of muscle to look decent and cute.

He was in town for two more days and he asked if I wanted to stop by his hotel to have dinner. I said yes because I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I texted my dad that night to tell him I saw Uncle Greg. He gave me an few short update about what has been happening to him recently. Turns out, he and his wife are separated and are living in different homes. Recently, he caught his wife sleeping with another guy.

The night of our dinner. I was surprised to find that he wasn’t in the hotel restaurant. Turns out, he wanted to have dinner in his room. I went up to his room and knocked. He opened the door and I saw him dressed in a nice shirt and pants. We were both casually dressed, nothing too fancy. There was already food on the table and a bottle of wine in a bucket.

We began to eat and I’m telling him stories about what is going on with me recently. I told him about my boyfriend, and he was surprised to find out that I was gay.

He didn’t know I was gay and so did my dad. I forgot for a moment that I was speaking to my uncle, a friend of my dad’s. I asked him not to tell my dad, he said yes. After that he was asking stuff about my gay lifestyle. Not in an offensive way, but with curiosity. He wanted to know if I suck dick, if I take it in the ass, or if I swallow.

He popped open the wine and began pouring me and himself a glass. After a few drinks, we decided to sit on his bed. He didn’t stop with the gay questions until he finally asked if I think he is attractive.

I didn’t know how to answer at first because I didn’t know if he was serious. He began rubbing my thighs and looking into my eyes. “I think you’re handsome,” he said. He then told me the story about how he thinks he’s bi. He had a previous sexual experience with a person he didn’t want to tell me who. Upon further inquiry, I found out it was with my dad. In the nights that he slept over when I was young and they were drinking, it would usually end up with my dad in his knees sucking his cock.

Not going to lie, the idea turned me on a bit. Thinking about my dad sucking his friend’s dick got me so flushed and hard. My uncle could see the outline of my dick in my pants.

“Do you want to suck me off?” He asked. I said yes so he pushed me on the floor and let me unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans down. His dick was thick but not long, but it was enough to render me weak because it looked so good. I kissed the tip and started sucking it. His hands were grabbing the sheets of the hotel bed. He was moaning and feeling so good, I can tell. I give good head.

I started playing with his nipple with my other hand at one point. His hands were brushing my hair and I can feel his eyes looking directly at me sucking his cock.

“You have a boyfriend right?” He asked me and I nodded my head while pumping his dick. “Whose dick is better.” I said his.

He chuckled at my response. He said my dad loved his dick too, even though he was happily married to my mom. “You two are so unfaithful for my dick.” Like father, like son I guess.

A few minutes later, he lifted me up and pushed me down on the bed. “Can I fuck you?”

I hope you are enjoying this… it is about to get hotter
I’m sorry but, the rest is for members only.
Please login to access or click here to join now.

March 27th, 2021

Fucking My Neighbours

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I’ve recently started fucking my neighbours and I think it is pretty hot how it all happened.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share the details with you guys, in the interest of my discretion but I ran it by the couple and they thought it would be fun so here I go.

For three Sunday nights in a row, I’ve been watching my neighbours fuck through their bedroom window.

Now that I have written it down, it makes me sounds weird and creepy but I promise, this isn’t the case. The tiny little deck off my spare bedroom faces east and one Sunday evening I thought it would be a good spot to setup my telescope since it is on the dark side of the building. It was around nine o’clock and from that deck, you can look in to my neighbours window.  Being one floor higher and at an odd angle, it is probably the only place possible to be able to look in so I don’t think they are showing off, it is just luck.

That first Sunday I got quite a show.  The couple, in their mid 30’s are hot.  He is a blonde, broad shouldered guy, tanned, tattoo on one arm and has a really firm bum.  The girlfriend is slim, brunette, very tanned as well and I’m going to guess fake tits because they are bigger than what I would expect on her slim frame.

When they put on their Sunday night shows, the lights stay on and they are bright.  I can just see the corner of a mirror so I’m going to guess they are enjoying watching each other.

From what I’ve seen, they like trying different positions which gives me a great view.

Watching them it hot and the first Sunday night I didn’t last the entire show before I headed in and jerked off.  Subsequent Sunday nights, I was better prepared and came with a chair and ended up jerking off and making a hell of a mess all over myself.

If you had been looking in to their window on the forth Sunday night, you would have seen me, on their bed, on my knees, getting fucked by the guy while the girlfriend sits on a chair watching us.

Wife Watching Bisexual Husband

Let me tell you how it happened…

Sorry guys, this is only available for members right now but I will share more of this during the week.  Members please login or click here if you would like to join now and read what happens.

November 14th, 2020
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