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Fathers/Daddies Day

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I just realized that today is Fathers Day here in Australia.  I looked it up and it isn’t fathers day in the US though (which is in June).

Throughout my sexual history I have generally been the younger guy but as I’m getting older, I am being the Daddy more and more which I am enjoying just as much as I enjoyed being the younger guy.  I look forward to sharing these new experiences/role with you guys over the coming years.

To celebrate Fathers day, here is one of my all time favourite speedo porn movies featuring an older guy, and a younger guy.

Which one would you prefer to be?  Full movie available for members of course.

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September 3rd, 2023

Road Trip to see my Speedo Daddy

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My last blog post was links to my experiences with the ‘Married Guy’.

I shared those links for two reasons, firstly, I need to update that with the last time the Married Guy was up here on a business trip which really turned out to be a sex vacation for him.  And secondly, because I am going on a road trip down south and will be catching up with my old speedo fuck buddy.

We chat a little bit and he is still swimming, still looking great in a pair of speedos (not quite as good as the old guy pictured below but not far off).

He is also still married, still a devoted husband and father and still has a huge gay sex drive.

He hasn’t been able to find someone to fill the hole (I mean void) like I did so he has found a hot young speedo guy who is more of a ‘professional’, if you know what I mean…..

As well as catching up with a bunch of friend, of course I will be looking forward to what the Married Guy has planned for me.

As always, I promise to share with you guys what I get up to….I leave on Friday morning so have a bunch of work I’d like to get finished up before I hit the road.

Speeod Daddy

November 8th, 2022

Afternoon Fucking in Public (over 100 guys watching)

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This blog has become a behemoth, there are now over 3,500 posts, just shy of 9,000 comments.

I started it back before Facebook or Twitter and blogs were definitely more popular back then and I have half expected for the blog to run out of steam but the daily readers is staying steady at about 5,000 people when I’m not making any promotional attempts.

If I had more time, or if more of those 5,000 daily readers thought it is worth the $5 membership, I’d be able to spend more time going through old posts.

Because, today I was looking for some boating in speedos photos and I found this old experience I wrote about nearly ten years ago but never published.  At the time I did find some photos in public forums showing what Andrew and I did so I thought writing about it might be a little too easy for people to connect the two.

With that amount of time having passed I think it is safe for me to publish this now.

Enjoy guys and if you were at Obelisk Beach one day in early November 2013 and saw these shenanigans please leave a comment.

Some older gay friends of mine have a beautiful thirty-five foot power boat parked in Sydney Harbour. I have been on the boat three times with them and each time I had to ‘contribute’ to the running of the boat with sexual favours. I suppose, I didn’t really ‘have’ to but I was more than happy to show my appreciation.

With the weather warming up, the guys were taking the boat out and invited me along.  I was at the boat nice and early and it was great catching up with the guys. The boat looked ready to roll and it seemed like they were killing time. Turns out, we were waiting for some friends of theirs. My first thought was, this is going to be a very naughty day with five of us on board. However, my heart sank (and cock softened) when the couple that joined us were a guy and girl in their late thirties. Seemed like any naughty business would have to wait until the end of the day. I shouldn’t be mean, they were really nice people and we all got along great, Mel and Andrew.

It was a gorgeous day and we parked the boat in this quiet little cove with nobody else around.  Once we dropped anchor, we didn’t waste anytime getting in the water and the four of us guys all stripped down to speedos, Mel stripped down to a bikini and we jumped in.

I think it is an unofficial rule that the boat has a ‘speedo only’ dress code.  It was nice to see the token straight guy had no qualms dropping the board shorts.  The water was refreshing.

For the next few hours the five of us were drinking, eating some snacks and just working on our tans in the Australian sun. Everyone was scantly dressed to say the least. A few times the gay couple would be sneaky and pinch my bum or give me a wink.

Just another Australian Sunday afternoon, four speedo guys and a girl…. hahaha.

The drinks flowed and everyone seemed pretty comfortable. I was asked how I knew the gay couple and I wasn’t sure how I was going to answer that question, one of the older guys got in before me and explained. He was just straight up honest, he said that I run gay websites and they were big fans of mine. That isn’t something I usually tell strangers but we were all friends by now. I returned the question and asked how the four of them knew each other. I think Andrew had the same hesitency that I had when asked the question but Mel got in there first and said that Andrew used to date one of the older guys.

Wow, I did not see that coming at all.

There was a bit of joking and laughter while I recovered from the shock of that news. The discussion was then about sexuality and I was asked if I like girls at all. I explained that I’m not really in to dating guys, prefer to date girls but happy to have sex with either, or both. If was pretty hot talking about sexuality with four people and all of us wearing barely any clothing (I think the gay couple wore a t-shirt but Andrew and I were shirtless and just in our speedos). My cock was stirring so I jumped back in the water to cool down a little bit.

Just after midday we pulled up the anchor and shot back to the harbour to drop Mel off. She had something going on that arvo and all of a sudden, my naughty radar went up.

Hugs all round, always weird hugging a chick wearing nothing but a speedo. Her last comment to Andrew as she left was “Wear protection honey.” If I had known Andrew better, I would have enquired as to the meaning of that farewell, instead I played it cool as the boat got up on plane and we headed to our next little cove.

Unlike our morning anchorage, our afternoon spot was a little bit busier, it was the famous Obelisk Beach. This is THE Sydney gay/nude/sex beach.

It was a party on the water with around twenty boats anchored and the beach was full of guys wearing speedos at most, yes, lots of nudity. Music was pumping from the boats and it was a real party atmosphere. My cock was coming to life, who could blame me, I could see three guys fucking up on the rocks, a guy sucking off another guy on the beach and at least three gay couples making out.

AFter finishing anchor duties on the bow of the boat, I returned to the main area and received an applause for my rather obvious erection.

I offered the Captain first dibs but he said that he wanted to see a show before fucking me. That was Andrew’s invitation to get on his knees between my thighs.

Andrew was rubbing my erection through the lycra of my speedos and mumbling something about it being a while since his last cock. I pulled my rock hard cock out of the leg of my speedo, presenting it to him and he got to work. I believe that blowjobs are ten percent technique and ninety percent enthusiasm and after a minute or so, Andrew was demonstrating both. It was pretty hot getting blown in public like that. If anyone on shore was watching, they would know what was going on.

Andrew’s mouth was really working the head of my cock and it wasn’t long until I was approaching orgasm. The Captain gave us two instructions. Andrew: don’t spill any cum on my boat. Dave: make it as loud as you like.

I grabbed the back of Andrew’s head with both hands, threw my head back and moaned very loudly. I think people on shore knew what we were up to by now. Andrew got a warning before my cock exploded in his mouth and as per his instructions, he kept the suction up until my cock stopped twitching. Wow, I had been horny leading up to this day and I felt so much more relaxed after my orgasm. I thanked Andrew and complimented him on his blowjob skills.

Andrew got to his feet and washed my cum load down with a swig of his beer, I tucked myself back in to my speedo.

The Captain had more orders for us: I want you two to fuck up on the bow for everyone to see.

Wow, this was getting really hot, really quickly.

I asked permission to change quickly and the Captain reluctantly agreed. Inside the cabin I changed my speedo for an AussieBum jockstrap (better access for being fucked right?), condom, lube and two wide brimmed hats (Akubra’s). My thought on the hats is that guys might have camera’s and this might offer me a little big of discretion.

Andrew was standing up on the bow in all his glory stroking his cock slowly, the two older guys had gone up to the fly deck and were looking down at the show we were just about to give them.

Sorry guys, the rest of this I’m going to keep a little private and for members only.  Feel free to join and you can read it but I don’t really want this to be 100% public.


August 27th, 2022

Suns Out, Speedos Are On

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Finally, the sun is out here in the Sunshine State.

The weather this year has been miserable and I’m sorry I keep mentioning it here.  I find the weather effects my level of horniness though so it is important when it comes to this blog.

If it is cold and grey and I’m stuck inside then I’m not exercising so I feel fat, no need to keep on top of personal grooming and while I don’t get depressed, I’m not out there smashing it.

When the sun is out, like today, I’m up early, I’m at the pool, I’m walking around, I’m making sure everything is shaved (hehe) and since I’m walking around the house in speedos, I’m hornier.  Right now, I’ve packed my new laptop and I’m going for a quick drive up the coast to one of the quiet beaches to work on my speedo tan and see if there are any other guys excited to be outside in the sun again.

My latest news…. my laptop died earlier in the week so I had to scramble to get a new one.  I was without a laptop for 24 hours which was really weird.  Now that I replaced it, takes me forever to get everything setup again and anytime I go to do something, I have to install new software or look up passwords so things just take a lot longer but I feel like I’m just about back on top of it.  I had to order a hard drive caddie (something that connects an old hard drive to a USB cable) which won’t arrived until next week so there are still some things that I’m delayed on.

At the beach today I will be writing about my weekend at the Surf Life Saving Championships.

That will of course get me horny.  I have told a guy from Grindr where I will be so maybe he can help me with my horniness.  He said I could share these pics of him publicly.

Speedo DadSpeedo Daddy

I’ve packed condoms and lube just in case we run in to each other…..

I am wearing my new white Addicted speedos so if you are on the Sunshine Coast and see a guy with a laptop wearing white speedos, I think I’ll have a beer as well, come and say hello.

May 27th, 2022

Speedo Daddies

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Where I am living will not be living up to its name of the Sunshine Coast this week, it was raining heavy earlier and that is the forecast all week.

So I’ll get lots of work done.

One of my fan is an older guy from where I used to live and he posts a lot of his speedo selfies.  This guy must have one of the biggest speedo collections I have ever seen and I know, a lot of you guys have HUGE speedo collections.

This older guy posted some pics he too yesterday at the beach…..

Lifeguard Gay DaddyLifeguard Speedo Swimwear

If you would like to see more pics of him, his twitter handle/thingy is: MEMBERS ONLY

Today, sitting in my home office I wish I was at the beach, with big Speedo Daddy’s to feast my eyes on.  It did get me thinking about an experience I had a few years ago when I was living down south.  I tried searching for it here because I figured it would be something I would have shared with you guys at the time but I couldn’t find it.

So I went looking through the archives on and I found it and thought I’d share this experience with you guys.

Part of the thrill, and fear, of dropping ones dork shorts and wearing speedos in public is thinking that everyone is looking at you.

However, in most cases, nobody cares or is evening paying you any attention at all.

Around mid morning today, I got myself motivated enough to get to the pool. I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos (click here to see a bunch of selfies of me wearing those speedos).

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, when I go for a swim at the local pool, I usually jump out of the pool, wrap a towel around my waist, throw on a t-shirt and drive home.

When I got home today I thought I’d wash the chlorine off me by jumping in the ocean, so I dropped my towel, walked out my back door and walked down the beach.  There were a few people about but it wasn’t too busy and I didn’t think anyone was paying any attention to me.  I jumped in, swam out the back behind the breakers and five minutes later was walking back up to my house.

Half way up the beach, I noticed this older guy, maybe fifties, lying on his stomach facing the ocean wearing a black speedo.

I had walked right past him.  Must have been because I was looking north to see how the surf was that I hadn’t noticed him.  He would have had a pretty great view of my speedo clad arse walking past him to the water, and now he was getting the view from the front.

Starting this post I said that when you wear a speedo, most people don’t care and aren’t looking at you…. but even with his sunglasses on, I knew this guy was checking me out.

As I walked past him I gave him the slightest head nod with a sly grin which was my way of inviting him back to my place…. what would he do?

Walking up through the dunes to my back door, I could not feel him following me.  Darn…..

There is an outdoor shower at my little beachside shack which isn’t really visible from the beach.  I had a quick rinse, dried myself off a little bit and went inside.

The experience was a bit of a turn on, just seeing a hot older guy wearing a speedo isn’t that common here in Australia.  I figured I’d grab a beer, grab my laptop and sit on my back deck to dry off and I’d already decided that I’d sit down and write about this immediately to share with my blog fans/members.

I hadn’t even loaded the admin dashboard of my blog when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, it was the older guy walking up the little trail towards my house.

He had his sunglasses on, his black speedo and nothing else.

I put my laptop down, put my beer down and stood up to greet this older fellow.  Smiling and in a very friendly voice, I offered him a beer.

He grabbed the front of his speedo, which was sporting a healthy bulge, and told me he didn’t want a beer but thought maybe I could help him with the bulge he was grabbing.  I turned and let him follow me inside.  When I slid the sliding door open I could feel him behind me.  Once we were inside he grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him.  He started kissing my neck and both his hands went around to the front of my black ADIDAS speedos.

His smell, his rough hands on my cock, his face and tongue on my neck and his cock grinding against my butt crack got me hard pretty quickly.

I was expecting him to turn me around and I’d get to work my tongue on his cock.  He had another plan, while he was still behind me he told me he wanted to suck me off while he jerked off in his speedo.  He wanted me cumming in his mouth while I was cumming in his speedo.

Fine with me.

Breaking from his embrace, I took the two steps towards by kitchen counter (breakfast bar).  It gave me something to lean back against and I had barely turned around to face this man and he was on his knees.

The drawstring on the ADIDAS speedos is pretty thin and I had it tied in a double knot (I had been at the pool doing laps) and he was struggling to get it undone.  See, my life isn’t exactly like a porn film, that would never happen in a real porno.

Before either of us got frustrated, I pull the leg of my speedo and gave him access to my cock.

Sorry guys, the rest is for Members Only.
Please login to access or click here to join now.

November 8th, 2021

Gay Crush on Uncle Greg

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I think one of the hottest things is an older guy who is discretely (secretly) bi.

When people think of a middle aged guy having an affair it is usually with their female secretary or yoga teacher… but I wonder how often it is with a younger guy at the pool.  Which is what happened with my Married Guy (click here to read how we met).

Here is an experience that one of my new members sent to me.  I’m not 100% sure if it is a true story or fiction but either way it is hot!!!

When I was young, I developed a crush on my father’s friend. They weren’t related but I call him “uncle” because of how frequently he comes by the house to help my dad with stuff. He became somewhat a paternal figure for me. He was a bit younger than my dad but old enough to be my own father.

Now, I’m 25 and he’s about 43 I think. We saw each other again. I have already moved out of our home and live many miles away. He was in the city I was living in for a conference. We passed by each other in a cafe and spoke for a short while.

He was still so good looking but this time he was so grown. His shoulders were broader, his face was more mature, and his hair is flaked with white strands. I couldn’t resist the urge to undress him in my head. We spoke for a few minutes and he was a fun guy to talk to. The last time we saw each other I was leaving for college and was a fairly skinny and short. Now, I’m still nothing compared to his big body but I’ve gained a bit of muscle to look decent and cute.

He was in town for two more days and he asked if I wanted to stop by his hotel to have dinner. I said yes because I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I texted my dad that night to tell him I saw Uncle Greg. He gave me an few short update about what has been happening to him recently. Turns out, he and his wife are separated and are living in different homes. Recently, he caught his wife sleeping with another guy.

The night of our dinner. I was surprised to find that he wasn’t in the hotel restaurant. Turns out, he wanted to have dinner in his room. I went up to his room and knocked. He opened the door and I saw him dressed in a nice shirt and pants. We were both casually dressed, nothing too fancy. There was already food on the table and a bottle of wine in a bucket.

We began to eat and I’m telling him stories about what is going on with me recently. I told him about my boyfriend, and he was surprised to find out that I was gay.

He didn’t know I was gay and so did my dad. I forgot for a moment that I was speaking to my uncle, a friend of my dad’s. I asked him not to tell my dad, he said yes. After that he was asking stuff about my gay lifestyle. Not in an offensive way, but with curiosity. He wanted to know if I suck dick, if I take it in the ass, or if I swallow.

He popped open the wine and began pouring me and himself a glass. After a few drinks, we decided to sit on his bed. He didn’t stop with the gay questions until he finally asked if I think he is attractive.

I didn’t know how to answer at first because I didn’t know if he was serious. He began rubbing my thighs and looking into my eyes. “I think you’re handsome,” he said. He then told me the story about how he thinks he’s bi. He had a previous sexual experience with a person he didn’t want to tell me who. Upon further inquiry, I found out it was with my dad. In the nights that he slept over when I was young and they were drinking, it would usually end up with my dad in his knees sucking his cock.

Not going to lie, the idea turned me on a bit. Thinking about my dad sucking his friend’s dick got me so flushed and hard. My uncle could see the outline of my dick in my pants.

“Do you want to suck me off?” He asked. I said yes so he pushed me on the floor and let me unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans down. His dick was thick but not long, but it was enough to render me weak because it looked so good. I kissed the tip and started sucking it. His hands were grabbing the sheets of the hotel bed. He was moaning and feeling so good, I can tell. I give good head.

I started playing with his nipple with my other hand at one point. His hands were brushing my hair and I can feel his eyes looking directly at me sucking his cock.

“You have a boyfriend right?” He asked me and I nodded my head while pumping his dick. “Whose dick is better.” I said his.

He chuckled at my response. He said my dad loved his dick too, even though he was happily married to my mom. “You two are so unfaithful for my dick.” Like father, like son I guess.

A few minutes later, he lifted me up and pushed me down on the bed. “Can I fuck you?”

I hope you are enjoying this… it is about to get hotter
I’m sorry but, the rest is for members only.
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March 27th, 2021
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