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Day Working on my Speedo Tan

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I’m just back from the beach after working on my speedo tan for a few hours.  Nothing too exciting to report.

Last week I spoke about hooking up with a guy at the local pool, actually it was two weeks ago.  Click here to read that blog post.  I haven’t seen Matt at the pool since I saw him those two days in a row when we got up to some hanky-panky in the showers.

This morning, I had to drive down to the grocery store (usually I walk everywhere but had some heavy things to pick up).  I noticed this cute guy, from behind, walking with his girlfriend (I assumed so since they were hand in hand walking down towards the beach).  He was shirtless and had a nice back and dork shorts on.  As I drove past, I noticed it was Matt…. and his girlfriend?

That wasn’t something he mentioned when I had my cock inside him…..

We never even exchanged phone numbers so I guess I’ll just have to be at the pool at our usual time.  I can’t wait to find out what his story is.

Tanning in SpeedosdSpeedo Tan

October 30th, 2022

Afternoon Fucking in Public (over 100 guys watching)

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This blog has become a behemoth, there are now over 3,500 posts, just shy of 9,000 comments.

I started it back before Facebook or Twitter and blogs were definitely more popular back then and I have half expected for the blog to run out of steam but the daily readers is staying steady at about 5,000 people when I’m not making any promotional attempts.

If I had more time, or if more of those 5,000 daily readers thought it is worth the $5 membership, I’d be able to spend more time going through old posts.

Because, today I was looking for some boating in speedos photos and I found this old experience I wrote about nearly ten years ago but never published.  At the time I did find some photos in public forums showing what Andrew and I did so I thought writing about it might be a little too easy for people to connect the two.

With that amount of time having passed I think it is safe for me to publish this now.

Enjoy guys and if you were at Obelisk Beach one day in early November 2013 and saw these shenanigans please leave a comment.

Some older gay friends of mine have a beautiful thirty-five foot power boat parked in Sydney Harbour. I have been on the boat three times with them and each time I had to ‘contribute’ to the running of the boat with sexual favours. I suppose, I didn’t really ‘have’ to but I was more than happy to show my appreciation.

With the weather warming up, the guys were taking the boat out and invited me along.  I was at the boat nice and early and it was great catching up with the guys. The boat looked ready to roll and it seemed like they were killing time. Turns out, we were waiting for some friends of theirs. My first thought was, this is going to be a very naughty day with five of us on board. However, my heart sank (and cock softened) when the couple that joined us were a guy and girl in their late thirties. Seemed like any naughty business would have to wait until the end of the day. I shouldn’t be mean, they were really nice people and we all got along great, Mel and Andrew.

It was a gorgeous day and we parked the boat in this quiet little cove with nobody else around.  Once we dropped anchor, we didn’t waste anytime getting in the water and the four of us guys all stripped down to speedos, Mel stripped down to a bikini and we jumped in.

I think it is an unofficial rule that the boat has a ‘speedo only’ dress code.  It was nice to see the token straight guy had no qualms dropping the board shorts.  The water was refreshing.

For the next few hours the five of us were drinking, eating some snacks and just working on our tans in the Australian sun. Everyone was scantly dressed to say the least. A few times the gay couple would be sneaky and pinch my bum or give me a wink.

Just another Australian Sunday afternoon, four speedo guys and a girl…. hahaha.

The drinks flowed and everyone seemed pretty comfortable. I was asked how I knew the gay couple and I wasn’t sure how I was going to answer that question, one of the older guys got in before me and explained. He was just straight up honest, he said that I run gay websites and they were big fans of mine. That isn’t something I usually tell strangers but we were all friends by now. I returned the question and asked how the four of them knew each other. I think Andrew had the same hesitency that I had when asked the question but Mel got in there first and said that Andrew used to date one of the older guys.

Wow, I did not see that coming at all.

There was a bit of joking and laughter while I recovered from the shock of that news. The discussion was then about sexuality and I was asked if I like girls at all. I explained that I’m not really in to dating guys, prefer to date girls but happy to have sex with either, or both. If was pretty hot talking about sexuality with four people and all of us wearing barely any clothing (I think the gay couple wore a t-shirt but Andrew and I were shirtless and just in our speedos). My cock was stirring so I jumped back in the water to cool down a little bit.

Just after midday we pulled up the anchor and shot back to the harbour to drop Mel off. She had something going on that arvo and all of a sudden, my naughty radar went up.

Hugs all round, always weird hugging a chick wearing nothing but a speedo. Her last comment to Andrew as she left was “Wear protection honey.” If I had known Andrew better, I would have enquired as to the meaning of that farewell, instead I played it cool as the boat got up on plane and we headed to our next little cove.

Unlike our morning anchorage, our afternoon spot was a little bit busier, it was the famous Obelisk Beach. This is THE Sydney gay/nude/sex beach.

It was a party on the water with around twenty boats anchored and the beach was full of guys wearing speedos at most, yes, lots of nudity. Music was pumping from the boats and it was a real party atmosphere. My cock was coming to life, who could blame me, I could see three guys fucking up on the rocks, a guy sucking off another guy on the beach and at least three gay couples making out.

AFter finishing anchor duties on the bow of the boat, I returned to the main area and received an applause for my rather obvious erection.

I offered the Captain first dibs but he said that he wanted to see a show before fucking me. That was Andrew’s invitation to get on his knees between my thighs.

Andrew was rubbing my erection through the lycra of my speedos and mumbling something about it being a while since his last cock. I pulled my rock hard cock out of the leg of my speedo, presenting it to him and he got to work. I believe that blowjobs are ten percent technique and ninety percent enthusiasm and after a minute or so, Andrew was demonstrating both. It was pretty hot getting blown in public like that. If anyone on shore was watching, they would know what was going on.

Andrew’s mouth was really working the head of my cock and it wasn’t long until I was approaching orgasm. The Captain gave us two instructions. Andrew: don’t spill any cum on my boat. Dave: make it as loud as you like.

I grabbed the back of Andrew’s head with both hands, threw my head back and moaned very loudly. I think people on shore knew what we were up to by now. Andrew got a warning before my cock exploded in his mouth and as per his instructions, he kept the suction up until my cock stopped twitching. Wow, I had been horny leading up to this day and I felt so much more relaxed after my orgasm. I thanked Andrew and complimented him on his blowjob skills.

Andrew got to his feet and washed my cum load down with a swig of his beer, I tucked myself back in to my speedo.

The Captain had more orders for us: I want you two to fuck up on the bow for everyone to see.

Wow, this was getting really hot, really quickly.

I asked permission to change quickly and the Captain reluctantly agreed. Inside the cabin I changed my speedo for an AussieBum jockstrap (better access for being fucked right?), condom, lube and two wide brimmed hats (Akubra’s). My thought on the hats is that guys might have camera’s and this might offer me a little big of discretion.

Andrew was standing up on the bow in all his glory stroking his cock slowly, the two older guys had gone up to the fly deck and were looking down at the show we were just about to give them.

Sorry guys, the rest of this I’m going to keep a little private and for members only.  Feel free to join and you can read it but I don’t really want this to be 100% public.


August 27th, 2022

Gorgeous Straight Aussie Speedo Guy

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Tomorrow night I have a date…. with a male/female couple.  Met them online on some app and they seem really nice.  They are my age, both are really hot and in the photos they have shared, the boyfriend (they aren’t married) loves speedos.

In their first message to me, they complimented me on my speedo selfies that were on my profile.

This has happened to me before with Taz and Rachel (click here to read about them and see their speedo pics).

This has me wondering: do straight guys who love speedos really have a hidden gay side?

Check out this Aussie stud in the pictures below.  Jake is an outwardly straight guy, has a gorgeous girlfriend but he has a huge speedo collection and loves having pics of him in his speedos?  Think he might gay a hidden gay side?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember guys, this is Members Only week.  For more pics of him click here and become a member.  I’ve also got this guys Intragram and his girlfriends if you are interested.

Str8 Speedo Guy

July 14th, 2022

Speedo Heaven

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I found this photo online somewhere and it is a recent Speedo Photo of the Day (from my site and my mind boggles at what is going on here….

  1. Is it a fair dinkum porn shoot?  One guy is wearing a black jockstrap, looks like the guy at the back is completely naked.
  2. A party with mates, some brought speedos, some forgot and are just wearing what they had on under their clothes?
  3. Do you have an idea?  Would love to hear it in the comments.

Speedo Heaven

June 15th, 2022

The Blowjob Chair

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I was super horny all day yesterday, my usual fuck buddies were all unavailable so I was on my favourite gay hookup app.  I added some new photos of me and rewrote my profile description which mentioned “Couples or groups to the front of the line” since I had a threesome on my mind.  I got the usual thirty messages from guys with blank profiles and no pictures saying “Hey”.  They were ignored, deleted and then blocked.  Too darn lazy for me.

It got to 8pm and I had all but given up.  I had been busy working so I hadn’t had a beer, or a rum or a scotch, yet and in the back of my mind I was hoping that I would have to drive somewhere for some fun.  As 8pm came around I gave up hope of some action, I poured myself a scotch and setup a movie.  As the introduction screen for the movie was playing I checked one last time the hookup app on my phone.

The following message appeared: “I’m Christian, I’m straight, love speedos like you obviously do and need my cock sucked.  Info in my profile, if you need to know more please feel free to ask.”

That was the most coherent response I had received all day.  I pressed pause on the movie.

Christian and I sent some face pics back and forth and he looked like an adonis!  I asked him if he was an underwear model,, he was that beautiful.  Twenty-eight years old, dirty blonde hair, six pack swimmers body and he even had a speedo tan.

I asked him what he was doing on a gay hookup app if he was as straight,, as he claimed.

He said he had broken up with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (just a few days earlier), was home alone on a Friday night, a little drunk and horny. He had been blown by guys in the past and figured he would see if he could find someone willing to help him out.

We seemed to be getting along pretty well, I offered to host but Christian had already partaken in a few drinks so he offered to host.  I had a quick shower and got in the car for the forty minute drive north to Christian’s place.

I was wearing my new ADDICTED speedos (there are a bunch of selfies of me wearing them on my blog), Christian said he thought they looked hot from the pics I sent him, I was wearing a towel and a polo shirt.  If I was pulled over by the police I’m not quite sure how I’d explain not having any pants in the car at 9pm on a Friday night.

When I arrived at Christian’s house, I parked in front of his townhouse.  As per his request, I removed my shirt and the towel around my waist, and I made a near nudie run to his front door.

To be honest, it was pretty dark and his front door couldn’t be very well seen from the neighbours but I felt naughty standing there just wearing a speedo.  I went from feeling naughty to feeling worried when Christian didn’t answer the door for what seemed like an age.  Finally, I heard someone on the other side of the door and I was really hoping it was Christian and I had the correct address…. as the door opened my emotions went from worried to awe.

There was Christian, wearing the pair of speedos he had promised he would wear and they just suited his body perfectly, anything would have suited his body perfectly.

Jesus he was hot.

We shook hands and I followed Christian in to his living room.  He had this really comfy looking chair setup in front of the TV, which was playing some lesbian porn.  Following that perfectly sculptured butt of his, I barely heard it when Christian asked me “You OK if we get straight down to business Dave?”

“Hell yeah” was my reply.

Christian sat down in what he called his ‘blowjob chair’.  He had a glass of bourbon and coke next to him and he had been kind enough to put a pillow down for my knees.  I dropped to my knees in front of him.  I complimented Christian on his blowjob chair and his preparation.  Then I got to work.

The Blowjob Chair

He was fully erect from before I arrived and I started by rubbing my right hand up and down the length of his cock through the lycra of his speedo.  My left hand was rubbing the inside of his thigh from his knee all the way up to where his speedo prevented my access to his arse.

His cock was rock hard and pulsing, wanting to be free of the speedo, but I wanted to keep him on the edge for as long as I could.  My hand was sliding up to the very tip of his cock, which was glistening with precum, and then all the way down to the backside of his balls that were full like waterballoons ready to explode.

Finally, I moved my head down in to his crotch and I tasted the little wet spot of precum and his cock twitched at the touch on my tongue.

Christian was begging me to just pull his cock out and suck it.  I was trying to delay this as long as possible but he reached down and pulled his cock out the leg of his speedo.  My mouth enveloped the head of his cock before it had been fully released from his speedo.  I had to use my left hand to get his balls fully out.

I put my hands on the inside of Christian’s knees and lightly pushed out, opening him up.  My tongue flicked, licked and circled the head of Christian’s cock and when his hand reached down and was on the back of me head, and his hips thrust up off the couch, I was ready for the load of cum that was headed my way.

You guys know me, I took every drop of his cum and it was a solid mouthful.

When I felt his cock start to soften, I released it from the confines of my mouth and tucked his cock back in to his speedo.  “Fuck that was awesome Dave. You have some mad blowjob skills. Pour yourself a drink.”

I got off my knees and poured myself a drink, I had expected this to be a blow and go type of thing but Christian seemed like he wanted me to hang around.  Little did I know that two drinks and an hour later my cock would be in Christian’s mouth, while his was back inside mine again.  Sixty-nine style.

Want to hear the rest?

February 19th, 2022

What Happens in Vegas….

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I love sharing my naughty speedo experiences, it was my first threesome all those years (and threesomes) ago that got me to start this blog.  Of course, I love it when others share their naughty speedo experiences as well and over the years I’ve been able to share with you guys a lot of those.

Chris is an old time friend of mine (we haven’t actually done anything naughty together but have had a few drinks together in Boulder during my travels to the states), he is a long time member and he was telling me about an experience he had in Vegas recently.  I asked him if he would like to share it.  He is now in Mexico on holidays (he works in the travel industry) and said why not?

I’ve been helping him with it and it was pretty hot.  Hope you guys enjoy it, Chris will be reading the comments so feel free to leave some feedback.

Hey guys, I have never wrirtten about any of my sexual experiences before but I love reading about Dave’s sexual adventures (aka Aussie Speedo Guys) and with a little bit of prompting, he has convinced me to put pen to paper.

My name is Chris, I live in Boulder, I am gay but most people wouldn’t know it. I’m 38yo, my boyfriend, Thomas, is 22yo and is a student at CU. We have been ‘dating’ for a year but it is all about the sex and I can’t see us getting married or anything. My friends tease me about having such a young boyfriend but I’m not complaining. While we are a couple, I know that Thomas totally screws around and it is just something that isn’t talked about.

I love travelling and having a boyfriend to travel with (even if I pay for everything) is better than travelling alone. Yes, I do get a little jealous hearing about what Thomas gets up to but I am OK with it.

At the end of summer I had a work trip, my first one since COVID, it was out to Vegas and of course I asked Thomas to come along. It is a 10 hour drive door to door (I have done it a few times) and I’ve got a nice work car so I proposed driving. One of my work colleagues, Patrick (Pat) decided to tag along for the drive at the last minute. We left early, around 6am, and I figured we’d get out there by 3pm with the time change and have some time in the pool and a party night. Thomas was a little hungover and slept most of the way, Pat and I talked about work most of the way, which sounds boring but was actually really good.

Pat is my age, married, two kids, pretty cute wife, one of the few people that knows I’m gay and has no problems with it. It has never really come up in conversation. He is a cool dude, and he is really good at his job.

We get to Vegas, I think I was the one who taught Dave (Aussie Speedo Guy) where to park when staying at Paris, and even thought it has been over a year since I was there, it all felt like yesterday. We checked in, Pat was in the hotel room next to Thomas and I. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good after the drive but was definitely keen for a drink. We told Pat to come over and we’d have a drink before heading to the pool.

Pat came over wearing his pool shorts, t-shirt, hat and had a drink in hand. Thomas and I had just poured a drink and Pat slammed his down so I poured him another one.

View from Paris Las Vegas

This is a photo I took last time I was in Vegas

We had just spent 10 hours in a car together but the conversation still flowed and we had a great view of the pool which was pretty quiet. I had just poured our second drink (Pat’s third) when Thoams went in to the bathroom. He came out wearing the new Turbo brand speedo that I had bought him for the trip.

He was wearing the speedo and nothing else. He also had a semi (semi hard on) and he looked delicious.

At first I was a little bit embarassed. But with Thomas standing there in all his speedo glory Pat said “You could make a married man question himself wearing that Thomas.” This was just the kind of attention Thomas loves and he walked over to where Pat was sitting on the bed. His crotch was at Pat’s eye level and he was inviting Pat to touch him. Pat looked over at me.

I think if I was ten years younger I would have been upset or jealous but I’m kind of used to Thomas being a little slut, so with Pat looking at me I just said “What is done in Vegas….”

Pat reached out and started rubbing Thomas’s crotch.

Thomas was looking at me with a very cheeky grin on his face. He even put both of his hands behind his head as he let my married, straight, work colleague rub his cock.

After a few minutes of this Thomas got Pat off the bed, on his feet and started making out with him. I really couldn’t believe it, I didn’t think Pat had a gay bone in his body but… that is Vegas baby. Thomas took Pat’s shirt off and the big surprise (there were a lot of surprises) was when Thomas took off Pat’s shorts, Pat was wearing a pair of red AussieBum speedos.


It was pretty hot watching my twenty something year old boyfriend making out with a guy nearly twice his age. Their cocks were both hard and rubbing together.

I was hard too watching this as you can imagine.

Thomas broke off the kissing and looking in to Pat’s eyes he told him that he would give him the best blowjob of his life, but he had to promise to wear those red speedos to the pool.

I think Pat would have sold his children for a blowjob at that minute and he readily agreed. Thomas lead him back to the bed and right next to where I was sitting Pat sat down and my boyfriend got on his knees between Pat’s legs. Thomas released Pat’s cock out the leg of his red AussieBum speedos and he went to work.

Thomas loves cock and he is perhaps the best cock sucker I have experienced. It is half technique, and it is half just a love of cock and he has both of those.

This was too much for me. I got up, dropped my shorts, went to the bathroom and squirted some lube on my cock. Returning to the room my boyfriend was on his knees sucking Pat’s cock. Thomas was wearing the new speedos and instead of taking them off, I just pulled them aside giving me access to his little twenty year old butt hole.

He didn’t miss a beat as I slipped my cock inside him.

Thomas and I had never done any group or threesome stuff together before and seeing the pleasure he was bringing Pat while I fucked him was really hot.

It was Pat whose orgasm started first. OMG he was sooooo loud I’m sure anyone in the hallway would have heard him. For at least a minute before his orgasm he was yelling. That got me pretty worked up as well and I came in Thomas’s arse shortly after Pat came in Thomas’s mouth.

That was pretty intense.

Pat kept thanking Thomas telling him it was the best blowjob he has ever had.

After another drink and a little bit of a debrief on what just happened we headed down to the pool. Thomas made Pat wear his red speedo which he did try to get out of. We were the only three guys wearing speedos at the pool but it was pretty quiet and nobody bothered us or cared.

Pool at Las Vegas Paris

We kept drinking and after about an hour Thomas (who had been on his phone a little bit) announced that there were more ‘speedo guys’ joining us.

This confused Pat and I so Thomas explained. He had been on Grindr and there were two guys staying at the hotel and they had seen the three of us in the pool wearing speedos. Thomas said they were coming down to join us and would be speedo’ing it up as well.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at writing about having sex. There is more for me to write if you think my writing is good enough.

December 24th, 2021
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