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Captain of the Footy Team

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Hey guys, I first published this experience last year and from the feedback I got, it was your favourite.  The bloke who wrote it is a long time member and we were chatting online and he told me about this experience he had.  I encouraged him to write about it and it really is an amazing experience.

Everyone, including me, wanted to know what happened later in the footy season…. well, I am just polishing up the final version of that and I will have it ready for you guys tomorrow.

Thought I’d post this to give you a refresh.

Cya tomorrow guys.

The whole COVID thing screwed my life up a bit. Like a lot of young Aussie’s, I was doing the London thing. With border closures and lock downs, I ended up back in Australia, as a bit of a nomad. After over a year I finally settled down in a little beach town on the east coast.

Being new to town, I didn’t know anyone so I tried to get out, mingle, and make some friends.

One thing I did was join the local AFL (Australian Rules) footy team. I had played in high school, I wasn’t very good back then, and I haven’t gotten any better with age. I wasn’t that interested in playing any games, just go to training and have some beers with the guys afterwards.

I kept an eye out and when I saw that they had started preseason training, I bought some footy boots, a mouth guard and went along.

It was a pretty good bunch of guys, I’m thirty years old and most of the guys were in their early twenties. There were a handful of new guys, like me, but the core of the team was a group of guys in their early twenties who had grown up together. The captain of the team, who everyone called Macca, was twenty-one years old and just gorgeous, ow sorry, I mean Macca was a great footy player. Dirty blonde shoulder length hair, tall, wiry thin and not an ounce of fat on him. Those short footy shorts made his legs look like they went up forever. Macca’s best mate, and vice captain, is another gorgeous twenty-one year old they call Digger.

I won’t bore you guys with any more team details, but let met just say that being in a locker room with twenty, twenty year old guys in footy gear or less gave me some jerk off material for when I would get home after training.

Yes, I am gay and I am out to my friends but I don’t wear it on my sleeve. When I’m single, nobody would know or have any reason to think I’m gay. My sexuality was not something I had advertised to my new footy team mates.

Our second game of the season was an away game (about an hours drive away) and my car was at the mechanics. It was no big deal, someone gave me a ride to the game and it was the skipper, Macca, who gave me a ride home, since he lived on my side of town (he still lives with his parents). I invited Macca in for a beer or a rumbo to thank him for giving me a ride and he said sure.

Being completely honest, while I had naughty thoughts, in the privacy of my own masturbation sessions, about my team mates, there was no way on the planet I would have the courage to make a move and none of the guys gave off the slightest hint of being gay. At the first two games there was a little entourage of the girlfriends. With that in mind, I purely asked Macca in for a drink to thank him for the ride home, and thanks for being nice, considering I’m one of the worst players in the team and they have made me feel welcome.

While I was getting some beer out of the fridge Macca noticed the spa (hottub/jacuzzi) in on my back patio. He asked if it works, I said hell yeah it does and I’ve been spending some time in it after pulling up sore from footy. Macca asked if he could jump in, hell yeah (my mind did a little cartwheel). I was more composed in my outward approval of letting Macca use the spa. Handing him a beer I told him I’d grab some towels and asked if he need any shorts? He replied that he was wearing DT’s (dick togs aka speedos) which would be fine. Yes, they would be fine Macca (I said in my head).

I have a thing for speedos, more for guys wearing speedos, hence why I’m a fan of the speedo blog. What has surprised me since coming back from London is the number of Aussie guys who are wearing DT’s/speedos. It seems like most of my footy team mates wear them as underwear when playing and there are younger guys wearing them at the beach which wasn’t the case when I was in my twenties.

Walking outside to the spa, Macca was already submerged up to his neck and I saw his team footy shorts and hoodie on the ground. I dropped my footy shorts to reveal my classic black speedo and jumped in.

Just a couple of footy team mates sitting in a spa, each wearing less than a handkerchief.

It wasn’t long until our beers were empty, Macca offered to get refills and I gladly accepted the view of his lithe body, dripping with water getting out of the spa, his ass looked like it was sculptured and just as hard as marble.

After our second beer, I said I was going to swap to rum and Macca asked if it was alright if he had one. It seemed like he might be in for a bit of a session and since he didn’t live far he could leave his car at my house and walk home.

We settled in for a bit of a session. Conversation flowed, every two drinks I got to soak in the eye candy that was Macca’s beautiful body getting out of my spa and the view of him walking in to the house. Nothing naughty was discussed, I was not hitting on Macca at all but knew that I would be picturing him when I jerked off, which I thought would be about two minutes after he left.

Then Macca dropped the hammer. Must have been the drinks that loosened him up and he finally asked me if I was gay.

Not the first person to ever ask me, but I was a little surprised because I thought I hadn’t shown any inkling of being gay. I asked him why he thought that? He replied that his best mate, Digger, thought so. Answering a question, with a question, I asked how did Digger know?

Another hammer drops… Digger goes a bit both ways, according to Macca. I admitted than I had no idea, my gaydar (gay radar) has never been any good.

Macca repeated his question, am I gay? Assuring me that it is no problem.

I admitted I am gay. Not in between, like Digger, but one hundred percent gay. Macca complimented me saying that he had no idea and I didn’t seem very gay, for me that is a compliment, probably not a compliment to most of the gay community. Macca wanted to continue questioning me about my gayness (his words, not mine), but I wanted to hear about Digger’s ‘gayness’. It wasn’t difficult to move the conversation in that direction, Macca (and I) were slowly getting a little tipsy.

Digger has a girlfriend, cute little blonde thing I have seen at footy training, so I asked Macca about that. Macca assured me that nobody knows Digger does gay things except him, and he declared that nobody but him knows that I am gay either.

It was during this part of the conversation that Macca dropped the hammer that Digger has blown him in the past.

Being playful, I jested that maybe Macca is really gay as well. Nah mate, he replied. A mouth is a mouth right? Using his straight, slightly red neck reasoning, he told me that it makes sense that guys suck dick better than chicks since we know what feels good. And he knows, he has had a string of girlfriends who don’t really like sucking cock.

Now I started to think that maybe Macca was a little keen.

Being a little more frank than I usually would be (beer and Rum assisted) I asked Macca if he would like a blowjob? From a real expert.

Yeah why not, was Macca’s reply. Saying it as if he had nothing better to do, so why not get his cock sucked from his new team mate. I slid across the spa and said to Macca I’d just make sure he is warmed up. My right hand touched his right knee and I slid my hand up his thigh. Before I got to his cock he made me promise not to tell anyone. Of course, a mouth is just a mouth I assured him. My hand moved to the front of his speedo and to my surprise, he was rock hard.

Rest is for members only guys and part two of this experience will unfortunately be for members only as well.

The author is very careful about his discretion (he has a great job and doesn’t want to be outted) and he also thinks that it wouldn’t be too hard for people to identify him from what he has already written.

Plus, I like to look after my members.

February 11th, 2024

Creaming my Speedos

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This happened this morning…..

Does this happen to anyone else?

Pre Cum in Tight AussieBum SpeedosCreaming my AussieBum Speedos

October 19th, 2023

A Lap Down Memory Lane

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Today I am headed down to the big smoke to hang out with some friends, birthday party is the official excuse.  It is a 2hr drive and since I would like to avoid traffic I’m going to head down mid morning.  Since I will have some time to kill I am going to swing by my old swimming pool for some laps.

This community pool is a big complex and I used to swim there a lot late high school and first couple of years of college.  It was training for surf life saving stuff and it also helped feed my speedo fetish back in those days.

Being a big swimming complex the change rooms are huge and it was in there that I had many of my early sexual experiences.  I have dug through the archives and I have found one of the early blog posts describing the second time I got caught masturbating in the showers.  I used to jerk off every time I went to the pool and I have a feeling, I should do the same today just for nostalgia.

I thought I better tell you about the second time I got caught masturbating in the locker room of the local pool. This time I was 20 and was different to my first time.…. this time it was organised. I had met a guy who had some done modelling for my site. I wasn’t at the modelling shoots but his boyfriend took the pics and emailed them over to me.

I kept in touch with Kieran (sorry that is his name) over the next 6 months or so – all via email and MSN Messenger. And then he and his boyfriend broke up. He didn’t seem all that upset when we spoke about it and he told me about how he had been looking forward to getting out and finding what he had been missing out on.

So Kieran had just broken up with his boyfriend and was keen to get out and fuck anything that moved – I think they were going out for like 18 months and it was Kieran’s first boyfriend so he was keen to widen his experiences by the sounds of it.

After talking with Kieran online for a couple of weeks and hearing of his new found freedom which he was taking advantage of it came around that we were talking about my swim training. Kieran was from Brisbane but loved speedos and had swam at school. I told Kieran about me getting busted masturbating in the shower at the pool.

Kieran was turned on by my experience and said he’d love to interrupt me. One thing lead to another and I told him what pool it was and what time I was normally there. I told him that since he knew where I was and those days I was masturbating in the showers every day that he was more than welcome to interrupt me. Red speedos were my favourite at the time and Kieran would be able to pick me out. Although I had seen all the pics from Kieran’s earlier shoot we hadn’t actually met in person.

The next couple of days at the pool I was soooooo horny!!! Each day I would get hard doing my laps thinking that Kieran would be there and coming up to interrupt me in the shower. For two days I went up to the locker room and proceeded to jack off in the showers but no sign of Kieran.

But on the third day…..

Sorry guys, I’m going to keep the rest of this for members only.

July 7th, 2023

Morning Wank

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Do you guys have a regular wank schedule?

Funny how things like this are never really talked about (at least I’ve never had mates who would be interesting in chatting about these things).

I personally don’t have a regular jerk off schedule but if I had to pick a habit, it would be waking up with a boner and jerking off before starting my day. Really interested to hear if you guys have a schedule.

Jerking Off in Speedos

June 5th, 2023

My New Team Mates Cum On Me

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Lying on the floor of the communal showers, I was was covered in cum. Not my cum. It was in my hair, in my chest hair, on my face, all over the speedos I was wearing, and I think there was even some cum between my toes.

This was part one of the initiation to my new waterpolo team.

My team mates had all left the big open shower area, leaving the coach and I alone. The coach, who liked to be called ‘Coach’ was a big guy. He had played waterpolo at two Olympics and his arms were easily bigger than my legs. Nearly sixty years old, Coach’s barrel chest and chiseled jaw left no doubt how fit and strong he was.

Back on my feet, Coach approached me. We were both wearing the team speedos and both had raging boners. Coach asked me if I really wanted to be a member of his team, I replied in the affirmative. I had been told that we weren’t allowed to take our team uniforms/speedos home and Coach reminded me of this as he started to undo the white drawstring at the front of my speedo. With the knot undone, he popped my cock out and slid them down until they were on the shower floor.

This whole thing started about a month ago when one of my members, Kieran, messaged me an invitation to come along and train with his waterpolo team. I had never played before but I swim three or more times a week and I have stated publicly how hot waterpolo guys are. Kieran told me that the team was short of players and would love to have me along. I was told that while it isn’t a ‘gay’ team (there are teams that wave the rainbow flag proudly), half the team were gay guys and most of the other guys seemed very open minded.

When you think about it, a waterpolo player is hanging around a bunch of guys wearing very, very little and it is a full contact sport. Not the kind of thing that attracts homophobes.

Sounded like fun, so I got my courage up and went along. The first two weeks were great. I was proud that my swimming was strong enough to keep up with the guys, even thought I lacked the skills (ball skills – hehe) and tactics. Kieran was great and after each training session we would go back to his place and fuck like rabbits. This might have explained why I didn’t miss any training sessions.

Under the water there was LOTS of touching, pinching and grabbing. Back to what I mentioned earlier about not being suitable for homophobes, this was definitely the case under the water.

Nothing very gay happened until my third training session.

Most of the guys in the team had been playing together for years and they really don’t stop training much at all even though their season was starting just a few weeks after I started going along. The guys all had their ‘team’ speedo and I was keen to get mine. At the end of each training session the guys would give Coach their team speedo. He would take them home, wash them and hand them out at the next training session.

To training I wore my Turbo waterpolo style speedo and wore them under my shorts, I didn’t need the change rooms as I just dropped my shorts before and usually wore a towel home to Kieran’s place. The rest of the guys went in to the change rooms when they were handed their speedo from Coach.

My Turbo Waterpolo SpeedoMy Turbo SpeedoTurbo Waterpolo SwimwearGuy Wearing My SpeedosTurbo Swimwear

On week three I was out by the pool doing some stretches before training and Kieran told me I should follow him in to the change rooms.

During the short walk to the change rooms, Kieran informs me that if someone is late or misses training, then the guys will jerk off and cum in his speedo before training. Wow, things are getting gay. My cock started stirring. Walking in to the change rooms was like the introductory scene of a porno, eight guys all wearing nothing more than a speedo, which was pretty hot to start with. What was even hotter, there was Coach leaning against the sink/basin jerking off. This was the first time I had seen Coach wear a speedo and he was wearing the same team speedo that everyone else (except me) was wearing. I stood there completely in shock.

Funny that this is exactly what I had always dreamed a waterpolo team would be like and now I was actually in the middle of it. My cock had come completely to life while I stood there frozen.

Coach’s hips were thrusting and his rock hard butt cheeks were flexing and looked fantastic in his team uniform.  It even said “Coach” on the bum.

His moans got louder as he approached orgasm.

The other guys really didn’t seem to be too concerned or even interested and were just going about getting ready for the training session. I was mesmerized by Coach’s thrusting. And then one of his forwards thrusts was not followed by a thrust back as his cock starting spurting cum. Not on the bench but on one of the team speedos that was on the bench.

Coach wiped the last of his cum on the lycra material and tucked his fat, cut cock back in to his speedo. He turned around and looked at me, first looking at my eyes but then his eyes drifted down to my cock which was straining to get out of the lycra that was holding it in. Coach asked, really he told me, that I should ‘contribute’ because there was no way I could start training in the state that I was in.

He stood next to the bench and waved me over. I walked up beside him, my hips facing the bench and looked down at the cummy speedo. There had to be half a dozen loads of creamy cum slowly soaking deep in to the material. I could just make out the nick name of one of my team mates on the bum of the speedo, Rocky (Kieran told me he got that nickname because he loves to fight). Coach gave me a pat on the back and reassured me that it was OK, Rocky would do the same for me if I was late to training.

With that last piece of coaching advice, Coach put on a pair of shorts and left me alone in the change rooms.

I pulled my cock out the top of my speedo (the waterpolo style speedos don’t stretch very much so I can’t really pull my cock out the leg of my speedo how I usually jerk off in them). It didn’t take me long before I was adding my creamy load to Rocky’s speedo.

Rocky did turn up half way through training (I heard he had a genuine excuse for being late), I saw him come out of the change rooms wearing his cum soaked speedo and felt a little envious. Hehehe, I am such a cum slut.

My turn would come the following week, which is where I started telling you guys about this.

Sorry guys, I’m going to share this with my members only at this stage. It is their support that allows me to take the time writing about my experiences and pays the server, and server admin (Kip) bills to keep the lights on.

If you decide to become a member, you will appreciate the extra love I give you. Heck, Kieran was (and still is) a member which is how I became a waterpolo player.


March 22nd, 2023

Cummy Thong Thursday

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July 15th, 2022
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