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Tattoo’s Still Cool?

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I mentioned over the weekend that beach life is definitely back in full swing here down under, great to see people at the beach.  A few more speedos, lots of g-string and lots of shitty tattoos.

I’m wondering, are tattoo’s still cool?  Were they ever?

Are 18yo and 21yo’s getting tattoos as often these days?  I feel like my generation was the one who really got it to it with tramp stamps and even the southern cross stars being tattoo’d everywhere.

This guy looks a little bit younger than me, he is hot and I love the green speedo…. he has polynesian tattoo’s but doesn’t look like he has any polynesian heritage.  And, I hope he keeps a flat tummy as he gets older so that scorpion doesn’t get all deformed.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Tattoo's and Speedos

October 18th, 2023

Hottest green speedo picture ever!!!

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Today I was working on some promo stuff for my site and I was looking for an old speedo photo.  It is weird how some speedo pics just stick in my memory, I do kind of look at guys in speedos all day, just the photos archive on has 6,500 photos.  I did find the pic I was looking for and followed it to see when I first posted it on this blog.  It was back in December 2007!!!

Pretty sure Facebook didn’t exist back then… but the Aussie Speedo Guy did.  Hahaha.

Here is the post I wrote all that time ago:

This guy looks like a guy called Adam I went to primary skool with.  The guy I knew was a twin and about 4 yrs ago I ran into his twin sister at a night club on the Gold Coast.  She looked fantasic (tall, tanned, fit and blonde) and all I could think about at the time was I wonder what Adam looks like these days.

Green Speedo

July 3rd, 2023

Guys Cancelling

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My hike yesterday was just lovely.  The wind got up a littler earlier than I expected but was nice to get out and stretch the legs and the beer at the end tasted really good.

There was no naughty action at the nude beach so nothing to report there.

I did get a message from a guy who was keen to join me (which surely would have resulted in some hanky-panky at some point along the hike).  Sounded good and the company on the 10km walk would have been nice as well, then at the very last minute, he cancels.

Ow well, his loss.

This is the fourth rejection/cancelling I have had in the last few weeks.

The first was over Easter when a gay couple who were staying not far from where I live hit me up on Grindr keen for a threesome.  When they rocked up, there was only one of them.  They were in a long term relationship and the guy who cancelled just wasn’t feeling well so his boyfriend came over anyway.  Weird.  The boyfriend and I still fucked like rabbits for an our or so and he went home to his boyfriend.

Next was a guy I was super keen to hook up with who messaged me on Twitter.  I really don’t use Twitter, I use Twitter messaging even less (every day I spend at least an hour emailing members and guys about my sites).  After telling this guy to email me and explaining I don’t use Twitter much, he messages me on Twitter and I don’t see the message for a few weeks and he gets the shits.

No naughty action for him if he gets stroppy like that.

OK, I better stop complaining and get some work done. Think I’ll publish a new Movie of the Week tomorrow for you guys, leave a comment if you have any special requests.

May 11th, 2023

Green Speedos

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I have never owned a pair of green speedos.  Kind of odd but I suppose black, blue and red are a lot more common.

With that in mind, I was topping up my collection of ‘swimming’ speedos (ie speedos that I can wear in public to the public pool) and thought I would try a pair of green speedos.

Now I have them in green, blue and black (I actually ruined my first pair of black ones of these cutting out the lining and I ‘slipped’ which was a bummer).

New Green Speedos

Yesterday was a gorgeous, early winters, day here so I headed to one of my secret quiet beach spots for the morning.  The purpose was to test out my new green speedos. 

Full gallery for members, I need to be a little bit discrete.

My Green Speedos


Here are some guys showing off their green speedos as well, I’m going to use these hot speedos guys as motivation, I will be at the pool today (in my new green speedos).

May 5th, 2023

Solo Valentines

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Happy Valentines day guys, unfortunately, I had a solo Valentine’s Day (I’m writing this the morning after).

It was sooooo exciting I have to tell you guys about it.  A storm rolled in during the afternoon so I poured an adult drink and sat on my patio and enjoyed the lightening show,  it actually got a little cool so had to put on my slippers and a light sweater/jumper.  After two drinks I cooked up some dinner and watched the last episode of Andor (yeah I am a nerd at heart) and after that I went to bed.  I was probably asleep by 8am.

Life isn’t all about hardcore gay fuck sessions for Aussie Speedo Guy…..

This morning I woke up early, funny how that happens when one goes to bed early, went for a morning coffee and swim at the beach and then settled in to a nice long day of work.  I have a handful of new movies to add to, one of them featured Lan, a thirty year old, 6’3″ and 200lb of stud who looks perfect in his green speedo.  I thought I would share this clip with you guys (sample clip for everyone, full 10 minute cumshot clip with members) of Lan jerking off.

Unfortunately he removes his speedos but it is pretty hot.

If you like Lan, let me know, there is a second video clip I have of him fucking another speedo stud.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was more naughty than mine, but if not, I hope I helped stretch your speedo for you.

February 15th, 2023

Out and about in speedos (green speedos)

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It is winter here in Australia and I often joke to some of my friends in the northern hemisphere that an Aussie winter, is better than their summer.  That statement might be a little stretch of the truth but it is pretty close.

All winter I can swim in just a speedo, the mornings can be cool but a normal day will still warm up to 25C or warmed which is perfect.

Yesterday afternoon I saw some evidence of how nice the winters are here… I was walking down to the local corner store to grab some bread and milk, walking along the beach in a pair of dork shirt and t-shirt.  Then I noticed, running towards me were two very fit young guys (college/university age), wearing nothing but tight, tiny little speedos.  One black and one fluro green.

I pretty much got a hard on then and there seeing these two guys jogging and talking and looking so amazing. I managed to get home, stripped down to my black speedos and finished the thoughts I was having about being in the middle of those two guys.

My point to this little blog post… even in winter, guys are running around in speedos.  I took the long way round to get to that point.

The fluro green speedos are pretty rare, I was once given a pair by Corka (an Aussie swimwear brand that looks to have closed down).

Green Speedo Selfie

June 10th, 2020
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