Sucking Cock for Hours!!!

Today I spend hours sucking cock.

I went around to Alex and Adam’s place at 10am, as has become my schedule doing this time of contagion.  They ordered me to suck their cocks which I was more than happy to do… as usual.

I sucked off Alex first and it took ages.  I pulled out all of my tricks and still it took him ages.  When he did, it was just a dribble that he deposited in my mouth.

Normally I can make these guys cum pretty quickly, particularly if I put my skills to work.

Then I was sucking off Alex at the other end of their work table and they started telling me that last night they had some friends over and they had a late night foursome and really fucked their brains out.  Then this morning, Alex and Adam woke up horny from last nights activities and went at it again so they were a little bit spent.

Never fear…. I eventually made Alex cum.

How long have you sucked cock for in one sitting?

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