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Asian Thong Thursday

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Happy Thong Thursday guys….

I am still working my tail off on some corporate stuff here (dealing with credit card processors and bank stuff).  Pain in the butt, but this is what it takes to keep these sites running smoothly and not giving 50% of your subscriptions to OnlyFans or other sites like that.

Hopefully only a few more boring days and I can get back to some speedo fun.

This summer, I really do need to get out in my thong more.  I have a black thong with a drawstring (took me ages to find one) and I have never taken any selfies while wearing it.

Hope these two cute Asian guys inspire you to thong it up as well.

Asian Thong Thursday

September 14th, 2023

Couples in Speedos

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One of my long time fans lives about an hour south of me and today, I am finally going to meet him.

We’ve chatted online a bunch and compared lots of notes on speedos.  Neither of us are in the gay ‘scene’ although we have both talked about wanting to dip our toe in (go to a gay sauna for example) but are too nervous to go on our own.  Catching up for a beer, will see if we end up back at my place stripped down to our speedos.

Would be nice to have a regular speedo wing man to do some more ‘scene’ things.

I’ll keep you guys posted how it goes today.

Matching Couples Swimwear

August 23rd, 2023

Young Gay Couple Movie

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This weeks Movie of the Week is an extra special surprise for you guys, it is actually four movies totally an hour and twenty minutes of speedo porn.  It is from deep in my movies archive and I’ve reformatted it all in HD and I thought maybe you guys would like it.

The first three scenes follow a young gay couple hanging out on summer, yes, they love their speedos.  There is a little bit of kissing in public (which is hot) and in the third scene they find a cave and there is some sneaky cock sucking. All three scenes end up back at their house when the sex is hardcore.

The fourth scene is my favourite when the young couple invite a third to Guest Star.  You guys know how much I love threesomes and it is great to see a young gay couple exploring their sexual tastes and adding a third.

Now being in HD, it is 2.8gig of movies which if 500 people download in a day is huge.  It is because of that cost that I can only make these available to members.  If you’d like to watch the entire hour and twenty minutes, click here to join now.  It is only $5.  I think this movie alone is worth it.

Maybe I am a softie and I’ll share with non-members a sample clip. I doubt anyone will be soft after watching this though.

This is a sample clips from the fourth scene in this collection, and the hottest I think. If you like this, please consider becoming a member.

August 21st, 2023

Two New Speedo Movies

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Good morning guys, quick post letting you know there are 2 new movies I just published over on my site

The first is a bit of old school poolside porn.  Two very hot young guys fucking poolside, no speedos unfortunately but I thought it was so hot, I would add it to the archives.

Gay Twinks Poolside

The second movie is one I have been blowing load after load watching all week.  Usual poolboy story line but far out these guys are hot.  I was thinking, in the past I would picture myself as the poolboy getting my ass just destroyed by an older guy.  However, as I’m getting older I see myself as The Man in Red Speedos more and more.

Who do you picture yourself as?

I have made up some promo clips of both of these movies, go to, bottom of the page has the sample clips.  As always, no pops up or rubbish like that.  I hate those things so never put them on my sites.

July 19th, 2023

Hardcore Young Gay Guys

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Good morning everybody, I hope the weather is warming up for those of you in the northern hemisphere, it has been a little chilly down under.  When I woke up today, was 9C (48F).  The days do warm up though so it is lovely, just a little cool first thing.  I still get in the ocean most days so isn’t that cold.

I am head up the beach today but have been meaning to post a new ‘Movie of the Week’ for you guys.

This speedo porno is one of my favourite from the archives.  Couple of cute young guys are hanging out working on their speedo tans and they get boners and go downstairs and fuck like rabbits.  Love the guy in the blue speedos, and they fit him just perfect.

What reminded me of this movie (there are 100’s in the archive over on my main site was the guy I met at the beach a few weeks ago.  The real life guy was a hairdresser and had earings and tatts (not usually my thing) but was wearing a speedo (which is my thing).  Click here to read that post.

Enjoy this movie guys, I even decided to let non members see a little (3 minute) snip of the full 17 minute movie.

May 30th, 2023

Xmas Threesome

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I have had a few naughty experiences over the Xmas break that I’d like to share with you guys and I’ll start at the beginning….

It was the week before Xmas and town here was crazy, people everywhere, the pool was packed, the beach was packed and while I am a people person, I prefer it when my little beach town, here in Australia, is quiet.  One morning I had woken up, was horny and before I jerked off I thought I’d quickly check the gay hookup app that I use. Ignoring the dozen messages from guys saying “Hi” and the blank profiles I found one that looked very interesting.

Grindr Blank Profiles

Mid thirties, long time gay couple looking to give ourselves a Xmas threesome, experienced but not in the scene and has been too long since we added a third for some fun.

They had a bunch of photos of themselves and they looked like some average Aussie blokes.

I shot them a message. I flipped over to my main site and watched some threesome speedo porn. When I was getting close, I paused and checked my phone. They had replied.

Over the next hour or so we chatted back and forward and it sounded like we were all compatible. We arranged for me to meet at their place at five o’clock that afternoon.

Let me tell you, I had to distract myself for the rest of the day with boring accounting and bookwork stuff to keep my mind from racing and my cock from stirring too much. Finally the hour approached, I showed and put on a pair of speedos (that I am wearing on my profile picture), a pair of dork shorts and a shirt, grabbed some beers and headed out the door. Ten minutes later, I was knocking on their door.

As the door opened, I was greeted by two guys wearing AussieBum speedos and nothing else. I expected a handshake but after one of them had taken the beer out of my hand, I was welcomed with warm hugs. Weird hugging a complete stranger who is only wearing a speedo, but I liked it.

Sorry guys, for the time being, the rest of this is for members only.  It is their support which allows me to keep the lights on and the speedos around my ankles.  If you are interested in joining, it is only $5.

February 9th, 2023
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