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Hawaii Speedo Student

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More darn rain is on the way here on the ‘Sunshine Coast’, looks like some days indoors for me, which can be fun too.

Looks like the Hawaii Speedo Student is getting up to some indoor activities lately.  Darn he wears a speedo well doesn’t he?

Speedo Student

If you are new here and don’t know who the ‘Speedo Student’ is, here is some background for you guys.  He is one of my all time speedo crushes for sure!!!

The Hawaii Speedo Student made headlines back in 2010 when he posed for photos at his college wearing speedos.  It was in Hawaii (hence Hawaii Speedo Student).  He looked fantastic in his speedos but I think what got him in trouble was that he was jerking off…. maybe not too cool in a

Here is the newspaper article.

With the fame the Hawaii Speedo Student was scouted by a gay porn company and made a really hot porn video.  I bought the rights to the movie and you can watch it on my site – it is really hot and a movie that I personally watch maybe once a month.

I have been in contact with the Hawaii Speedo Student and Kip and I hosted his blog a few years ago.  From there I have a library of nearly 200 photos of him.

April 4th, 2024

Morning Wood

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Do you guys wake up horny?

For me, it is pretty much every morning.  This morning, I was particularly horny.  Also, I’ve never been a huge ‘precummer’, a little will ooze out but it is by no means a ‘tap’.  But, this morning I was soooo horny I was oozing precum more than usual.

Would love to know if you are a precummer?

Pre Cum

Instead of jerking off (as I usually do), I decided to cool down by heading to the pool.  Unfortunately, that just made me hornier so I jerked off in the showers.  Of course, I was imagining being interrupted…..

Pre Cumming Selfie

September 27th, 2023

Morning Wank

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Do you guys have a regular wank schedule?

Funny how things like this are never really talked about (at least I’ve never had mates who would be interesting in chatting about these things).

I personally don’t have a regular jerk off schedule but if I had to pick a habit, it would be waking up with a boner and jerking off before starting my day. Really interested to hear if you guys have a schedule.

Jerking Off in Speedos

June 5th, 2023

Sunday Speedo Tan Session

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Finally the darn school holidays are over and I get the beach and pool back to myself.  The joys of living in a beach town means that during holidays, it becomes a bit of a zoo.

Sunday was the last day and after a late night (I might have had a couple of drinks too many) I decided to spend the day on my deck working on my speedo tan.

I couldn’t decide which speedo to wear….

(of course, members get to see the full size images, and some pics of me jerking off).

April 17th, 2023

Solo Valentines

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Happy Valentines day guys, unfortunately, I had a solo Valentine’s Day (I’m writing this the morning after).

It was sooooo exciting I have to tell you guys about it.  A storm rolled in during the afternoon so I poured an adult drink and sat on my patio and enjoyed the lightening show,  it actually got a little cool so had to put on my slippers and a light sweater/jumper.  After two drinks I cooked up some dinner and watched the last episode of Andor (yeah I am a nerd at heart) and after that I went to bed.  I was probably asleep by 8am.

Life isn’t all about hardcore gay fuck sessions for Aussie Speedo Guy…..

This morning I woke up early, funny how that happens when one goes to bed early, went for a morning coffee and swim at the beach and then settled in to a nice long day of work.  I have a handful of new movies to add to, one of them featured Lan, a thirty year old, 6’3″ and 200lb of stud who looks perfect in his green speedo.  I thought I would share this clip with you guys (sample clip for everyone, full 10 minute cumshot clip with members) of Lan jerking off.

Unfortunately he removes his speedos but it is pretty hot.

If you like Lan, let me know, there is a second video clip I have of him fucking another speedo stud.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was more naughty than mine, but if not, I hope I helped stretch your speedo for you.

February 15th, 2023

My New Camo Speedos

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For years I’ve had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with AussieBum speedos…. I loved their classic nylon speedos and I’ve had some amazing experiences, particularly with the AussieBum Portseas (pictured below – members can see the full gallery of my speedo selfies).



Some fitter looking guys wearing those AussieBum Portseas….

I feel recently AussieBum has gone a bit too ‘funky’, a bit too ‘gay’ with their speedos and 95% of my collection I buy because I would like to be able to wear them to the public pool for laps.

Earlier this week I was sent these Camo speedos by a member.  And I love them!!!

They aren’t the nylon which AussieBum is famous for, they are a beautiful, light lycra and the fit is just perfect.

Camo AussieBum Speedos

I woke up this morning and they had this effect on me (again, members can see how I solved this ‘morning boner’ problem).

Speedo BonerJerking off Wearing Speedos

January 19th, 2023
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