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He Can Grindr Me

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One of my cheesy pick up lines (to women) is when I am out partying and if I see a chick on her phone, I tell her that if she sees my face, to swipe right…. joking that she is on Tinder.

I haven’t gotten laid or a girlfriend out of the pickup line but I usually get a smile.

If I saw this guy at the beach I wonder if I would have the courage to use that pick up line?

ADIDAS Speedo Grindr Guy

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September 1st, 2023

Dad Gets a Holiday Release

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I have finally finished writing about this experience I had a little over a week ago.

It was a pretty hot once off fuck session and I’m glad I could take the time and share it with you guys.

Last Friday I had an interesting hookup I would like to share with you guys.

It was the last week of the school holidays, which I hate because town is a zoo with tourists.  The beach and paths are busy, so I usually end up working a lot more and spending time cocooned up in my unit.  These holidays the lap pool hasn’t been busy which has been good.  Back to Friday, I had just got back from the pool, I am walking around the house in my speedo feeling a little horny and I flip on my gay hookup app.

The usual dozen messages of guys with blank profiles saying “Hey”, once they were deleted, I started browsing.

There was a new face on there, early forties, pic of him wearing a speedo at the beach with a woman in a bikini (faces not blurred), not a lot of details but the info said “Visiting on holidays with family, need a discrete release.”  My kind of guy.

I sent him a message saying I would love to help him out, mentioned what street I live on.  Within seconds he replied back.

The Dad (I’ll refer to him as that) said that he was up from Sydney on holidays with his wife, two kids and his mother-in-law and he was going nuts.  The unit they were staying in was tiny and the wife hadn’t given him any form of sexual release, as a result, he was super horny and on a gay hookup app.  He said the timing was perfect because he had planned to go for a Friday afternoon game of golf, but fucking me sounded like a much better game.

I shared my address with him (he was staying very close) and he said he would be over in thirty minutes.  He asked if I had any requests, I told him I had condoms/lube, but I would love it if he wore a speedo.  He said no probs.

Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at my door.

I answered the door wearing a pair of my new speedos (yes, I have selfies you can see) and nothing else.  The Dad’s eyes went straight to my crotch which was stretching the lycra and had a dollop of precum which has caused a bit of a wet patch.  My eyes were greeted by a stocky, but fit, early forties guy with slightly greying hair wearing very typical golf attire.

We shook hands and The Dad’s left hand shook hands with my cock and balls.  He said that this was going to be way more fun than golfing.

I turned my back walking in to my unit where I had setup all the sex tools in the lounge room.  Behind me I heard The Dad undoing his belt and removing his clothes.  When I turned around there he was in all his glory, wearing a tiny classic black speedo, his cock was already starting to stretch the black lycra.  I told The Dad to have a seat while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers.  The Dad told me that his wife had questioned him when he put on his speedo to go to golf, he had brushed it off telling her he would swing by the pool if the golf course was too busy.  Just imagine if he has told her the truth?

Returning to the living room, The Dad had made himself comfortable in the middle of the couch.  His arms were outstretched and his legs were spread.  He looked pretty comfortable, I thought to myself this might be something he does on a regular basis.

Speedo Dad

I handed The Dad a beer and I got on my knees in front of him.  We weren’t in any rush (it takes two hours to play half a round of golf), so I started by sliding my hands up the inside of his muscular thighs, all the way up until I stopped, just short of the lycra of his speedo.  He was fully erect by this this stage.  After rubbing his thighs I started stroking his cock through that lycra.  My right hand sliding up and down his shaft, my left rubbing his balls and sliding even lower to that little gap between balls and arsehole.

The Dad finally spoke up and told me that if I kept that up, he would have a hard time explaining to his wife why he dumped his five day load of cum in his speedo.

I took the hint, pulled the let of his speedo out (it was tight from holding in his engorged cock) and his manhood sprung out of the speedo like a greyhound at the track.  Wow, he had a great cock.  Fat, not super long, cut and he was shaved.  Just the kind of cock that I love to worship.

I took him in my mouth and went to work.  Immediately, The Dad started moaning,  The head of his cock was wet with precum which was a little sample of what I was in store for.

With both The Dad and I being so horny, it was the perfect storm for a quick first orgasm.  I was ferociously sucking his cock and he was polite enough to warn me when he was close.  From his moaning, it was pretty easy to guess he was getting there.  One last moan, his hips lifted off the couch and the tip of his cock exploded.  I had my tongue right on the tip and felt the power of his orgasm.  Without hesitation I swallowed it all.

Breathing through my nose, I kept my mouth on his cock until I detected the first hints of it softening.  I ran my thumb up the length of his shaft, squeezing the last drop of cum.  Then, looking up at him, I licked it up.

I tucked his fat cock back in to his speedo then pushing against his knees, I stood up.  My knees hurt a little bit, mental note to kneel on a pillow next time.  I flopped down on the couch next to him and reached for my beer.  The Dad thanked me and said he would get me a cold beer since I had been too thirty for cock to have opened it ten minutes before.  The view of The Dad’s butt walking across my living room was pretty hot.

The Dad returned with fresh beers and sat next to me on the couch, our thighs touching.  Very casually, his right hand went to my knee, then slid up to my crotch and started rubbing.  It was so casual, felt like something a long time couple would do.

I asked The Dad if hooking up with random guys is something he does often?

He told me that usually not at all, he said that sex life with the wife was pretty good so he didn’t need to.  The only time he would go looking for a hookup was when he was travelling for work, he said hooking up with a guy while on a family holiday was a first for him.

I asked if his wife had any idea of his gay tendencies?  He said that he had brought it up at different times and she wasn’t interested at all.  However, he said that his wife had some bisexual tendencies and she had brought a woman in to the marital bed on a few occasions.  Alas, The Dad would have preferred she invited a guy.

Over the next half hour, and three beers, he questioned me about my sex life.  I am always happy to share and be open and listening to some of my experiences started to arouse some life in that fat cock of his.  I started describing to him what our next position was going to be and that had him back to fully hard.

I stood up and went for the condoms and lube, The Dad undid the drawstring of his speedo and flopped his cock and balls out above the waist band.

Back on my knees, I put the condom on him and as I unrolled it down the length of his shaft he moaned in pleasure.  He said that he has always loved that feeling of someone putting a condom on him.  I used LOTS of lube and spend a couple of minutes sliding my hand up and down his cock which really was rock hard.

A quick wipe of my hands and I told The Dad that there was one thing he had to do for me, I turned around, bent over, pulled the bottom of my speedo aside to reveal the little black butt plug that I had been wearing.  He laughed and said that I really was a dirty little slut.  Slowly, he pulled on the butt plug and as I relaxed, it popped out.  The Dad commented that it didn’t seem possible that my tight little hole would be able to take his cock.

I was about to prove him wrong there.

Facing The Dad, I straddled him.  His cock was straight up like a flag pole and with a little bit of maneuvering, I managed to pull my speedo aside, line him up and I had the tip of his cock lightly pressing against my opening.

The butt plug had loosened me up a little bit, and I have taken bigger cocks, but this wasn’t an insignificant undertaking, I would have to take it a little slow.

With my hands on his shoulders, his hands on my hips, I started pocking the head of his cock inside me.  Down, taking the bulbous head of his cock, then up and it pops out.  Had he not been so hard we might have lost our alignment but so far, so good.  After half a dozen little anal stretches, I felt like I was ready and I told The Dad.

I lowered my head, a little unsure if he would go for it, and started kissing him.  He reciprocated and opened his mouth and our tongues started lashing at each other.

And I started lowering myself, bit by bit, being impaled by his fat cock.  I moaned in to his mouth and as I took the last inch of him, my butt cheeks came to rest on his thighs and he was completely inside me.  I broke off our kiss and threw my head back with a moan of pleasure, and a little bit of pain.

Gay Anal Sex

I remember The Dad complimenting me, saying that I am amazing.

Then I started riding him.

Sorry guys. gotta keep the rest of this for members only.  I am sharing some very personal things which I’m not sure I want to be quite 100% public.  Joining costs only $5 and with a new movie of the week in a few days, these two blog posts are well worth the $5 alone.  If you have any questions about joining, drop me an email.

Otherwise, you can click here to become a member right now and you won’t see messages like this one.

July 28th, 2023

Hardcore Young Gay Guys

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Good morning everybody, I hope the weather is warming up for those of you in the northern hemisphere, it has been a little chilly down under.  When I woke up today, was 9C (48F).  The days do warm up though so it is lovely, just a little cool first thing.  I still get in the ocean most days so isn’t that cold.

I am head up the beach today but have been meaning to post a new ‘Movie of the Week’ for you guys.

This speedo porno is one of my favourite from the archives.  Couple of cute young guys are hanging out working on their speedo tans and they get boners and go downstairs and fuck like rabbits.  Love the guy in the blue speedos, and they fit him just perfect.

What reminded me of this movie (there are 100’s in the archive over on my main site was the guy I met at the beach a few weeks ago.  The real life guy was a hairdresser and had earings and tatts (not usually my thing) but was wearing a speedo (which is my thing).  Click here to read that post.

Enjoy this movie guys, I even decided to let non members see a little (3 minute) snip of the full 17 minute movie.

May 30th, 2023

Guys Cancelling

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My hike yesterday was just lovely.  The wind got up a littler earlier than I expected but was nice to get out and stretch the legs and the beer at the end tasted really good.

There was no naughty action at the nude beach so nothing to report there.

I did get a message from a guy who was keen to join me (which surely would have resulted in some hanky-panky at some point along the hike).  Sounded good and the company on the 10km walk would have been nice as well, then at the very last minute, he cancels.

Ow well, his loss.

This is the fourth rejection/cancelling I have had in the last few weeks.

The first was over Easter when a gay couple who were staying not far from where I live hit me up on Grindr keen for a threesome.  When they rocked up, there was only one of them.  They were in a long term relationship and the guy who cancelled just wasn’t feeling well so his boyfriend came over anyway.  Weird.  The boyfriend and I still fucked like rabbits for an our or so and he went home to his boyfriend.

Next was a guy I was super keen to hook up with who messaged me on Twitter.  I really don’t use Twitter, I use Twitter messaging even less (every day I spend at least an hour emailing members and guys about my sites).  After telling this guy to email me and explaining I don’t use Twitter much, he messages me on Twitter and I don’t see the message for a few weeks and he gets the shits.

No naughty action for him if he gets stroppy like that.

OK, I better stop complaining and get some work done. Think I’ll publish a new Movie of the Week tomorrow for you guys, leave a comment if you have any special requests.

May 11th, 2023

Future Speedo Fuck Buddy

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Last week when I was at the beach (I wrote about it a few blog posts ago), I was super horny and was scrolling through Grindr hoping that there might be someone else on the beach as horny as I was.  I ended up finding S on there.

S is a guy I follow and have chatted very briefly with on Twitter.  I even wrote a piece of fiction of a beach threesome scenario I would love to act out in real life.  I rarely write fiction but this featured a guy I was fucking at the time and someone I definitely fantasized about fucking.  Click here to read it if you like.

So back to the beach last week when I found S on Grindr…. we started chatting and sounds really nice.  He is super hot and in his early twenties and he sounds keen to hang out one day.  No I just need an excuse to go down to the city and see what happens.

I think he is a little bit naughty from one of his recent pics…..

Click here to see a gallery of S’s speedo selfies.

Sex Toys and Speedos

April 28th, 2023

Xmas Threesome

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I have had a few naughty experiences over the Xmas break that I’d like to share with you guys and I’ll start at the beginning….

It was the week before Xmas and town here was crazy, people everywhere, the pool was packed, the beach was packed and while I am a people person, I prefer it when my little beach town, here in Australia, is quiet.  One morning I had woken up, was horny and before I jerked off I thought I’d quickly check the gay hookup app that I use. Ignoring the dozen messages from guys saying “Hi” and the blank profiles I found one that looked very interesting.

Grindr Blank Profiles

Mid thirties, long time gay couple looking to give ourselves a Xmas threesome, experienced but not in the scene and has been too long since we added a third for some fun.

They had a bunch of photos of themselves and they looked like some average Aussie blokes.

I shot them a message. I flipped over to my main site and watched some threesome speedo porn. When I was getting close, I paused and checked my phone. They had replied.

Over the next hour or so we chatted back and forward and it sounded like we were all compatible. We arranged for me to meet at their place at five o’clock that afternoon.

Let me tell you, I had to distract myself for the rest of the day with boring accounting and bookwork stuff to keep my mind from racing and my cock from stirring too much. Finally the hour approached, I showed and put on a pair of speedos (that I am wearing on my profile picture), a pair of dork shorts and a shirt, grabbed some beers and headed out the door. Ten minutes later, I was knocking on their door.

As the door opened, I was greeted by two guys wearing AussieBum speedos and nothing else. I expected a handshake but after one of them had taken the beer out of my hand, I was welcomed with warm hugs. Weird hugging a complete stranger who is only wearing a speedo, but I liked it.

Sorry guys, for the time being, the rest of this is for members only.  It is their support which allows me to keep the lights on and the speedos around my ankles.  If you are interested in joining, it is only $5.

February 9th, 2023
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