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Dad Gets a Holiday Release

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How was everyone’s Easter?  Bit of a zoo here on the coast with all the holiday makers.  The weather was pretty good though so bit of speedo time at the beach.  I have been impressed with the number of speedos I am seeing out and about, feels like each year there are a few more guys dropping the dork shorts.

I don’t have anything naughty to report, but last year I did get a hookup during the holidays with a horny Dad who just wanted a break from his family.

Here is what happened…..

Last Friday I had an interesting hookup I would like to share with you guys.

It was the last week of the school holidays, which I hate because town is a zoo with tourists.  The beach and paths are busy, so I usually end up working a lot more and spending time cocooned up in my unit.  These holidays the lap pool hasn’t been busy which has been good.  Back to Friday, I had just got back from the pool, I am walking around the house in my speedo feeling a little horny and I flip on my gay hookup app.

The usual dozen messages of guys with blank profiles saying “Hey”, once they were deleted, I started browsing.

There was a new face on there, early forties, pic of him wearing a speedo at the beach with a woman in a bikini (faces not blurred), not a lot of details but the info said “Visiting on holidays with family, need a discrete release.”  My kind of guy.

I sent him a message saying I would love to help him out, mentioned what street I live on.  Within seconds he replied back.

The Dad (I’ll refer to him as that) said that he was up from Sydney on holidays with his wife, two kids and his mother-in-law and he was going nuts.  The unit they were staying in was tiny and the wife hadn’t given him any form of sexual release, as a result, he was super horny and on a gay hookup app.  He said the timing was perfect because he had planned to go for a Friday afternoon game of golf, but fucking me sounded like a much better game.

I shared my address with him (he was staying very close) and he said he would be over in thirty minutes.  He asked if I had any requests, I told him I had condoms/lube, but I would love it if he wore a speedo.  He said no probs.

Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at my door.

I answered the door wearing a pair of my new speedos (yes, I have selfies you can see) and nothing else.  The Dad’s eyes went straight to my crotch which was stretching the lycra and had a dollop of precum which has caused a bit of a wet patch.  My eyes were greeted by a stocky, but fit, early forties guy with slightly greying hair wearing very typical golf attire.

We shook hands and The Dad’s left hand shook hands with my cock and balls.  He said that this was going to be way more fun than golfing.

I turned my back walking in to my unit where I had setup all the sex tools in the lounge room.  Behind me I heard The Dad undoing his belt and removing his clothes.  When I turned around there he was in all his glory, wearing a tiny classic black speedo, his cock was already starting to stretch the black lycra.  I told The Dad to have a seat while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers.  The Dad told me that his wife had questioned him when he put on his speedo to go to golf, he had brushed it off telling her he would swing by the pool if the golf course was too busy.  Just imagine if he has told her the truth?

Returning to the living room, The Dad had made himself comfortable in the middle of the couch.  His arms were outstretched and his legs were spread.  He looked pretty comfortable, I thought to myself this might be something he does on a regular basis.

Speedo Dad

I handed The Dad a beer and I got on my knees in front of him.  We weren’t in any rush (it takes two hours to play half a round of golf), so I started by sliding my hands up the inside of his muscular thighs, all the way up until I stopped, just short of the lycra of his speedo.  He was fully erect by this this stage.  After rubbing his thighs I started stroking his cock through that lycra.  My right hand sliding up and down his shaft, my left rubbing his balls and sliding even lower to that little gap between balls and arsehole.

The Dad finally spoke up and told me that if I kept that up, he would have a hard time explaining to his wife why he dumped his five day load of cum in his speedo.

I took the hint, pulled the let of his speedo out (it was tight from holding in his engorged cock) and his manhood sprung out of the speedo like a greyhound at the track.  Wow, he had a great cock.  Fat, not super long, cut and he was shaved.  Just the kind of cock that I love to worship.

I took him in my mouth and went to work.  Immediately, The Dad started moaning,  The head of his cock was wet with precum which was a little sample of what I was in store for.

With both The Dad and I being so horny, it was the perfect storm for a quick first orgasm.  I was ferociously sucking his cock and he was polite enough to warn me when he was close.  From his moaning, it was pretty easy to guess he was getting there.  One last moan, his hips lifted off the couch and the tip of his cock exploded.  I had my tongue right on the tip and felt the power of his orgasm.  Without hesitation I swallowed it all.

Breathing through my nose, I kept my mouth on his cock until I detected the first hints of it softening.  I ran my thumb up the length of his shaft, squeezing the last drop of cum.  Then, looking up at him, I licked it up.

I tucked his fat cock back in to his speedo then pushing against his knees, I stood up.  My knees hurt a little bit, mental note to kneel on a pillow next time.  I flopped down on the couch next to him and reached for my beer.  The Dad thanked me and said he would get me a cold beer since I had been too thirty for cock to have opened it ten minutes before.  The view of The Dad’s butt walking across my living room was pretty hot.

The Dad returned with fresh beers and sat next to me on the couch, our thighs touching.  Very casually, his right hand went to my knee, then slid up to my crotch and started rubbing.  It was so casual, felt like something a long time couple would do.

I asked The Dad if hooking up with random guys is something he does often?

He told me that usually not at all, he said that sex life with the wife was pretty good so he didn’t need to.  The only time he would go looking for a hookup was when he was travelling for work, he said hooking up with a guy while on a family holiday was a first for him.

I asked if his wife had any idea of his gay tendencies?  He said that he had brought it up at different times and she wasn’t interested at all.  However, he said that his wife had some bisexual tendencies and she had brought a woman in to the marital bed on a few occasions.  Alas, The Dad would have preferred she invited a guy.

Over the next half hour, and three beers, he questioned me about my sex life.  I am always happy to share and be open and listening to some of my experiences started to arouse some life in that fat cock of his.  I started describing to him what our next position was going to be and that had him back to fully hard.

I stood up and went for the condoms and lube, The Dad undid the drawstring of his speedo and flopped his cock and balls out above the waist band.

Back on my knees, I put the condom on him and as I unrolled it down the length of his shaft he moaned in pleasure.  He said that he has always loved that feeling of someone putting a condom on him.  I used LOTS of lube and spend a couple of minutes sliding my hand up and down his cock which really was rock hard.

A quick wipe of my hands and I told The Dad that there was one thing he had to do for me, I turned around, bent over, pulled the bottom of my speedo aside to reveal the little black butt plug that I had been wearing.  He laughed and said that I really was a dirty little slut.  Slowly, he pulled on the butt plug and as I relaxed, it popped out.  The Dad commented that it didn’t seem possible that my tight little hole would be able to take his cock.

I was about to prove him wrong there.

Facing The Dad, I straddled him.  His cock was straight up like a flag pole and with a little bit of maneuvering, I managed to pull my speedo aside, line him up and I had the tip of his cock lightly pressing against my opening.

The butt plug had loosened me up a little bit, and I have taken bigger cocks, but this wasn’t an insignificant undertaking, I would have to take it a little slow.

With my hands on his shoulders, his hands on my hips, I started pocking the head of his cock inside me.  Down, taking the bulbous head of his cock, then up and it pops out.  Had he not been so hard we might have lost our alignment but so far, so good.  After half a dozen little anal stretches, I felt like I was ready and I told The Dad.

I lowered my head, a little unsure if he would go for it, and started kissing him.  He reciprocated and opened his mouth and our tongues started lashing at each other.

And I started lowering myself, bit by bit, being impaled by his fat cock.  I moaned in to his mouth and as I took the last inch of him, my butt cheeks came to rest on his thighs and he was completely inside me.  I broke off our kiss and threw my head back with a moan of pleasure, and a little bit of pain.

Gay Anal Sex

I remember The Dad complimenting me, saying that I am amazing.

Then I started riding him.

Sorry guys. gotta keep the rest of this for members only.  I am sharing some very personal things which I’m not sure I want to be quite 100% public.  Joining costs only $5 and with a new movie of the week in a few days, these two blog posts are well worth the $5 alone.  If you have any questions about joining, drop me an email.

Otherwise, you can click here to become a member right now and you won’t see messages like this one.

April 1st, 2024

Surprise Threesome – COMPLETE

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I was chatting with a new member and he told me that he had been a reader/follower for years and finally decided to become a member.  When chatting I asked what the catalyst was that make him finally join?  He said that it was a threesome experience he had the day before and he was just super horny and wanted to read about some of my similar experiences.

Of course that piqued my interest and he was more than happy to share the details of his experience.  It was amazingly hot.  I was rock hard picturing what he had gotten up to.

I asked him if he would mind writing about it, and allowing me to share it with you guys which he said he would love to.  After a week of back and forth and me helping out it is ready to share with you guys.

Here it is:

Hi, I’m Brock and I’m honored to be sharing this experience with members of Dave’s blog.  I’m twenty two years old, I consider myself to be bisexual but I’m not out to anyone. I consider my gay/bi activities to be a ‘part time hobby’.

I’m writing this because I am still super horny after a threesome I had last Tuesday, it was with my ex-girlfriend and one of her fuck buddies.  She had never let it on, but she rightly suspected that I have some gay/bi tendencies and found a guy to join us and fuck me while I fucked her.  Feels like this could be a new chapter in my sex life and just want to share it.

Right now I am single but once a week I catch up with my most recent ex (lets call her Sara) and we have become ‘friends with benefits’.  Sara is a little older than I am and definitely more sexually experienced.  Our sex life was, and is, pretty good.  She loved me wearing speedos, loved playing with my arsehole and was more than happy to use a vibrator on me and didn’t seem weirded out about it at all.  I think it turned her on.  She never told me she thought I had gay/bi leanings and it was great getting to experiment with a open minded chick who didn’t judge or get weirded out.  Once, while away for a weekend we did talk about having a threesome (with an extra guy) but nothing came of it and it never came up in conversation again.

Sara messages me on Tuesday morning, checking I am available for our usual rendezvous and she told me to wear my ADIDAS speedos.  Nothing very odd about that request and I told her I’d be there.

I rock up at the usual time on Tuesday evening and between my car and her front door I get a message from her telling me to let myself in and come up to her room.

Again, nothing very odd about that.  A few times she has tied herself to the bed, or she’d be sitting in an office chair stark naked, legs spread with a pillow for my knees in front of her.

As always, my cock was stirring as I entered her house.  I walked up the stairs and at her open bedroom door I was completely shocked to see her on the bed, on her knees wearing a black ADIDAS one piece swimsuit.  Ow, that wasn’t the shocking part, there was also a guy on his knees next to her, wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and a very visible erection stretching the front of them.  My mouth was open and I’m pretty sure I smiled a little bit.

Sara was the first to speak (I was speechless).  She asked if I remembered that time we spoke about having a threesome?  I replied in the affirmative, but still stuck there in the doorway.  “Well, c’mon then, get your pants off and get in here with us?”

I was introduced to Mick, the guy in the ADIDAS speedos.  He was mid thirties (Sara is thirty), clean cut, dark headed guy who looks after himself.  I would find out soon that he has a speedo tan so must spend some time at the pool.  Part of Mick’s introduction was that he is a little bit bi, Sara commented that she thought that deep down I might be a little bit bi as well.  They would find out soon enough.

There I was on the bed, all three of us on our knees with Sara in the middle and Mick and I each had a hand on one of her butt cheeks.

Nobody will be surprised that I was rock hard in my matching ADIDAS speedos.

I was still in shock so wasn’t really going to be the one who initiated things, thankfully Sara was in charge and she asked me if Mick could touch my cock?

That is when things really started…..

Grabbing My Cock

I was looking down as Mick’s hand approached my crotch but before he got there, Sara grabbed my head and started making out with me.  Mick was stroking my cock and I couldn’t believe how horny I was.

Sara began alternating between kissing me and kissing Mick, my hand had moved to the front of his speedo and I could feel the pre cum beginning to soak the lycra material covering the head of his cock.  This was amazing.

I can’t understate just how horny I was.  Having been fucking each other for nearly twelve months, Sara broke off things and told Mick that I wouldn’t be lasting long.  She asked Mick if he’d like to help her blow me?  The answer was Mick pushing me down on the bed on my back.  Both of them were on their knees looking down at me and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Sara took my cock out of the leg of my speedo and pulled my balls out as well.  Then, the two of them went to work alternating between my cock and my balls.  Without looking, I could pick the difference as Mick was a little bit rougher but neither of them lacked any enthusiasm.


Sara was right, I wasn’t going to last long and as I approached orgasm Sara covered my cock in her mouth and she sucked like a Hoover.  I did look down and saw Mick mouth all over my balls, Sara’s mouth full of my cock and her hand was rubbing the Mick’s cock.  It was an amazing sight!

My cock spasmed for what seemed like an eternity.  When I stopped spurting cum, Sara’s got back on her knees and with a full load of my jizz in her mouth started making out with Mick.

Sorry guys, rest of this is for members.  Compiling something like this really does take me days of work and  while I love it and would love to share everything with you guys, I’ve gotta pay my rent somehow.

If you’d like to read the rest, click here to join now.

July 23rd, 2022

Bi Threesomes

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I’m a huge fan of threesomes and I have had some experience with bisexual two guy threesomes as you guys well know.

It was a bisexual threesome experience years ago that started me blogging.  It was so amazingly hot I felt like I had to share it with somebody so I wrote about it and here we are years later and I’m still writing about my advetures.

As a matter of fact, I’ve got a plan for maybe some threesome action this Friday…..

You can read about my first threesome on my site

May 7th, 2020

Fucked in front of his Fiance

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Do you guys remember Rachel and Taz?

If not click here to read about these guys. They are a heck of a lot of fun.

Last weekend they drove from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast where they have a unit on the beach and since pools are closed they decided to stop at the Southport Swimming Enclosure to do some actual lap swimming.

I’ve been swimming at this spot before and it is beautiful.  It is on this waterway that isn’t far from the ocean but can be nice and calm and the netting keeps the bull sharks away.  Bull sharks have a taste for swimmers in that kind of water.  I suppose the enclosure goes off the beach maybe 50m and is 150m long.  There is a pontoon in the middle of it as well.

In the aerial photo below you can see the enclosure. On the left side just out of the shot is where Rachel and Taz’s unit is.

Southport Swimming EnclosureGold Coast Swimming Enclosure

There weren’t many people around because they are scared of getting in trouble (Corona laws) but exercising is allowed, well, it is allowed this week, who knows what might happen next week.

They walked from their car the few hundred meters to the beach and there was only one other person there, a younger guy just stripping down about to go for a swim, otherwise it was deserted.  Rachel and Taz started talking to the guy who was a local and a regular and he said there had been more people swimming there than usual because the pools were closed but it was still really quiet, particularly now that schools have gone back (home schooling) after the Easter holiday.

While they were having this short chat, the guy stripped down to a tight little blue speedo. Rachel claims it looked like it was painted on him it was so tight.

The swimmer guy was ready for his swim so left Rachel and Taz on the beach and said he’d see them out there.  Once he was in the water Rachel said she teased Taz about where his mind was going and wondered if Taz would be able to strip down to his speedo without the world knowing what he was thinking from his growing crotch.

From my experiences with these guys, they are super fun and love taking the mickey out of each other and I wish I was there for the ribbing Taz was getting.

Rachel and Taz proceeded to strip down to their swimwear. Taz was wearing a red speedo that I gave him and they loved the brand so much Rachel bought a one piece swimsuit from the same company.  Unfortunately, I haven’t see her swimsuit in the flesh yet but I’m guessing she looks pretty smashing.


Blue One Piece SwimsuitTaz's Red Speedo

Rachel and Taz got their shit together and start swimming.  Rachel has a fancy Garmin watch so she was setting the pace and figuring it all out.  They have both been doing some little triathlons over the last two years and that is what made them get in to the pool and that was really when Rachel pressured Taz in to speedo’ing it up, which in turn led to Taz and I have sex, while Rachel watched (you didn’t know that? click here to read about that stuff).

The blue speedo guy they met on the beach was doing his thing and the enclosure is pretty big so they didn’t get in each others way.  After half an hour or so, Rachel decided it was time for a break so she and Taz swam over to the pontoon that is in the middle of the swimming area.

When I last sat on that pontoon (just last August or so) it is a little gross because there is lots of bird crap on it but otherwise it is gorgeous.

Rachel and Taz were catching their breath and enjoying the beautiful weather and location, feeling the burn as the blood ran back to their arms after six weeks of not being allowed to swim at their local pool, when the blue speedo guy said hello from behind them.  He had the same idea for a break.  I’m guessing thirty minutes is about 1,500m or maybe a mile?

The blue speedo guy apologized for interrupting them but Rachel was having none of it and invited him to come over and hang out.

The three of them talked about what they were training for, and the events they were training for which have been cancelled.  During this conversation, Rachel began to get the vibe that the blue speedo guy was gay.

Rachel’s version/interpretation of what was going down is that blue speedo guy was thinking Taz was gay as well.  They (Rachel and Taz) are engaged but they weren’t wearing their engagement rings swimming and they do joke and give each other raspberries more like a brother and sister, or mates on a rugby team, than a committed couple. Rachel tells me, she was loving it and playing it up.

During this, blue speedo guy was introduced as Nathan.

After chatting and soaking up the beautiful sun the three of them decided it was a day and there was a challenge of a race to the beach. The blue speedo guy suggested they race for a round of beers, Rachel said she prefers scotch and since the pubs are closed, new terms for the wager would need to be figured out.

OK, the terms agreed upon were, last place had to buy a bottle of scotch, second last (or second first considering it is a three person race) has to host, so go back to their place.

Everyone agreed and there were handshakes (which we aren’t supposed to do but it just seemed normal when placing a bet).

Girls Like Speedos

Three, two, one, GO!!!

The three of them dived off the pontoon and began the maybe forty meter swim to the beach. Rachel fell behind and the blue speedo guy, I mean Nathan, beat Taz by a little bit.

Taz was giving Rachel a hard time telling her he didn’t want any cheap scotch…. the ribbing continued and Nathan was a gracious winner saying he had scotch at his house and was more than willing to invite them over.  Rachel said, a bet is a bet, and she’d grab a nice bottle of scotch and they could meet our the front of Taz’s building (she was being cheeky saying it was Taz’s when it was really her parents holiday/rental unit).

While they were drying off Nathan asked Taz what brand of speedo he was wearing. They talked about it briefly and Rachel interrupted saying that she loves a guy in a speedo, Nathan said he did too, Taz said that he did three.

Rachel reckons the sexual tension between Nathan and Taz was electric.

Nathan had ridden his bike, so by the time he got to Taz’s (I mean Rachel’s parents holiday unit), Rachel and Taz will have time to go to the liquor store.

When Rachel and Taz got back to the unit, Nathan was just locking up his bike at the main entrance, he had put on shorts but no t-shirt.  They parked and took him up the elevator to their unit.  Walking in Rachel took command, giving Taz the bottle of scotch she told him to pour the drinks and also told him to give her his shorts and towel so she could throw them in the dryer.  Taz removed his board shorts and his t-shirt. He was back to just wearing his red speedo.

Rachel looked at Nathan, I might as well throw your wet shorts in too.  It wasn’t so much a question as an order.  Nathan slid his shorts down and handed them to Rachel.  She told them she’d meet them on the patio.

She left the two speedo clad guys to their own devices.

A few minutes later, Rachel met the guys on the patio and toasted Nathan’s swimming victory.  Rachel had stripped down to her blue once piece swimsuit although she tells me she wanted to put on a bikini or something a bit naughty, she didn’t want to freak Nathan out.

When I met Rachel and Taz and had our first drink on that very deck, Taz and I were wearing speedos and Rachel was wearing a very hot little black bikini.  But you guys have read all about that.

Conversation flowed on the patio like they were all old friends.  Then Nathan needed to use the bathroom.  When he came back he looked a little flustered.

He had seen some photos on the wall in Rachel’s parents unit. One of those photos was an engagement party photo featuring Rachel and Taz showing off an engagement ring.  Poor Nathan thought they were friends, or brother and sister or cousins or something.  Nathan thought he had a chance of fucking Taz.  Nathan thought these dreams had ended.

He hadn’t even sat back down when he asked “You guys are married?”

No, just engaged.

Poor Nathan was a little embarrassed but was laughing about it.  He admitted he thought Rachel and Taz weren’t together and he apologized for hitting on Taz.

Rachel let Nathan dig himself in to a hole.  Then she told him that she was hoping he was hitting on her fiance.  What?  Poor Nathan actually choked a little bit on his scotch and Taz was laughing.

Taz tried to get a word in but this had been Rachel’s show all day.  Rachel told Nathan that Taz thought it was hot when she got it on with other girls so it was only fair that Taz got it on with other guys for her viewing pleasure.  Only fair right?

Nathan was intrigued, he had lots of questions:

When did this start? Their first experience was with me back in October.
How often does Taz play with guys? Only with Dave (me) so far.
How far has he gone? Taz has topped, bottomed and sucked cock.

Rachel added that she thinks her strap on just doesn’t turn Taz on as much as a real cock.

By then, Rachel noticed both guys had full erections that their speedos were trying to contain.

Taz asked Nathan about his sexual preferences.

Nathan responded telling them he has always been gay, never been with a girl (or a male/female couple), loves to top, loves guys in speedos and thought Taz was hot from the minute he saw him. Nathan said he really isn’t turned on by girls, sorry Rachel. Rachel replied saying that is OK with her, as long as she can watch.

That would be perfectly fine said Nathan.

It was time they moved inside.

Rachel grabbed the boys glasses and said she’d refill them, and meet them in the master bedroom. By the time she walked in to the bedroom, they had both completely forgotten about her and were going at it.

Watching Bisexual Guys

She tells me the view was amazing. Taz in his red speedo, Nathan in his tight blue speedo, on their knees in the middle of the bed kissing ferociously, their hands all over each other, their cocks grinding against each other and some pretty primal grunting noises.

Hey guys, there have been a lot of new members lately and I really appreciate their support.  The rest of this account is going to be for members only. It is kind enough of Rachel and Taz to let me share this with you guys but some of it needs to be kept at least a little bit private.

If you are interested in reading the rest, please consider joining. It is only $5.

April 21st, 2020

A Decade Between Blowjobs

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Ow boy do I have an experience to share with you guys!!!

For those who don’t follow my blog, let me fill you in on where I am.  I employ a server admin (who keeps all my sites running and fixes any technical issues that are above my pay grade) who over the years has become one of my best friends, his name is Kip. Kip has visited me in Australia and each year I try and arrange a ‘work’ trip over to his place in the snowboarding town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  Kip is gay and loves speedos.  We do mix work and pleasure, to be honest, we are fuck buddies and anytime we get together we have a lot of speedo fun.

I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great.  The weather has been awesome and I’ve reacquainted myself with Kip’s hottub (and his cock).  Last night (Friday) I thought I’d have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver.  On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was OK, if some friends of his crashed here, of course it was OK with me, it is his house and I’m a guest.  Kip said the couple, Jeff and Stephanie, are long time friends and were coming up after work to go skiing on Saturday morning.

So, last night, I was just doing some work and having a Jack and coke when Jeff and Stephanie arrived just before 9pm.  They were both good looking, right around my age, been dating for a year or so and they were both a little tipsy having grabbed dinner in town before getting to the house.

After introductions and pouring them some drinks, they both said they wanted to hottub.

Jeff had forgotten his hottub attire and asked if he could borrow some of mine or Kip’s.  I joked that swimsuits weren’t mandatory…. then I went up stairs to get some speedos for Jeff.  Of course he didn’t ask, or expect, speedos but, that was what I was going to bring him.

Up stairs, I dropped my jeans to reveal my new Arena speedos that I’ve been showing you guys in my selfies all week, wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to Jeff with my red AussieBum speedos (pictured below this paragraph).  I just threw them at him from across the room and the two of them started laughing.

Dave Evans Selfies


“Be serious Dave.”

“This is what Kip makes me wear in his hottub.”  I replied, the three of us joking around.

When I didn’t make a move or offer an alternative swimsuit choice, Stephanie said “You can just wear your boxers Jeff.”

I thought I saw a little bit of disappointment in Jeff’s face.  I left the red speedos on the kitchen table and went up stairs to grab a pair of my dork shorts for Jeff.

While they both changed, I grabbed some more drinks and got in the hottub.  I was in the hottub with the bubbles on when Jeff and Stephanie joined me.  For the next hour or so we kept drinking and chatting and were all getting along great.  Neither of them knew I was sitting there in my tiny new black Arena speedos and I was looking forward to having to get out for more drinks and give them a surprise but, both of them kept beating me to the punch and getting up to get drinks so my speedos were still a secret.

I admit, the thought of a threesome had entered my mind but the conversation hadn’t turned sexual at all.  Stephanie was getting pretty drunk though and she decided to call it a night.  I started to get up and she told us boys to keep hanging out and have some ‘boy time’.

Jeff did get out with Stephanie saying he’d get her to bed and be back with another round of drinks.

It was when Jeff returns that the night went from a boring, non-sexual hottub with friends of a friend to, well, lets just say the opposite of boring and non-sexual.

To my complete surprise Jeff slid open the door to the house and stepped out with two fresh Jack and cokes and wearing the red AussieBum speedos that I had left on the kitchen table.  I usually try to make people feel like wearing speedos is no big deal and don’t react when I see them (although I am jumping up and down with joy on the inside) but seeing Jeff wearing my red speedos was too much.

“Ow wow.”

“You said it was a house rule to wear a speedo right?”

“Yeah” I replied as I stood up to grab one of the drinks from Jeff as he was getting into the hottub.  Jeff repeated me saying “Ow wow.”

I sat on the edge of the hottub which Jeff did as well and we clinked out glasses.

“To Aussies and speedos.”  Jeff toasted.

Jeff said he wanted to wear them when I threw them at him and was disappointed that Stephanie didn’t approve of the speedos.  He said it was probably good that she didn’t see me wearing mine in case it freaked her out.  We both agreed it sucked that so many women think speedos are weird.

It was all kind of normal, just two guys sitting in a hottub wearing speedos.

“These feel great.  I haven’t worn a speedo since I was eighteen years old and on the swim team.  I haven’t sucked cock since then either.”

I have to keep Jeff’s (and my) discretion a little bit.  And this story took me all afternoon to write, probably because I jerked off three times just writing it.

It is finished and if you were a member you would be reading it right now.

Your support is what allows me to spent the time writing about my experiences and keeps this site free of pop-ups and viagra ads.

Please click here to join now, it is only $5 and I really appreciate the support.

February 2nd, 2019

Boys Side of the Hottub

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Today I was going through the stories archive on my site and I stumbled across something I wrote nearly a decade ago.  This is a true story and while I kept in touch with the couple for a while, I haven’t spoken to them in years.  Once I’m finished editing this I’m going to Facestalk (Facebook stalk) then and see where they are living and what they are up to.

Let me set the scene and update anyone who hasn’t been reading the blog for the last couple of months. I’m new in town but have become friends with a group of people who do a bit of hiking and snowboarding.  In this group there is this the ‘bi swinging couple’, as they have been referred to. The bi swinging couple are Nikki and Matt. Nikki is Canadian and runs the kids ski school and Matt is a Kiwi. About a month ago Nikki introduced me to Sandra who goes to uni in the big smoke (about 1 and a half hrs from here) but hangs out in the ski town a few weekends a month. She is kinda cute and we hooked up the first night I met her, turned out Nikki was pretty open minded (I did write about that because she just about begged me to fuck her arse).

I see the ‘bi swinging couple’ around town couple of times a week but I’ve never had a chance to let it be known that I’m also bisexual and would love to play with them.

OK so there are introductions of who everyone is. Last night there was a BBQ at Jeff’s place. Sandra was there and kinda attached herself to me which was sweet. The bi swinging couple were there, and Sandra was staying at their place. Every chance Sandra gets (like the hallway leading towards the bathroom) she jumps me, kissing and then rubbing me until I’m nearly rock hard and then walking away, lucky for me I was wearing speedos so they hid my boner a little bit when I had to return to the party.

Usual party. mostly couples so just sitting around the bone-fire drinking copious amounts of booze and talking about the snow that is kinda here but kinda not.  As the night moves on the drinking continues and I’m feeling very nice!  One has to drink to keep warm in British Columbia in December.

The night starts winding down and Sandra tells me that I’m going home with her. We taxi back to Nikki and Matt’s house and more drinking! I hadn’t been to their house before so I got the grand tour, I couldn’t help thinking of the fun they get up to when I was shown their bedroom. Then the good bit came, they have a spa (or a hot tub as some call it). With drinks in hand the spa was proposed and was accepted as a good idea unanimously. What surprised me was that everyone just started stripping down. Nikki and Sandra were the first undressed down to these tiny little g-strings. I started getting undressed and I looked up to see Matt getting into the spa in a pair of black speedos! I was starting to wonder how I’d explain wearing my speedos on a winters night but now I was fitting in.

The girls were giggling and playing around, then Nikki asks me if I’ve ever seen two girls kiss. I have and I think watching two beautiful women making out is one of the hottest things on the planet.  The girls started kissing. Then Matt said to me “Well they’ve both kissed maybe we should return the favour, you OK with that Dave?” Trying to hide my enthusiasm without saying a word I moved over to Matt and started kissing him, it was no grandma ‘kiss-on-the-cheek’ either.

With that our drinks were all empty and Matt got up out of the hot tub to refill. His cock was at full mast and in his tiny black speedos, he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to. The girls were still giggling and Sandra moved over to my side (the boys side) of the spa and gave me a kiss giving Nikki a nice view of her g-string covered pussy from behind. Matt returned and Sandra returned to her place next to Nikki. Matt handed around the drinks and put down a handful on condoms saying “I think we might be needing these.” Matt also caught me enjoying the view of his hard cock fighting against the lycra of his speedos. Once back in the spa he said to me “Sandra told us that you liked speedos.” By now the girls were back and kissing each other (which was definitely good because I think Matt and I needed some time to explore). By now things were definitely on so my reply to Matt was “Did Sandra tell you how much I love sucking cock?”

“She didn’t mention that, but perhaps you can show me Dave.” With that Matt sat up on the side of the spa and pull the front of his speedos down to reveal his shaved cock that was fully hard. He had a average sized cock pretty similar to mine and was cut. The girls had broken off their kiss and I could feel their eyes I worked my mouth down Matt’s cock for the first time.

I worked 2 fingers in Matt’s arse and concentrated on sucking and stroking him at the same time. It wasn’t long before he dumped his warm cum in my mouth. I took it all. As Matt sat back in the water the girls had copied our position with Sandra sitting on the side of the pool and Nikki eating her out. I was rock hard and with Matt’s wandering hand the drawstring of my speedos had been undone.

“Sandra also mentioned that you love fucking arse?” With that the only response was for me to grab a rubber. Matt leaned out the spa and I was surprised I could get inside him so easily without extra lube, I’m guessing that Matt had taken it up the arse before. With the alcohol I lasted longer than I should have but still there was only maybe 20 or 30 strokes and I was cumming as I slapped Matt’s arse.

And that was pretty much it for the night – the girls got each other off and it was about 2am so like zombies we all headed to bed. Nikki and Matt had to work early today so were gone before Sandra and I woke up. I told Sandra that I had some work to do today and said my goodbyes, she had an awesome night and so did I. I’m really looking forward to catching up with Matt again and I’m sure this will become a regular thing!!! I am just thinking though.

Thinking back Matt and I did have some fun that winter but it was only the two of us playing, I never got to play with Nikki.  When she was out of town we’d get together and twice we repeated the hottub session with Matt and I sucking and fucking in front of her.

If do manage to get in touch with them i promise to let you guys know about it.  Could be a fun reunion.

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January 22nd, 2019
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