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Reminiscing About Beach Days….

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Rainy day here so stuck in the office, I was thinking back to a few years ago when a couple put on a show for me at the beach.

This morning (Monday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast summer days.  About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky.

After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of my place).  I’d touch up my speedo tan and do some paperwork.  When I go up to Birdie Beach I usually park in the normal carpark just to see what is going on since that is the main nudist area.  But then I walk south of the point far enough that I have some privacy.  That is what I did.

Once I got 100m or so south of the carpark I decided to strip down to my speedos which were a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah’s like the ones pictured here.

These speedos are really hot, the fit snug and low on my hips.  They are super see through when we though but are a bright white when they are dry.

White AussieBum Speedos
I put my shorts and t-shirt in my backpack which had my laptop in it and kept walking down the beach.  There wasn’t another soul to be seen looking south.

Usually I walk half to a kilometer down the beach, nobody would be concerned by my see through speedos.  However, there are a couple of cutting through the bush from the road down to the beach and within a couple of minutes of me stripping down to my white speedos, I saw a couple walk down one of these paths to the beach in the distance.

They were a fair way off but there was nobody else about at all.  Looked like they put down some towels and they started walking in my direction and here I was wearing nothing but my white speedos and a back pack.  But I had no where to go. Over the next few minutes the distance between us closed.  I’m going to guess they were in their early 30’s, both pretty hot.  She was wearing a black bikini and he was just wearing a pair of dork shorts and no shirt.

After what felt like an eternity we crossed paths… we all said g’day but I could tell they were smirking to themselves but I thought I saw a glint in the girls eye.

I walked on little further, actually I walked maybe 100m past where they had come down to the beach and I saw their towels.  100m was a good distance, not too close but within sights I suppose.

I jumped in the water which is cool this time of year but not too cold (I think it is officially 18C).  Then I came back, lied on my stomach, opened my laptop and started working.

A while later (mabye 45 minutes) I could see the couple walking back.  I hadn’t seen another person the entire time.  As they got in line with their towels they both went for a swim.  The ocean was dead calm and up to their chests in water the couple started making out.  I could see them and I’m sure they could see me.  It was pretty hot but things were about to get even hotter.

They exited the ocean, came up to their towels and laid them out.  I saw that both of them looked my way more than once so they knew I was there and I was trying to be discrete.

Now on land they continued making out.  Then the girl got on her knees, the guy lifted his hips and she pulled his dork shorts down!!!  She started sucking him off right there in front of me on the beach.  Now I was hard and had to adjust my cock in my AussieBum speedos.

Beach Blowjob

By the looks of things from my perspective, she sucked him dry!!!  When she finally removed her lips from his cock, he pulled his dork short back up and that was the end of it.  They picked up their towels and headed towards the path.  I could tell they were both looking in my direction and for some reason I lifted a hand and gave them a thumbs up – hahaha.  Funniest thing is…. they both gave me a thumbs up in return!!!

I gave them a few minutes to leave the beach, then I rolled over, undid the drawstring on my speedos releasing my 100% hard cock and began pounding away.  Imagining that the couple had invited me over to join in.  I came all over myself in no time.

So how is you Monday going?

Double Hand JobBisexual BlowjobThreesome View

May 15th, 2023

Bisexual Threesome Memories

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This is an experience I had a few years ago while on holidays in New Zealand. I’ve dug it out of the archives and thought I would share it with you again. It has been far too long since I’ve joined a couple for a threesome but tomorrow I am going to hang out with Rachel and Taz. I thought I would dig up this old experience to get me in the mood.

I met the couple (husband and wife) online and a friend of mine from town knew them and recommended them. I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner. Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is ‘open minded’. After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink. It sounded good to me as I was getting a hard on in my jeans.

Their house/apartment was only a five minute walk from the bar.

When we walked in the husband went to the kitchen to make some drinks and the wife pushed me down onto the couch and we started making out. Our lips (and tongues) were locked until the husband came back with our drinks.

At this point the husband sat on the couch next to me and his wife got off my lap.

“Well Dave – you told us that you like bikinis and speedos. How about you guys get down to your speedos and I’ll go put on a bikini….”

While the wife left the husband and I did what we were told, we stripped down and it turns out we were both wearing a black speedo under our jeans (I had told them I’d be wearing speedos under my jeans before hand).

I was hard as a rock from making out with the wife and the husband was slowly getting there. It was pretty hot sitting on the couch next to a married guy, both in speedos, rubbing our cocks through the lycra waiting for his wife to join us.

It doesn’t take long until the wife returns. All she is wearing is a white bikini. She is petite, nice medium sized titties, shaved all over and brunette.

She notices straight away that I’m harder than her husband and getting on her knees between his legs starts rubbing the front of his speedo. First with her hands, then with her mouth.

After watching this amazingly hot sight, I decide that I should look after the wife. I needed to cool down a little bit as well. I get off the couch and lie on my back on the ground, I put my head between her legs, pulled her bikini aside and tasted her moist pussy. My attention to the wife’s pussy was met with a groan of pleasure from the wife and she started to grind her pussy on my face. I assumed that husbands cock was free of his speedo and wife was sucking hard on it.

After a little while husband told me that I could fuck his wife from behind if I wanted to. I was still super horny but I had cooled down a little bit and thought that I wouldn’t blow my load after two strokes so I grabbed a condom and got on my knees behind wife. Sure enough husbands speedo was pulled down and wife was sucking away on his now very hard cock. Wife’s pussy was well and truly wet from the attention my tongue had given it over the previous five minutes and my cock slid in easily and the groaning coming from wife’s cock filled mouth with every thrust of my cock indicated that she was enjoying having a cock in both ends.

Both husband and I were starting to get really hot and I know I was keen to hold off for a little while.

Thankfully husband had the same idea and suggested that we move upstairs into the bedroom.

So the three of us put our genitals back into our swimwear, took a deep breath and moved up stairs…..

Before getting on the bed, wife told husband and I to remove our speedos. Then the wife asked me to suck her husband off and with his approval I got to work. She was talking pretty dirty to the husband and after a little while I managed to make him cum. I let him unload into my mouth but instead of swallowing it I waited until the wife came and started kissing me.

From there things turned pretty hot between the wife and I. She and I were fucking each other pretty hard with the husband watching us and slowly stroking his cock back to hardness.

The wife noticed that I was getting pretty close so she broke it off, literally ripped the condom from my cock and started sucking me off. After a little while she told, or more like ordered, her husband to come over and help her out.

I was really close to start with and with the wife working my balls and the husband working my cock I told them I was about to cum. At this the wife put her hand on the back of her husbands head and told him to take my load in his mouth. He did a pretty good job and took all of my cum in his mouth. He pulled off my cock and the wife forced him to swallow my cum. When he proved to her that he had swallowed my cum she started kissing him. Then the two of them fucked each other stupid in front of me.

Husband and wife were really going for it and I was more than happy to watch their show.

It was really hot and I don’t think I softened that much at all after my blowjob. The husband flipped his wife over onto her knees and entered her from behind. He was really slamming her now and she was moaning. I was soooo turned on looking into her eyes as she was being fucked hard and I was stoking my cock really hard and getting close again. I started cumming again as I jerked off in front of this married couple and that sent them both over the edge.

Cummy Jerk Off

The end.

I got to play with that couple from New Zealand again after that first time and it was even better the second time around.

Wish me luck with my threesome tomorrow (it is a couple I have played with a fair bit) and let me know if you’d like me to share the details.

May 4th, 2023

Girls who like speedos Monday

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Start of the week and I have a busy few days before heading off on a little bit of a road trip…. will tell you more later in the week.

This morning I was up early, usual coffee and a walk along the beach and I saw this super hot couple going for a dip, yes he was wearing a speedo (otherwise I might not have noticed them).  Make me think about posting pics of some chicks who like their speedo men as well.

February 27th, 2023

Surprise Threesome – COMPLETE

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I was chatting with a new member and he told me that he had been a reader/follower for years and finally decided to become a member.  When chatting I asked what the catalyst was that make him finally join?  He said that it was a threesome experience he had the day before and he was just super horny and wanted to read about some of my similar experiences.

Of course that piqued my interest and he was more than happy to share the details of his experience.  It was amazingly hot.  I was rock hard picturing what he had gotten up to.

I asked him if he would mind writing about it, and allowing me to share it with you guys which he said he would love to.  After a week of back and forth and me helping out it is ready to share with you guys.

Here it is:

Hi, I’m Brock and I’m honored to be sharing this experience with members of Dave’s blog.  I’m twenty two years old, I consider myself to be bisexual but I’m not out to anyone. I consider my gay/bi activities to be a ‘part time hobby’.

I’m writing this because I am still super horny after a threesome I had last Tuesday, it was with my ex-girlfriend and one of her fuck buddies.  She had never let it on, but she rightly suspected that I have some gay/bi tendencies and found a guy to join us and fuck me while I fucked her.  Feels like this could be a new chapter in my sex life and just want to share it.

Right now I am single but once a week I catch up with my most recent ex (lets call her Sara) and we have become ‘friends with benefits’.  Sara is a little older than I am and definitely more sexually experienced.  Our sex life was, and is, pretty good.  She loved me wearing speedos, loved playing with my arsehole and was more than happy to use a vibrator on me and didn’t seem weirded out about it at all.  I think it turned her on.  She never told me she thought I had gay/bi leanings and it was great getting to experiment with a open minded chick who didn’t judge or get weirded out.  Once, while away for a weekend we did talk about having a threesome (with an extra guy) but nothing came of it and it never came up in conversation again.

Sara messages me on Tuesday morning, checking I am available for our usual rendezvous and she told me to wear my ADIDAS speedos.  Nothing very odd about that request and I told her I’d be there.

I rock up at the usual time on Tuesday evening and between my car and her front door I get a message from her telling me to let myself in and come up to her room.

Again, nothing very odd about that.  A few times she has tied herself to the bed, or she’d be sitting in an office chair stark naked, legs spread with a pillow for my knees in front of her.

As always, my cock was stirring as I entered her house.  I walked up the stairs and at her open bedroom door I was completely shocked to see her on the bed, on her knees wearing a black ADIDAS one piece swimsuit.  Ow, that wasn’t the shocking part, there was also a guy on his knees next to her, wearing a pair of ADIDAS speedos and a very visible erection stretching the front of them.  My mouth was open and I’m pretty sure I smiled a little bit.

Sara was the first to speak (I was speechless).  She asked if I remembered that time we spoke about having a threesome?  I replied in the affirmative, but still stuck there in the doorway.  “Well, c’mon then, get your pants off and get in here with us?”

I was introduced to Mick, the guy in the ADIDAS speedos.  He was mid thirties (Sara is thirty), clean cut, dark headed guy who looks after himself.  I would find out soon that he has a speedo tan so must spend some time at the pool.  Part of Mick’s introduction was that he is a little bit bi, Sara commented that she thought that deep down I might be a little bit bi as well.  They would find out soon enough.

There I was on the bed, all three of us on our knees with Sara in the middle and Mick and I each had a hand on one of her butt cheeks.

Nobody will be surprised that I was rock hard in my matching ADIDAS speedos.

I was still in shock so wasn’t really going to be the one who initiated things, thankfully Sara was in charge and she asked me if Mick could touch my cock?

That is when things really started…..

Grabbing My Cock

I was looking down as Mick’s hand approached my crotch but before he got there, Sara grabbed my head and started making out with me.  Mick was stroking my cock and I couldn’t believe how horny I was.

Sara began alternating between kissing me and kissing Mick, my hand had moved to the front of his speedo and I could feel the pre cum beginning to soak the lycra material covering the head of his cock.  This was amazing.

I can’t understate just how horny I was.  Having been fucking each other for nearly twelve months, Sara broke off things and told Mick that I wouldn’t be lasting long.  She asked Mick if he’d like to help her blow me?  The answer was Mick pushing me down on the bed on my back.  Both of them were on their knees looking down at me and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Sara took my cock out of the leg of my speedo and pulled my balls out as well.  Then, the two of them went to work alternating between my cock and my balls.  Without looking, I could pick the difference as Mick was a little bit rougher but neither of them lacked any enthusiasm.


Sara was right, I wasn’t going to last long and as I approached orgasm Sara covered my cock in her mouth and she sucked like a Hoover.  I did look down and saw Mick mouth all over my balls, Sara’s mouth full of my cock and her hand was rubbing the Mick’s cock.  It was an amazing sight!

My cock spasmed for what seemed like an eternity.  When I stopped spurting cum, Sara’s got back on her knees and with a full load of my jizz in her mouth started making out with Mick.

Sorry guys, rest of this is for members.  Compiling something like this really does take me days of work and  while I love it and would love to share everything with you guys, I’ve gotta pay my rent somehow.

If you’d like to read the rest, click here to join now.

July 23rd, 2022

Threesome in Reno

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Last week someone asked me if I had ever had a two girl threesome.  The person I was having this conversation with is 100% straight and doesn’t know that I’m bi.  If they did, I would have proudly told them that my kind of threesome involves two cocks (minimum).

I ended up reminiscing about a threesome I missed out on, and a threesome I then had in Reno.

It was a few years ago when I was visiting Kip (my tech guy).  I flew in to San Francisco to pick up a car for him and then I was to drive across to his place in Colorado.  It was middle of January, a Tuesday night, and Reno was pretty quiet.  I was in my hotel room having a drink and doing some work, about to order some room service when I thought to myself “Get off your arse and have a look around.”

Quick shower, jeans and a shirt later, I’m down at the hotel bar.

There was nobody there.  The barkeep was a good guy and his only suggestion for some fun was a poker game a few buildings down the street.  I wandered down there and the poker game was a bit too high stakes for my taste.

I wandered on back to my hotel/casino and thought I’d stop in and have one more drink at the hotel bar.

Sitting there on my own, I was only half way through my drink when two girls overheard my Aussie accent and started talking to me.  I know you are thinking, Dave is going to get his two girl threesome with two hot chicks.  They were not hot at all.  They were both rather large.  Who am I kidding, they were BIG girls.  An hour or so goes by and we are having fun and getting drunk.

The girls were being flirty and I was wondering if my hotel bed could handle the three of us.  I had just decided that I would have a threesome with these two girls and when I would tell people the story in the future, I could focus on the two girls part and leave out just how big they were.

As I had come to this decision in my mind, a cute, mid-thirties grabs my arm.  She looks at me and then gives me a hug saying “I thought it was you!  Barry thought he recognized you, you just have to come over and say hi.”

While she was saying this she was half dragging me across the bar.  I went with the flow.

Once we were out of ear shot of the two fat chicks the new girl told me that she and Barry were saving me from a huge mistake.  She was being punny.

When we made it to Barry, he shook my hand and gave me a blokey hug.  They both told me that they could see what was happening and just had to give me an out from taking those two girls up to my hotel room.  Looking back across the bar, they really were big girls.

At first I thought maybe Barry and Emma were a swinging couple but it turned out that they are work friends, in real estate, and had closed a deal that day and were out celebrating.

I hadn’t noticed but they told me that Barry had gone to the bar for a round of drinks and had overheard what was going on.  As well as my Aussie accent which was proving to be very popular in Reno.

Emma wanted to dance and she took turns with Barry and I.  She was a single Mum (Mom in America), brunette and a tight little body on her.  She had been a swimmer in college and Reno born and bred.  When we danced she was getting a little handsy for sure and I started to think that maybe she would be coming up to my room later.  Barry didn’t seem jealous in any way.

An hour or so of this went by, more drinks of course and the two fat chicks had given up waiting for me.  As they left one of them came up to me and rather loudly announced that I didn’t know what I had missed out on.

Then they waddled out.

That started a discussion between Barry, Emma and I about threesomes.

I had to admit that I hadn’t ever had a two girl threesome (still haven’t to this day).  Then I was asked if I was a threesome virgin, I admitted that I am not a threesome virgin and love them.  Emma said that the threesomes that I had experiences were her favourite kind (ie two guys).

When she announced that there was a bit of a lull in the conversation.

I suggested we go up to my room so they could sample the Aussie Rum that I had brought over duty free (Bundy OP).  Everyone thought that was a great idea and for the second time that night I had realized that I’d be having a threesome.

In my hotel room Barry and Emma sat on my bed and I poured three Bundy and Cokes.  I didn’t have any ice so I grabbed the ice bucket and ducked out to get some.

When I returned, they were making out on my bed.  They were on their knees and in the short amount of time I was away, they had both managed to remove their shirts, if Emma had been wearing a bra it was gone as well. Emma asked me if I’d like to join in.  Yes I would.  I took off my shirt and got up on the bed.

Two Cocks

Emma started kissing me and I felt Barry get off the bed.  When Emma stopped kissing me I realized that Barry had removed his pants and was in his birthday suit with a rock hard erection.  Emma suggested I get rid of my jeans and I didn’t need a second invitation.  I jumped off the bed and stripped down.  My cock was just as hard as Barry’s.

Back on the bed with Emma between Barry and I, she was stroking both our cocks and she commented that she hadn’t done this since she was in college.

Emma then said that she felt over dressed and wondered if she could leave us boys on our own for a minute?  Barry and I both nodded our approval as Emma got off the bed and went in to the bathroom.  Barry’s hand moved towards my cock and before he touched it he asked if it was OK?  My answer was to wrap my hand behind his neck and bring him in for a kiss.

Bisexual Threesome Voyeur

In a few short hours I had gone from thinking I’d have a threesome with two girls to making out with a naked guy.

Sorry guys, I’m going to save the rest of this for Members Only.
It is their support that lets me keep running this blog.
Please login to access or click here to join now.

August 25th, 2021

I was their first

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I’m writing this to you guys from the 10th floor overlooking the ocean and if the world was flat (as some believe) I reckon I could see the edge from here.

Last night with Rachel and Taz was awesome, like catching up with old friends (old friends you’ve had crazy bisex with). It was much easier and more relaxed than last time we hung out when everyone was super horny and nervous.

I will share with you guys in detail what we got up to in a day or two, but I’ll quickly share with you how things started.

Rachel and Taz were already at the unit when I arrived which was just before sunset.  It was a perfect afternoon and we sat on the deck and had a few drinks.  It was very PG rated and just like normal (non-sexual) friends catching up after not seeing each other for a while but still kinda in touch online.

It did get a little cool on the balcony once the sun set so the suggestion was made that we go down to the spa.

We poured fresh drinks and headed down.

The Gold Coast is quieter than I have ever seen it with all our state borders closed and we were a little surprised that there were two people in the spa/hottub when we got down there.  Taz was wearing the AussieBum speedos I requested and I was wearing my AussieBum Portseas, Rachel was wearing a pretty tiny Victoria Secret bikini that wasn’t quite a g-string/thong, but was getting close.

Click here to see what my AussieBums look like (bunch of my speedo selfies).

We said hello to the other couple in the hottub and chatted a little bit.

After a bit the couple left and the husband was wearing a black speedo.  Pretty cool, three random guys in a spa and all three wearing speedos.  I like this trend.

Rachel told us that the woman in the couple knew exactly what the three of us were up to.  Call it womans intuition because I didn’t notice anything but she said the woman winked at her when she left.  Hahaha.  I think that is pretty funny.

From there, the conversation turned to sex.

I was their first extra guy, but they had a girl join them before me.  They had also had a threesome with a guy not long after our first one (click here to read about it – it is really hot).  So I asked if they had been having any more experiences?

Of course, the lockdowns had thwarted a few hookups they had planed, and they have had some holidays cancelled which they were hoping might result in some naughty action.  So aside from that, they told me they are having extra people in their bed about once a month!!!

[Holy cow!!!

These new-virgin swingers are now sexperts!!!

Sitting in the hottub I was getting horny with thoughts of what they would teach me later that night.

Well guys, I’m going to get up and make everyone breakfast.  We will need our energy if we repeat what we got up to last night.

August 14th, 2021
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