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Gay Spin the Bottle

May 11th, 2024
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For once I have nothing planned for the weekend and I am excited!!! This morning I was up early, coffee,  walk along the coast, speedo swim (of course).  Back home by 8am and I’ve been working on a new speedo movie I have been wanting to share with you guys. And here it is: Seven […]


Captain of the Footy Team

May 10th, 2024
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Hey guys, I first published this experience last year and from the feedback I got, it was your favourite.  The bloke who wrote it is a long time member and we were chatting online and he told me about this experience he had.  I encouraged him to write about it and it really is an […]


Cock in a Thong Thursday

May 9th, 2024
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Happy Thong Thursday guys…..  when I made the title “Cock in a Thong Thursday” I’m not sure where to put the comma… Cock, in a Thong Thursday. Cock in a Thong, Thursday. So I went with no comma at all.


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Aussie Diver – Sam Fricker

May 7th, 2024
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How have I only recently learnt about the existence of Sam Fricker, a fair dinkum, Aussie speedo God!!! He is an Olympic Diver, so of course his body is perfect and being a diver, he wearing speedos all the time.  Who couldn’t fall in love with Sam? Here is a gallery for you guys to […]


Horny Saturday

May 5th, 2024
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Today I had a nice sleep in and boy did I need it.  It has been a busy week (not partying but entertaining and socialising).  I’ve got a little bit of work to get done today but I might spend the afternoon in the office watching some footy and jerking off a couple of times…. […]


Ultimate Beach Fuck

May 3rd, 2024
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Do I have some amazing speedo porn for you guys today!!! My last random speedo hookup was at the beach, I wrote about it and you can read it here. Correction: I forgot about the blowjob I got from the random cutie in the pool change rooms, you can click here to read about that […]


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