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Hot Tattoo’d Speedo Guy

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I’m really not a fan of tattoos.

But if I saw this guy in the yellow speedos below, I would make an exception.  What an amazing body!!!

Share your thoughts on tattoo’s in the comments if you like (you can leave the name and email fields blank).

Tattoo'd Speedo Guy

January 26th, 2024

Tattoo’s Still Cool?

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I mentioned over the weekend that beach life is definitely back in full swing here down under, great to see people at the beach.  A few more speedos, lots of g-string and lots of shitty tattoos.

I’m wondering, are tattoo’s still cool?  Were they ever?

Are 18yo and 21yo’s getting tattoos as often these days?  I feel like my generation was the one who really got it to it with tramp stamps and even the southern cross stars being tattoo’d everywhere.

This guy looks a little bit younger than me, he is hot and I love the green speedo…. he has polynesian tattoo’s but doesn’t look like he has any polynesian heritage.  And, I hope he keeps a flat tummy as he gets older so that scorpion doesn’t get all deformed.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Tattoo's and Speedos

October 18th, 2023

Hardcore Young Gay Guys

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Good morning everybody, I hope the weather is warming up for those of you in the northern hemisphere, it has been a little chilly down under.  When I woke up today, was 9C (48F).  The days do warm up though so it is lovely, just a little cool first thing.  I still get in the ocean most days so isn’t that cold.

I am head up the beach today but have been meaning to post a new ‘Movie of the Week’ for you guys.

This speedo porno is one of my favourite from the archives.  Couple of cute young guys are hanging out working on their speedo tans and they get boners and go downstairs and fuck like rabbits.  Love the guy in the blue speedos, and they fit him just perfect.

What reminded me of this movie (there are 100’s in the archive over on my main site was the guy I met at the beach a few weeks ago.  The real life guy was a hairdresser and had earings and tatts (not usually my thing) but was wearing a speedo (which is my thing).  Click here to read that post.

Enjoy this movie guys, I even decided to let non members see a little (3 minute) snip of the full 17 minute movie.

May 30th, 2023

Clean Cut vs Tattoo’d

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I am in the middle of writing a little bit about my Friday beach/speedo date, I should have it ready for you guys (probably members only) tomorrow or even tonight.

While we were on the beach we saw a guy who was working on his speedo tan and swimming naked a little bit away from us.  Fit, good looking guy but covered in tattoo’s.  Alex (I’m going to call my date Alex since that is what it says on his speedos) doesn’t have any tattoo’s and watching him walk down to the surf in his speedo just looked cuter to me.  I know it is a personal preference.  Maybe I am showing my age because a lot of younger guys have tats these days it seems.

What is your thoughts guys?

As I was thinking about this last night, there came on some swimming highlights, I think it is Commonwealth Games and there was some footage of one of the Aussie men, Kyle Charmers.  I’ve never heard of him but I don’t really follow swimming.

He has a body that is just amazing but he is covered in these stupid tattoos that make him look like a thug (in my mind).

Kyle Chambers Shitty TattoosKyle Chambers

He didn’t always have the chest tattoo, I think winding back time he looks better…..

Aussie Swimmer Kyle ChambersSpeedo Man Kyle ChambersKyle Chambers in Speedos

And he was once a nice clean cut guy (I love those speedos!!!).

Would love to hear your thoughts guys, I definitely think I’m wrong and too old school in my thinking.  However, one thing that makes me think that maybe I’m not in the minority is that male porn actors with zero tattoos are paid a lot more.  Is there anything to that?

Kyle Chambers Aussie Swimmer

July 31st, 2022

Tatts Too Many

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Those of you who have been long time fans/followers/members know that I’m not a huge fan of tattoos.

Maybe I’m a little bit too old for the current fad (which might have peaked?).

Growing up, the people who had tattoos were bikers, gang members, Vietnam Veterans or navy/sailors.  By the time I grew up, they had faded and I never saw the appeal myself.

The guy pictured below for example is stunningly hot.  But the tatts just don’t do it for me.

I know some people love them and find them attractive… different strokes for different folks right?

This conversation is going on over on the, should be a fun topic.  Click here to see the discussion.


April 8th, 2020

Different Strokes, for Different Blokes

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I love that guys come in all different shapes, sizes and styles and to be completely honest…. the one thing that turns me on is a guy wearing a speedo.

There is just something about it that gets my attention compared to the same guy wearing a pair of dork shorts for example.

So I suppose when I think about what type of guy I prefer I have to put them all in a speedo to start them equal……

Slim, twinkie, hippie guy?

Long Haired Hippie Guy

Muscled tattoo guy?

Tattoos and Muscles

Boy next door?

Boy Next Door

I suppose if I had to choose only one (I’d prefer to choose all four of these guys), I’d choose tall dark and handsome.  Classic good looks.

Would love to hear what you think.

Tall Dark and Handsome

October 22nd, 2019
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