Hot Tattoo’d Speedo Guy

I’m really not a fan of tattoos.

But if I saw this guy in the yellow speedos below, I would make an exception.  What an amazing body!!!

Share your thoughts on tattoo’s in the comments if you like (you can leave the name and email fields blank).

Tattoo'd Speedo Guy

3 Users Responded in " Hot Tattoo’d Speedo Guy "

Anonymous said,  

Just a pity to ruin such a hot bod with tats.

Anonymous said,  

Yes I have to agree with Anonymous with regard to the tats. However he redeems himself in my eyes by wearing my favourite colour yellow speedos containing a rather nice looking package!

Cody said,  

Hey Dave,
I was like you for a long time, but I’m starting to like tats on a very muscular guy.

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