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Winter Solstice (in speedos)

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Yesterday was the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere, that is the shortest day of the year.  I was busy all day but this morning, I am spending the morning on the deck (with I was on someones dick) reading a book and working on my speedo tan.

While it is cold here (around 10C low), it is warming up to nearly the mid 20C’s so the days are beautiful.

I better get back to my book…. I think I might have a look on Grindr, see if I can find a big man that will let me sit on his dick.  Or a little man, who I can throw around and plow him with my dick.

Big Man in Speedos

June 23rd, 2024

Hot Tattoo’d Speedo Guy

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I’m really not a fan of tattoos.

But if I saw this guy in the yellow speedos below, I would make an exception.  What an amazing body!!!

Share your thoughts on tattoo’s in the comments if you like (you can leave the name and email fields blank).

Tattoo'd Speedo Guy

January 26th, 2024

Very Aussie Weekend

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I just walked in the door after a busy weekend, a very typical Aussie Summers weekend.  Some friends I grew up with invited me to hang out at their family house on the coast.  I have knuckled down and am doing some great work, I thought I shouldn’t miss out on hanging out with friends.  I am a bit of a hermit during our summer holiday season.

It was like I was a kid again.

No shoes were worn during the three days, from the time I woke up, to the time I fell asleep (which was much earlier than my usual bedtime) I was playing outdoors.  Swimming in the ocean and river, cricket on the beach, tennis, ping pong, card games and my first game of Monopoly in forever.

Was a great weekend.

Now I’m going to do some house chores, two loads of washing, make up corned beef for dinner and I will probably be in bed by 8pm.  Tomorrow, I think I will head up to the local ‘unofficial’ nude beach…. after a weekend of family time, might be time for some adult time.

Speedo Cricket

January 14th, 2024

Smooth Speedo Guy

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What do you guys have going on this weekend?

I wish that I was at the beach with the guy pictured below…. interesting yellow/gold speedos, I would like to see them up close and in person.

This weekend I am down in Brisbane hanging out with some friends and doing ‘family’ stuff, terribly boring particularly seeing how great the weather is. I’ll be back on the beach cum Monday!!!

Yellow Speedo

February 26th, 2023

Speedos are Contagious

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Sorry for jumping off quickly yesterday guys.

I was telling you guys how not only are skimpy thong bikini bottoms the current trend, but I was also surprised that two of the guys speedo’d it up as well.  Both were wearing Budgy Smugglers which I really thing have helped get straight guys in to wearing speedos.

This trend, of skimpier swimwear, was even more prevalent yesterday when we went for a hike.  The idea/destination for the hike was a swimming hole and it was gorgeous (I didn’t take my phone but I think I’ll try and get back out there in a few weeks time for a quiet swim during the week).  There were a bunch of people there but it wasn’t as busy as the beach would be.

To my surprise, of the four of us guys in our group, three of us were wearing speedos and the guy wearing dork shorts got teased for not speedo’ing it up.

Wow, how the tides have turned, it wasn’t long ago when the guy wearing speedos was ridiculed.

Today is my last day hanging out with the crew and tomorrow morning I will cruise back.  I am looking forward to Monday waking up in my own bed, not consuming any alcohol (feels like we have been drinking non-stop since Thursday) and doing some exercise.  The school holidays will all be over by Monday as well so my lap pool routine should get back to normal.

Right now I am off to play some tennis (it has been 10 years since I played tennis).  Not sure speedos will be appropriate for tennis…. but if this trend keeps up, maybe it won’t be long.

Speedo Tennis PlayerTennis Player in Speedos

January 28th, 2023

Every Year…. More Speedos

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Happy News Years Day everyone.

A friend of mine messaged me this morning during my morning walk along the beach and asked “On a scale of 1 to 10, how hungover are you?”

For once, I am zero hungover on New Years Day.  Maybe a 1 from two nights ago but pretty much a zero.  Just a quiet night up here, it is crazy busy everywhere so I went for an afternoon run, did a little bit of work, had an early dinner and I was in bed before 10pm, asleep by 10:15pm.  How boring!!!

I have had some big New Years Eve nights on the books from the past and I’m sure there are more big ones to come so a quiet once was nice.

Anyone have anything super awesome to share?

This last week I have been getting out early’ish of a morning going for a walk.  The g-string fad is very strong which is great.  Also, there are definitely more speedos every summer I feel.  Not just old dudes.  Hopefully things will calm down a little bit this week.

I do have a potential hookup this afternoon, I won’t jinx it by saying anything yet but it could be a nice way to bring in 2023.

Yellow SpeedoYellow Speedos

January 1st, 2023
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