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Like your speedo Dave

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Earlier today I was invited on a bit of a road trip to a little country town with a friend of mine (female, straight and has no idea what I do for a living or that I am bi).  The plan was to go to this famous bakery (every little town in Australia claims to have a famous bakery) and then go for a hike.

I was excited for the mission and had never been out to this area although it is only about an hours drive.

My female friend picked me up and in the car was a friend of hers (female, cute, blonde).  It was a great day.  Bakery was good (not sure it deserves the title of famous) and our hike ended up being a 22km loop.  First part was kind of boring as we climbed up this long ridge line on a 4WD road, then we followed this beautiful creek down through lush bushland.

If any members are interested to know exactly where this hike it, please email me and I’d love to share it with you.

Just before we got back to the car, maybe two kms or so, there was this gorgeous swimming hole with a waterfall flowing in to it and the three of us were keen for a swim being all sweaty from hiking for five hours.

The girls had known that we would be swimming and stripped down to swimsuits, I hadn’t been told we would be swimming and this had come up in conversation on the hike.  Thankfully, I wear speedos pretty much all of the time.

Usually I wouldn’t have speedo’d it up in this kind of scenario.  There were a bunch of people there, my friend is an old family friend and I didn’t know the other chick until that day but since my hiking shorts were heavy cargos and a belt I couldn’t really wear them swimming so speedos were the only viable solution.

Nobody said anything and the girls had a women who was there with her kids take a photo of the three of us, one in a one piece swimsuit, one in a bikini and me… in my black speedos.

I think the girls really liked me speedo’ing it up….

Couples taking photosGirl loves red speedosSpeedos and DrinksTake my Grindr Picture Honey

October 1st, 2023

Guys Cancelling

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My hike yesterday was just lovely.  The wind got up a littler earlier than I expected but was nice to get out and stretch the legs and the beer at the end tasted really good.

There was no naughty action at the nude beach so nothing to report there.

I did get a message from a guy who was keen to join me (which surely would have resulted in some hanky-panky at some point along the hike).  Sounded good and the company on the 10km walk would have been nice as well, then at the very last minute, he cancels.

Ow well, his loss.

This is the fourth rejection/cancelling I have had in the last few weeks.

The first was over Easter when a gay couple who were staying not far from where I live hit me up on Grindr keen for a threesome.  When they rocked up, there was only one of them.  They were in a long term relationship and the guy who cancelled just wasn’t feeling well so his boyfriend came over anyway.  Weird.  The boyfriend and I still fucked like rabbits for an our or so and he went home to his boyfriend.

Next was a guy I was super keen to hook up with who messaged me on Twitter.  I really don’t use Twitter, I use Twitter messaging even less (every day I spend at least an hour emailing members and guys about my sites).  After telling this guy to email me and explaining I don’t use Twitter much, he messages me on Twitter and I don’t see the message for a few weeks and he gets the shits.

No naughty action for him if he gets stroppy like that.

OK, I better stop complaining and get some work done. Think I’ll publish a new Movie of the Week tomorrow for you guys, leave a comment if you have any special requests.

May 11th, 2023

Hiking Sex Adventures

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The great weather we have been having here is about to end (according the weather forecast) so I am up early and about to head out on a lovely hike around the Noosa National Park.  This really is a spectacular walk which goes past some beautiful bays and I’m going to end up back at Sunshine Beach for a beer and a burger at the Surf Life Saving Club.

Over the years a few members/fans have messaged me saying they were coming ‘Down Under’ and asked for any tips I had on locals spots.  I’m always happy to share some of my favourite spots.

On today’s hike, I will be going past the ‘unofficial’ nude beach up here.  Fingers crossed that maybe some cute guys are in the dunes and wave me over…. it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened to me at this beach.

Or even better, imagine walking along and you come across this sight?

I’d drop to my knees in a heart beat…..

I’ll try and take some pics and share them with you guys tomorrow.

Tied up in speedosCock Out Speedo Bondage

May 10th, 2023

Bisexual Threesome Memories

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This is an experience I had a few years ago while on holidays in New Zealand. I’ve dug it out of the archives and thought I would share it with you again. It has been far too long since I’ve joined a couple for a threesome but tomorrow I am going to hang out with Rachel and Taz. I thought I would dig up this old experience to get me in the mood.

I met the couple (husband and wife) online and a friend of mine from town knew them and recommended them. I spoke to them online before I arrived here and they seemed really keen and also rather experienced.

Friday night came along, I met them at a bar in town after dinner. Lots of photos were exchanged beforehand and they looked like their photos. I told them I was bi and they said that the husband is ‘open minded’. After just one drink we were getting along fine and the wife asked if maybe we should head back to their place for another drink. It sounded good to me as I was getting a hard on in my jeans.

Their house/apartment was only a five minute walk from the bar.

When we walked in the husband went to the kitchen to make some drinks and the wife pushed me down onto the couch and we started making out. Our lips (and tongues) were locked until the husband came back with our drinks.

At this point the husband sat on the couch next to me and his wife got off my lap.

“Well Dave – you told us that you like bikinis and speedos. How about you guys get down to your speedos and I’ll go put on a bikini….”

While the wife left the husband and I did what we were told, we stripped down and it turns out we were both wearing a black speedo under our jeans (I had told them I’d be wearing speedos under my jeans before hand).

I was hard as a rock from making out with the wife and the husband was slowly getting there. It was pretty hot sitting on the couch next to a married guy, both in speedos, rubbing our cocks through the lycra waiting for his wife to join us.

It doesn’t take long until the wife returns. All she is wearing is a white bikini. She is petite, nice medium sized titties, shaved all over and brunette.

She notices straight away that I’m harder than her husband and getting on her knees between his legs starts rubbing the front of his speedo. First with her hands, then with her mouth.

After watching this amazingly hot sight, I decide that I should look after the wife. I needed to cool down a little bit as well. I get off the couch and lie on my back on the ground, I put my head between her legs, pulled her bikini aside and tasted her moist pussy. My attention to the wife’s pussy was met with a groan of pleasure from the wife and she started to grind her pussy on my face. I assumed that husbands cock was free of his speedo and wife was sucking hard on it.

After a little while husband told me that I could fuck his wife from behind if I wanted to. I was still super horny but I had cooled down a little bit and thought that I wouldn’t blow my load after two strokes so I grabbed a condom and got on my knees behind wife. Sure enough husbands speedo was pulled down and wife was sucking away on his now very hard cock. Wife’s pussy was well and truly wet from the attention my tongue had given it over the previous five minutes and my cock slid in easily and the groaning coming from wife’s cock filled mouth with every thrust of my cock indicated that she was enjoying having a cock in both ends.

Both husband and I were starting to get really hot and I know I was keen to hold off for a little while.

Thankfully husband had the same idea and suggested that we move upstairs into the bedroom.

So the three of us put our genitals back into our swimwear, took a deep breath and moved up stairs…..

Before getting on the bed, wife told husband and I to remove our speedos. Then the wife asked me to suck her husband off and with his approval I got to work. She was talking pretty dirty to the husband and after a little while I managed to make him cum. I let him unload into my mouth but instead of swallowing it I waited until the wife came and started kissing me.

From there things turned pretty hot between the wife and I. She and I were fucking each other pretty hard with the husband watching us and slowly stroking his cock back to hardness.

The wife noticed that I was getting pretty close so she broke it off, literally ripped the condom from my cock and started sucking me off. After a little while she told, or more like ordered, her husband to come over and help her out.

I was really close to start with and with the wife working my balls and the husband working my cock I told them I was about to cum. At this the wife put her hand on the back of her husbands head and told him to take my load in his mouth. He did a pretty good job and took all of my cum in his mouth. He pulled off my cock and the wife forced him to swallow my cum. When he proved to her that he had swallowed my cum she started kissing him. Then the two of them fucked each other stupid in front of me.

Husband and wife were really going for it and I was more than happy to watch their show.

It was really hot and I don’t think I softened that much at all after my blowjob. The husband flipped his wife over onto her knees and entered her from behind. He was really slamming her now and she was moaning. I was soooo turned on looking into her eyes as she was being fucked hard and I was stoking my cock really hard and getting close again. I started cumming again as I jerked off in front of this married couple and that sent them both over the edge.

Cummy Jerk Off

The end.

I got to play with that couple from New Zealand again after that first time and it was even better the second time around.

Wish me luck with my threesome tomorrow (it is a couple I have played with a fair bit) and let me know if you’d like me to share the details.

May 4th, 2023

Quiet Swimming Hole

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Over Xmas some friends told me about this quiet little swimming hole and today I got a chance to check it out.

Nothing naughty to report except that I wore speedos, got horny writing about some of my recent naughty experiences and went a little bit down stream and jerked off.  My backup speedos…

Speedos and Bourbon

This was a good sign when I walked in, unfortunately, it is just people having a joke.  Families used this place so definitely not a nude swimming location.

Aussie Swimming Hole

And this was my office for 3 hours…. surprisingly I even had a little bit of internet access down there.

If any members would like to know where this spot is, drop me an email and I’m happy to share it with you.  It was amazing having the place to myself, but no need for me to be greedy, a few extra speedo blokes would add to the serenity of this place.

Outdoor Office

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February 10th, 2023

Speedos are Contagious

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Sorry for jumping off quickly yesterday guys.

I was telling you guys how not only are skimpy thong bikini bottoms the current trend, but I was also surprised that two of the guys speedo’d it up as well.  Both were wearing Budgy Smugglers which I really thing have helped get straight guys in to wearing speedos.

This trend, of skimpier swimwear, was even more prevalent yesterday when we went for a hike.  The idea/destination for the hike was a swimming hole and it was gorgeous (I didn’t take my phone but I think I’ll try and get back out there in a few weeks time for a quiet swim during the week).  There were a bunch of people there but it wasn’t as busy as the beach would be.

To my surprise, of the four of us guys in our group, three of us were wearing speedos and the guy wearing dork shorts got teased for not speedo’ing it up.

Wow, how the tides have turned, it wasn’t long ago when the guy wearing speedos was ridiculed.

Today is my last day hanging out with the crew and tomorrow morning I will cruise back.  I am looking forward to Monday waking up in my own bed, not consuming any alcohol (feels like we have been drinking non-stop since Thursday) and doing some exercise.  The school holidays will all be over by Monday as well so my lap pool routine should get back to normal.

Right now I am off to play some tennis (it has been 10 years since I played tennis).  Not sure speedos will be appropriate for tennis…. but if this trend keeps up, maybe it won’t be long.

Speedo Tennis PlayerTennis Player in Speedos

January 28th, 2023
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