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Speedo Sunday by the Pool

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It feels like an classic Aussie Summer Sunday.

It is 29C but ‘feels like’ 36C (84F to 97F), probably because of the humidity.  There is lots of sport on and I’ve got a cold drink in my hand.

I am about to duck down to the building/complex pool.  My landlord will be joining me and we’ll listen to some footy on the radio.  Drink some beers and I’ve got a feeling that we will both get horny and end up doing naughty things later this arvo.  His wife is away so that is the least I can help him out with.  We will both be wearing speedos of course, which will end up being the cause of us getting horny.

I promise I will let you know what happens.

Now, what speedos will I wear?

Budgy Cock

If you are a new reader, my landlord and I have been fucking on the side for a few years now.  Click here to read about the first time I blew him.

March 3rd, 2024

Like your speedo Dave

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Earlier today I was invited on a bit of a road trip to a little country town with a friend of mine (female, straight and has no idea what I do for a living or that I am bi).  The plan was to go to this famous bakery (every little town in Australia claims to have a famous bakery) and then go for a hike.

I was excited for the mission and had never been out to this area although it is only about an hours drive.

My female friend picked me up and in the car was a friend of hers (female, cute, blonde).  It was a great day.  Bakery was good (not sure it deserves the title of famous) and our hike ended up being a 22km loop.  First part was kind of boring as we climbed up this long ridge line on a 4WD road, then we followed this beautiful creek down through lush bushland.

If any members are interested to know exactly where this hike it, please email me and I’d love to share it with you.

Just before we got back to the car, maybe two kms or so, there was this gorgeous swimming hole with a waterfall flowing in to it and the three of us were keen for a swim being all sweaty from hiking for five hours.

The girls had known that we would be swimming and stripped down to swimsuits, I hadn’t been told we would be swimming and this had come up in conversation on the hike.  Thankfully, I wear speedos pretty much all of the time.

Usually I wouldn’t have speedo’d it up in this kind of scenario.  There were a bunch of people there, my friend is an old family friend and I didn’t know the other chick until that day but since my hiking shorts were heavy cargos and a belt I couldn’t really wear them swimming so speedos were the only viable solution.

Nobody said anything and the girls had a women who was there with her kids take a photo of the three of us, one in a one piece swimsuit, one in a bikini and me… in my black speedos.

I think the girls really liked me speedo’ing it up….

Couples taking photosGirl loves red speedosSpeedos and DrinksTake my Grindr Picture Honey

October 1st, 2023

Appropriate Swimming Attire

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Yesterday I shared with you guys some speedo selfies of me wearing a bright pink AussieBum speedo.  I haven’t ever worn it in public (I’m not counting in the dunes at the beach).  It might be something I could wear at a pool party, either a gay pool party or a straight pool party as a ‘joke’.

What do you think about the guy pictured below?  He has his swimming goggles (I find it really sexy when a guy hooks his swimming goggles in to the hip of his speedos by the way), but I’m not sure those count as appropriate public swimming pool attire.

Nobody can blame him for the boner…. happens to the best of us when we wear a speedo.

Anyone here game enough to wear this to the pool?

Appropriate Male Swimwear

That pic is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day over on my main site  The picture below is going to be tomorrow’s Speedo Photo of the Day.  Opposite view, and a little more appropriate speedo for a public pool.  Speaking of which, I’m off to the pool myself and think that I will wear a red speedo today.

Red Speedo Bum

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July 18th, 2023

Red Speedo Perfection

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Look who spent the weekend hanging out on the Gold Coast in his tight little red speedos?

That’s right, it is S.  Don’t know who that is?  Click here to read about when we last caught up on the beach.  Every time I see a photo of S it motivates me to get out do more exercise, I’d love to have a tummy like his!!!

Gold Coast Speedo Guy

I did just realise that I haven’t shared with you guys some more pics of S.  He gave me permission to share these with you guys.  Full pics available to members.  And if you members would like S’s Twitter or OnlyFans address drop me an email.

May 28th, 2023

Budgy Smugglers

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I do feel like speedos are becoming more popular every year….

I think the brand Budgy Smuggler is really part of the cause getting guys to drop their dork shorts.  They are making a bit of fun which is great all round.  I’m surprised at the positive response I have had from chicks over the last few years to me wearing speedos in public (pool doesn’t count because most people wear speedos at the pool).

Just yesterday I was at the big shopping center up here and was in a Surf Shop, they had a section of Budgy Smugglers there which was the first time I have really seen them out in the mainstream.

Budgy Butt

I have only ever owned one pair of them myself (I think they were given to me by the company way back).  They were a nice lycra speedo which I loved wearing.  No selfies of me wearing them in the archives but here are a couple of pics of them from when I lived on the Central NSW Coast.

If anyone from Budgy Smuggler would like to touch base with me, please drop me an email anytime.

My Budgy SmugglersBlue Budgy Smugglers

Here is a collection of straight couples wearing Budgy Smugglers together…..

May 20th, 2023

Speedo Selfies

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As promised, here are some speedo selfies I took on Sunday when I went down to a friends unit.

The beach here is a little different to where I live, it is quieter but there is no surf.

At the beach I did see a few other speedos guys and as you can see, I took my laptop and did some work.  I really love these new speedos.

The complex where my friends unit is has a pool.  After I got back from the beach, I plugged my laptop in to charge and being 4pm on a Sunday afternoon I figured the pool would be nice and quiet.  I grabbed another adult beverage and headed down.

Usually at a resort like this with a bunch of people around, I would wear dork shorts over my speedos, I don’t have to and nobody cares but it is a little bit more appropriate, but since there was nobody there, I wore my speedos only.

Within 15 minutes, there were twenty people in the door.  Bunch of kids, grandparents, four blokes my age who had just finished a round of golf.  I was the only person wearing a speedo but nobody cared and I got talking to the guys who came off the golf course and they even gave me a beer.

This collection of selfies has to be one of the biggest I have taken.  The full size images are available to members only, I’m sure you guys can understand that.

December 22nd, 2021
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