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Like your speedo Dave

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Earlier today I was invited on a bit of a road trip to a little country town with a friend of mine (female, straight and has no idea what I do for a living or that I am bi).  The plan was to go to this famous bakery (every little town in Australia claims to have a famous bakery) and then go for a hike.

I was excited for the mission and had never been out to this area although it is only about an hours drive.

My female friend picked me up and in the car was a friend of hers (female, cute, blonde).  It was a great day.  Bakery was good (not sure it deserves the title of famous) and our hike ended up being a 22km loop.  First part was kind of boring as we climbed up this long ridge line on a 4WD road, then we followed this beautiful creek down through lush bushland.

If any members are interested to know exactly where this hike it, please email me and I’d love to share it with you.

Just before we got back to the car, maybe two kms or so, there was this gorgeous swimming hole with a waterfall flowing in to it and the three of us were keen for a swim being all sweaty from hiking for five hours.

The girls had known that we would be swimming and stripped down to swimsuits, I hadn’t been told we would be swimming and this had come up in conversation on the hike.  Thankfully, I wear speedos pretty much all of the time.

Usually I wouldn’t have speedo’d it up in this kind of scenario.  There were a bunch of people there, my friend is an old family friend and I didn’t know the other chick until that day but since my hiking shorts were heavy cargos and a belt I couldn’t really wear them swimming so speedos were the only viable solution.

Nobody said anything and the girls had a women who was there with her kids take a photo of the three of us, one in a one piece swimsuit, one in a bikini and me… in my black speedos.

I think the girls really liked me speedo’ing it up….

Couples taking photosGirl loves red speedosSpeedos and DrinksTake my Grindr Picture Honey

October 1st, 2023

Girls who like speedos Monday

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Start of the week and I have a busy few days before heading off on a little bit of a road trip…. will tell you more later in the week.

This morning I was up early, usual coffee and a walk along the beach and I saw this super hot couple going for a dip, yes he was wearing a speedo (otherwise I might not have noticed them).  Make me think about posting pics of some chicks who like their speedo men as well.

February 27th, 2023

Speedos in the Mainstream Media

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Last weekend I spend Saturday night down in Brisvegas with some friend and Sunday morning was a nice lazy affair.  No, nothing naughty to report.

There was something interesting in the paper though which I forgot to tell you guys about.  While we were sitting on the deck having a coffee and reading the paper, one of the inserts was lying there and had the photo below.

I kinda thought to myself, “What a shame the guy isn’t wearing a speedo.”

Topless Bikini

I saw it, thought about it and forgot about it.  Maybe an hour later my friends wife threw the insert across the patio table and the front cover of the insert is the picture below…..

How great is it that the front cover was the guy in a speedo!

The wife made a comment to her husband that he should be wearing speedos because they are back in fashion.

Real men wear speedos… I’ve been saying it for years!!!

Topless Bikini

February 28th, 2021

Beer and Speedos

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I’ve started sharing with you guys my recent experiences with my neighbour Madison.  She is keen to explore some more ‘naughty’ things and of course I’m looking forward to helping her out.

I was going through some old blog posts and saw this from two years ago.

Earlier today I was sitting out in my back yard (which is right on the beach).  Normally I would be down on the beach but I was doing some online reading with my Kindle and wanted to be within wireless range of the house.  So I was sitting in a fold out chair, Kindle in one hand, beer in the other….. and wearing my AussieBum Coolabah speedos (which are white and see through but I wasn’t going for a swim).

For those of you who are new to the blog, my rental house is a really crappy old house but it is right on the beach and it is a duplex (one building, 2 residences).  The place next door (which we actually share a wall) is rented out by 2 chicks.  They are really nice and one went to school with some of my str8 mates.  I did make out with one of the girls late one night but other than that nothing else has happened.

And so far, I don’t think they have any reason to think that I’m gay/bi.  Even though one of the girls came out and talked to while I was outdoor showering in a speedo a while back.

The girls both have real day jobs so I never see them during the day so I thought I’d have some privacy in my white speedos…. but after about half an our I heard their sliding door open.  No point hiding my white speedos since I had nowhere to go so I stood up and said g’day.  She didn’t bat an eye lid at my white speedos and sat down on the ground next to my seat while I went into my house and grabbed another couple of beers.

Turns out we chatted for an hour and 2 more beers about random stuff.  It was kinda funny since I was sitting there in a white AussieBum speedo but it didn’t matter.

Finally she said she had to run some errands and got up and started walking back into her house…. after a few steps she turned back and said

Love the white speedos Dave

Some girls do love speedos and what I thought was going to be embarrassing when I heard her door open, turned out to be no big deal at all.

Speedos and BeerYellow SpeedoBeer and Speedo in the Hottub

May 19th, 2020

Hot Couple

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I meant to share this with you guys last night but I fell asleep on the couch.

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) I thought I’d walk down the beach to the little town here and grab some bread and milk.  Mid afternoon I suppose.

Gorgeous day and nice afternoon.  Just as I get to the busy/town part of the beach, out of the ocean walk this couple and I just about blew my load then and there (as you guys read in yesterdays blog post, I was particularly horny all day).

To be completely honest, I hadn’t noticed them, I was thinking about work and I was thinking about some friends and how they are going to deal with this current situation and I didn’t even notice this couple walking out of the surf/ocean.

Then I did notice them.


She was wearing a perfectly cut black bikini.  He was wearing a perfectly cut black speedo….. and it was an AussieBum!!!!  I could tell from the little red tag on the left hip.

We crossed paths…. don’t worry we kept our 2m quarantine space but it wasn’t by much.  I said a g’day, they g’day’d me back.

I felt over dressed in my dork shorts…. I was wearing a pair of AussieBum’s under them and if I only had the courage…. perhaps we could have talked speedos?  Shame on me for being a pussy and not speedo’ing it up.

Good Looking Couple

April 6th, 2020

My kind of girl

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Chicks who love guys in speedos are our best chance to get more guys wearing speedos I reckon.  I saw it recently with Taz and Rachel, it was her that loved guys in speedos which convinced Taz to start wearing speedos in the bedroom first, then in public.

Rachel was part of her uni swim team and her first threesome was with two guys from the team in the locker room and everyone was wearing their team swimwear.

I don’t know what is going on in the photo gallery below but I think the chick is enjoying this hot stud stripping out of his AussieBum speedo and putting on a jockstrap.

Do you have any experiences with girls who love speedos?

November 27th, 2019
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