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Beer and Speedos

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I’ve started sharing with you guys my recent experiences with my neighbour Madison.  She is keen to explore some more ‘naughty’ things and of course I’m looking forward to helping her out.

I was going through some old blog posts and saw this from two years ago.

Earlier today I was sitting out in my back yard (which is right on the beach).  Normally I would be down on the beach but I was doing some online reading with my Kindle and wanted to be within wireless range of the house.  So I was sitting in a fold out chair, Kindle in one hand, beer in the other….. and wearing my AussieBum Coolabah speedos (which are white and see through but I wasn’t going for a swim).

For those of you who are new to the blog, my rental house is a really crappy old house but it is right on the beach and it is a duplex (one building, 2 residences).  The place next door (which we actually share a wall) is rented out by 2 chicks.  They are really nice and one went to school with some of my str8 mates.  I did make out with one of the girls late one night but other than that nothing else has happened.

And so far, I don’t think they have any reason to think that I’m gay/bi.  Even though one of the girls came out and talked to while I was outdoor showering in a speedo a while back.

The girls both have real day jobs so I never see them during the day so I thought I’d have some privacy in my white speedos…. but after about half an our I heard their sliding door open.  No point hiding my white speedos since I had nowhere to go so I stood up and said g’day.  She didn’t bat an eye lid at my white speedos and sat down on the ground next to my seat while I went into my house and grabbed another couple of beers.

Turns out we chatted for an hour and 2 more beers about random stuff.  It was kinda funny since I was sitting there in a white AussieBum speedo but it didn’t matter.

Finally she said she had to run some errands and got up and started walking back into her house…. after a few steps she turned back and said

Love the white speedos Dave

Some girls do love speedos and what I thought was going to be embarrassing when I heard her door open, turned out to be no big deal at all.

Speedos and BeerYellow SpeedoBeer and Speedo in the Hottub

May 19th, 2020

White AussieBum Speedos

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I bought these white lycra AussieBum’s when I first moved back to Terrigal, I remember them because the day after they arrived I headed up to Birdie Beach and once I got on the beach, I stripped down to these speedos and just had a backpack with my laptop and a few beers in it.

It was within a minute of me removing my dork shorts that I looked up and a middle aged couple were walking down the beach, they must have come in from one of the other beach entrances.  We were still a couple of hundred meters apart but I had no where to go so I thought ‘fuck it’ and just kept walking.  As we passed, within 5 meters of each other, we all said hello.  I just wonder what they were thinking seeing this guy walking down the beach in a tiny pair of white speedos and a backpack.

I like these white speedos, but at the same time I kinda don’t.  They are a little small which is great because they ride low on my hip but my bum eats them a bit so I’m constantly picking them out of my butt.  I do like the black drawstring though, it makes them look kind of cool.  They are double lined so they aren’t see through when wet so technically I suppose I could wear them to the pool.  Maybe if I keep loosing weight I’ll be able to.

White AussieBums

With that little bit of background…. imagine my surprise when I saw this photo shoot of a chick (called Lara Stone – I have no idea who she is) and this random model.  He is wearing those exact same AussieBum speedos.  Gotta love seeing guys wearing white speedos and it can only help out cause right!!!

Speedo Photo ShootCouples Speedo Photo Shoot

If you’d like to see this entire gallery – drop over to the Members Blog.

White Speedo Couple

January 25th, 2016

Chicks in Speedo Campaigns

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Someone over on the mentioned this new Aussie speedo brand called Corka.  From the pics it looks like it is on the Gold Coast but I’m not 100% sure.

I checked out their website and it was great to see that they feature some female models with the speedo models.  The more the better I say.

I’ll keep an eye on their site and post any more pics if they come along.  If anyone from Corka would like me to test their new speedos I’d be more than happy to.

Couple in SpeedosCouple in SwimsuitsSwimsuit CoupleHot couple in swimsuitsBeach Couple in Skimpy Swimsuits

May 30th, 2015

Alex’s Girlfriend

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Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot and she is pretty nice.  I haven’t had too much direct contact with her but she’ll come around to BBQ’s and I’ve seen her out at the pub a few times.

She does not know that Alex’s cock has been inside me.

Yesterday I got a message from her on Facebook.

At first I didn’t realise who it was because I didn’t know her last name.  Turns out she has to make up a promo video for work and one of the other girls in the group of friends had suggested she ask me to give her a hand.  She did speak to Alex before stalking me on the Facebook.

You wouldn’t believe it but I do have some experience editting video….. speedo sex videos (

I replied saying sure thing, I’d love to help out and come around any night.

She was in a bit of a rush so she came over last night.

Alex didn’t come over but we did text each other that afternoon.  Alex’s girlfriend is really nice and we got through most of her project and I finished it for her this morning.  Nothing naughty at all, it is my fuck buddies girlfriend after all – hahaha.  She was really appreciative.

Tell me that isn’t a weird situation…. sitting at my kitchen bench with a girl whose boyfriend has bent me over that same kitchen bench and fucked me.  On top of that, Alex has told me what his girlfriend likes and doesn’t like.  She does like it when Alex wears speedos which is pretty hot.

Speedo CoupleMuff DivingMatching Swimsuit

July 7th, 2014

Girls like speedos right?

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This morning I am up early and I feel fantastic!!!

I’ve brought up the topic of girls who like speedos dozens of times.  Last night I had a vivid dream of being on a waterskiing boat with a bunch of people and all of the guys were in speedos.  It wasn’t one of those dreams with a ‘happy ending’ but it was pretty hot.

I can’t remember the last time I went waterskiing but I never have in speedos unfortunately.

Kip’s sister, who was around over the weekend, is a HUGE speedo fan and I’ve dated girls and slept with girls who have thought that me wearing speedos under my jeans is hot.  I’ve definitely had girls think that it is a little weird but none of them have been grossed out – they just thought it was strange.

What have been your experiences when girls find out that you like wearing speedos?

Guys and Girls in Speedos Speedo Girl Girls like tiny speedos Girls like speedos Guys and Girls Swimming

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July 10th, 2013

Speedos at a Waterpark

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Since my post about the inequality of seeing girls in bikinis vs guys in speedos and the public view of girls kissing each other vs guys kissing each other I’ve had some great emails from people from both sides of the discussion.  Please feel free to leave comments as well, I read all the comments.

I had these pics in the archives and I thought it brings up this topic in a different way – do you or would you wear speedos at a waterpark?

I understand the argument that nobody wants to see overweight people in speedos but I could make that argument about overweight women in bikinis or even one pieces.

Not everyone who wears a speedo is overweight either – I’d love to see this first guy in a speedo anywhere!!!

Waterpark SpeedoWaterpark Speedos

February 12th, 2013
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