Cute Gay Couples

This week I’m heading to the USA for a month of snowboarding, hottubing and lots of speedo fucking!!!

My server admin Kip (the guy who keeps all this stuff running and online) is an old friend and an old speedo fuck buddy.  Although I don’t really think I’d ever want a monogamous gay relationship, when I’m in Colorado staying with Kip we do feel like a bit of a couple.

How do I mean?  Well we sleep in the same bed, are very domesticated in the house together (I like cooking which Kip hates, but he doesn’t mind doing the dishes which I hate) and we fuck our brains out.  But then we both love fucking other people though so in that regard we aren’t very much like an old married couple.

Stay posted on my blog for all the saucy details, and maybe some selfies of what goes on in Kip’s hottub over the next couple of weeks.

Fit Speedo Ldas


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