Beer and Speedos

I’ve started sharing with you guys my recent experiences with my neighbour Madison.  She is keen to explore some more ‘naughty’ things and of course I’m looking forward to helping her out.

I was going through some old blog posts and saw this from two years ago.

Earlier today I was sitting out in my back yard (which is right on the beach).  Normally I would be down on the beach but I was doing some online reading with my Kindle and wanted to be within wireless range of the house.  So I was sitting in a fold out chair, Kindle in one hand, beer in the other….. and wearing my AussieBum Coolabah speedos (which are white and see through but I wasn’t going for a swim).

For those of you who are new to the blog, my rental house is a really crappy old house but it is right on the beach and it is a duplex (one building, 2 residences).  The place next door (which we actually share a wall) is rented out by 2 chicks.  They are really nice and one went to school with some of my str8 mates.  I did make out with one of the girls late one night but other than that nothing else has happened.

And so far, I don’t think they have any reason to think that I’m gay/bi.  Even though one of the girls came out and talked to while I was outdoor showering in a speedo a while back.

The girls both have real day jobs so I never see them during the day so I thought I’d have some privacy in my white speedos…. but after about half an our I heard their sliding door open.  No point hiding my white speedos since I had nowhere to go so I stood up and said g’day.  She didn’t bat an eye lid at my white speedos and sat down on the ground next to my seat while I went into my house and grabbed another couple of beers.

Turns out we chatted for an hour and 2 more beers about random stuff.  It was kinda funny since I was sitting there in a white AussieBum speedo but it didn’t matter.

Finally she said she had to run some errands and got up and started walking back into her house…. after a few steps she turned back and said

Love the white speedos Dave

Some girls do love speedos and what I thought was going to be embarrassing when I heard her door open, turned out to be no big deal at all.

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k1speedo said,  

Hi Dave, I haven’t commented lately as I’ve been on holiday working on my tan, which has gone really well, best tan I’ve had in years.

Like you I love to read and have a beer, in my speedos. It seems most girls are as homophobic about speedos as guys are. Not sure why cos many of them wear skimpy bikini’s which leave very little to the imagination, which is all good by me.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

white speedos and a good tan. I imagine she was sneaking a peek every once an awhile. i would keep making you stand up to get more beer also! Pix #3 looks like Breck. i am ready for some hot tub speedo. i like my beers in a glass (or cup) never a bottle.

Spear said,  

I’m not sure about women being homophobic about guys I speedos, but I sure notice chicks looking at a guy who does wear them. Like they’d like to see him drop them. Chicks cruise a guy the same as str8 guys cruise the chicks.

bobthegiant said,  

i suppose they would start suspecting something if they catch u more than once in a speedo ;D

im imagining in her head “mmm he’s hot but who wears a speedo around the house all the time?” 😀

Darren said,  

Dave were you wearing a cock ring, that would have helped your bulge and the girl would have liked your white speedo even more. Have you got that c ring yet, how are you getting on with it?

drew said,  

Could you be any more specific about how to find you LOL!

are you try tho drum up someone on the beach that you suspect may read your blog?

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