Alex’s Girlfriend

Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot and she is pretty nice.  I haven’t had too much direct contact with her but she’ll come around to BBQ’s and I’ve seen her out at the pub a few times.

She does not know that Alex’s cock has been inside me.

Yesterday I got a message from her on Facebook.

At first I didn’t realise who it was because I didn’t know her last name.  Turns out she has to make up a promo video for work and one of the other girls in the group of friends had suggested she ask me to give her a hand.  She did speak to Alex before stalking me on the Facebook.

You wouldn’t believe it but I do have some experience editting video….. speedo sex videos (

I replied saying sure thing, I’d love to help out and come around any night.

She was in a bit of a rush so she came over last night.

Alex didn’t come over but we did text each other that afternoon.  Alex’s girlfriend is really nice and we got through most of her project and I finished it for her this morning.  Nothing naughty at all, it is my fuck buddies girlfriend after all – hahaha.  She was really appreciative.

Tell me that isn’t a weird situation…. sitting at my kitchen bench with a girl whose boyfriend has bent me over that same kitchen bench and fucked me.  On top of that, Alex has told me what his girlfriend likes and doesn’t like.  She does like it when Alex wears speedos which is pretty hot.

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Dr. Phil said,  

Couple #3 can come/cum over any time!

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