Gay Fivesome

Is one more than a foursome called a fivesome or just a moresome?

Last night, after I finished writing yesterdays blog post, Kip told me to strip down, put on a pair of AussieBum Portseas (click here to see what they look like).  I did as I was told, then I was sat down on a chair in the living room and Kip began to tie me up.  Kip does a little bit of rock climbing and he knows his knots so by the time he was done I wasn’t going anywhere.

Kip just kind of left me there with the TV on for a few minutes, then he got a text message and he came over and blind folded me with a pair of snowboarding goggles which had some paper or something inside them.  I really couldn’t see anything.  It wasn’t long after that and I heard a knock at the door and 3 other voices were in the room with me.  Two of the voices were Australian and it seemed like they all knew each other pretty well.  I was introduced but it was a bit one sides with me not being able to see anything and there was an occasional hand on my shoulders, back, thigh and front of my speedo.

By now I was pretty hard and I’m guessing the front of my speedo was pretty pointed since my hands were behind my back and I couldn’t adjust myself.

Thankfully Kip came to the rescue, put his hand down the front of my speedo and adjusted my cock for me.

AussieBum Speedos

It seemed like that kind of started a trend.  Next thing I knew there was a speedo clad guy sitting on one of my knees rubbing the front of my AussieBums.  The guy, who was not Kip, then started kissing me.

This was definitely a first for me, kissing a guy that I had never seen before.

While I was kissing (more being kissed since I had nothing to do with it) this mystery guy, I heard an Aussie accent say that it was his turn and another speedo clad butt sat on my other knee and started rubbing the front of my AussieBum speedos and began kissing me nearly immediately after the first guy finished.  This scene happened again with a third guy and finally with Kip.

As you can imagine, I was pretty hard by then.

I was getting pretty close to cumming as well and I mumbled that to Kip who decided to release my cock from my speedos.  Kip undid the drawstring and my cock got a little relief.  The AussieBum Portseas don’t have any elastic in the waist so when you undo the drawstring they pretty much fall off you.  Now my cock was out and free.

Kip asked,

Dave, would you like to see the guys.

Hell yeah!!!

Guys wearing black speedos

While still sitting on my knee Kip removed the snowboarding goggles and I saw three guys in front of me all wearing black lycra speedos.  All three guys also had raging boners in their speedos too.  Then Kip said to the guys….

How about we put on a bit of a show for Dave?

With that the four of them split into couples and moved to the couch and started making out.  It was crazy hot watching these four guys, all fit, wearing speedos going at it.  My favourite part was when the two Aussie guys were sitting on the couch and Kip and the fourth guy were on their knees sucking them off.  The view of those 2 arses and the moaning of the two Aussie guys was something that will stay in my memory for a long time (I’m hard now writing about it).

Gay Foursome

None of the guys came but this show went on for at least 10 minutes.

It was pretty obvious by now that Kip had put some thought into this whole thing and the next stage was finally going to involve me getting some cock.

The guys got off the couch, all four of them had the front of their speedos pulled down under their balls and obviously all four of them were 100% erect.  Kip handed out condoms to each of the guys and they stood in front of me.

Think you can take all four cocks Dave?

Hell yeah!!!

With that Kip began undoing the ropes that had kept me bound for about half an hour I suppose.  When I was finally released Kip told me to get on all fours on the floor and he pulled down the butt of my speedo which was pretty easy to do since the drawstring was undone.  All the while, three guys were standing in front of me, cocks in condoms.  Kip proceeded to squirt lube on my arse and rubbed it in and flipped a couple of fingers into my arse.

Then the fucking began.

Each of the three guys took turns fucking me until they came.  Kip is more of a bottom so I haven’t been fucked since I left Australia and it felt sooooooo good.

The first guy who fucked me was one of the Aussie guys and he didn’t last long.  Then came the 2nd Aussie guy and I couldn’t hold on anymore, despite trying, and I came all over the towel that Kip has laid down on the floor.  Just as my orgasm began the 2nd Aussie started cumming.  It was pretty intense.

Speedo Sex

I still had my arse in the air, and my head was on the ground still recovering from my orgasm when a third cock entered my arse.  This guy took a little longer but I was able to take it and he came.  Then Kip started fucking me.  Kip took the longest of all the guys, my head was on the ground and my cock was hard again.  Kip was plowing away and at one point added some more lube – kind of understandable since he was the fourth guy to fuck me in about 15 minutes.

Finally Kip came and pulled out of me.  I was pretty spent.  Then I sat back on my haunches and it was only Kip and I in the room.

I thanked Kip for organizing just an amazing fuck session and he told me it wasn’t over yet.

Kip told me to go have a shower, clean up and put some speedos on and join him in the hottub which I did.

With a drink in my hand, some black lycra speedos of my own on I walked outside to Kip’s hottub to find the four guys there.  This time I was introduced in a little more traditional sense.

  • The two Aussie guys are both 22yo from Wollongong (which is on the coast south of Sydney).  The guys are boyfriends who just finished uni/college and are taking a year off to travel before joining the rat race.  Both guys are still clubbies, members of a surf life saving club which explains their speedo tans.  They are working in a ski rental shop in town.  Kip met them on Grindr just after they arrived in Breckenridge back in November and they have been having some hottub/speedo fun with each other since then.

Random Speedo Pic

  • The last guy is an old fuck buddy of Kip’s who lives in Denver and his parents have a house up in Breck. He is 28yo and this was his first ever fivesome and just loves listening to three Aussie accents.  Before tonight, he didn’t own a speedo and had never really had speedo sex before meeting Kip.  When Kip told him about what he planned for my fuck session the guy bought a black speedo on Amazon.

Black Speedo Butt Shot

We sat chatting in the tub for a half hour or so and people started sitting on the side of the tub as they started to over heat.  It became apparent, by the growing bulges in the front of all the black speedos that everyone had recharged.

Since you all got to fuck me….. anyone going to let me fuck them?

I really wanted to fuck the two 22yo Aussie guys and they both volunteered to be fucked.  Kip was well prepared with condoms and lube handy and the two Aussie guys leaned over the edge of the hottub and presented their arses.  Kip was friendly enough to put the condom on me and I pulled the back of one of the Aussie’s speedos down.  Just like he did to me, Kip squirted some lube into the beautiful arsehole of the Aussie and I entered him.

Two Speedo Arses

Since I wanted to fuck them both I was going nice and slow but the Aussie was enjoying it.  His boyfriend, still hanging over the side of the hottub with his speedo clad arse ready to be fucked, reached down and started jerking off his boyfriend while I continued my rhythmic strokes.

Then the moaning became louder and I felt the Aussie’s arse constrict and clamp even tighter on my cock.  I had to stop to avoid cumming myself.  When the Aussie stopped flexing I slowly pulled out of his arse.  I pulled off the condom, Kip again put a new one on me and repeated the process of lubing up the 2nd Aussie.

This was the guy who had made me cum when he was fucking me earlier and I wasn’t going to be gentle with him.  I rammed my first stroke all the way in and then started pounding away.  I wasn’t going to last long at all and came pretty quickly.  The 2nd Aussie hadn’t cum by the time I pulled out so I turned him around and sucked him off until he unloaded in my mouth.  Aren’t I a good sport – hehehe.

With a load of cum in my mouth the first Aussie began kissing me and enjoying the taste of his boyfriends jizz via me which was a nice touch.

Kissing in Speedo

It was pretty hot fucking those guys and Kip and his old fuck buddy must have had an amazing show.  Now it was their turn and Kip was on the receiving end of a really hard fucking by the 28yo.

That was kind of the end of the evening as it was getting late. The three guys lived close enough to Kips to walk home.  It was pretty obvious that we’d be catching up and playing together again.

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